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Help Mike get an iPod Nano!

Comic for December 31, 1969
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Posted On: September 17, 2005

As always-- Remember, donate to the hurricane Katrina relief stuff-- and vote for AG.


Posted On: September 24, 2005

So a few things. First is that no one has signed up for an offer for the 5 referrals I need to get the free iPod, so I'm going to sweeten the pot. If I get 5 referrals through the site, the 5 referral people can send me ideas for a wallpaper that will be given out for free (as before,) but now also one of the 5 people will receive the original drawing for the wallpaper, as well as a one of a kind print. Which goes for about $50 normally on ebay. If I make more then one wallpaper then I'll give away another set for the other wallpapers.

Secondly I read a good comic you should all check out, its called Questionable Content. I read it all in like 2 days, its a good read. The thing with the comic is the art style doesn't start out all that great, but after a while he really develops a really nice style.

And there was a third thing... oh yes. There is a Wikipedia for webcomics only, called Comixpedia. So if you want to check it out, or maybe add to the AG page, click here to check it out.