Gay Fuel is a concentrated drink that combines a unique blend of elderberry juice with Taurine, Guarana, Caffeine, Ginseng and B vitamins to refresh and invigorate your mind and body. Gay Fuel also contains 3 Brazilian rainforest herbs that are known to act as sexual stimulants as well as boost the immune system.

Gay Fuel is pasteurized, has a great fruit flavor, is slightly carbonated and overcomes other energy drinks’ artificial taste. With the energetic goal of creating a superior product, Gay Fuel was formulated using the highest quality ingredients, such as real sugar as opposed to the less expensive and more commonly used corn-syrup.

In 2004, all companies should recognize a responsibility to contribute back to their community. Specialty Spirits delivers on that commitment; 5% of the profits from Gay Fuel will be donated to AIDS and HIV related organizations on a regional basis throughout the year.