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SMS a car

Recently I was riding my scooter near the Fairfield train station and noticed a car with it's lights on. First off I laughed and thought "someone's not getting home tonight" then I thought that the nice thing to do would be to contact them. But how? All I knew was their car and number plate. Then it hit me. Wouldn't it be cool if you could sms the department of transport with the number plate... continued

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My life in pictures

Mum wanted to make a collage of photos for my 30th, but that idea got nixed when she broke her arm while holidaying at Great Keppel. Instead she selected 25 photos, gave them to Kelly to scan who sent them... continued

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Breakfast and dinner in Brisbane

I had my birthday breakfast at a place I rate as the best place in Bribane to start your day. Matty and Rach introduced me to the Tongue and Groove in West End and I've been back at least 3... continued

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30, 30 I feel so dirty

Fell off the blogosphere for a couple of days while I celebrated my 30th. The party was celebrated a day early on Saturday afternoon at Strike Bowling Bar. We got off to a late start (note to other party planners... continued

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Turning 30 isn't that bad

Last day at work before my birthday and unexpectedly both teams I work with turned up for a morning tea. My manager had made me this cool cake with a vespa and the words Amy 30 and Maria organised a... continued

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Favourite artists last week

  1. Kelly Osbourne played 16 times
  2. Junior Senior played 5 times
  3. X-Ray Spex played 5 times
  4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played 4 times
  5. Rilo Kiley played 3 times
  6. Death Cab for Cutie played 3 times
  7. The Magic Numbers played 3 times
  8. The Free Design played 3 times
  9. Tegan and Sara played 2 times
  10. Electrelane played 2 times

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