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January 16, 2001



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 ForMen > gear > These Are the Breaks 3: The Obscure

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These Are the Breaks 3: The Obscure

13 ultra-rare breaks for you to download. Sample friendly and ready to loop!

January 16, 2001

Everybody's heard the classic breaks, like the Funky Drummer, Apache, and Mardi Gras (or they have now, thanks to IGN.com's "These Are the Breaks" series). However, there are literally thousands of breaks hidden amongst the records of the world -- lost gems that have never been sampled into a song, or juggled in a battle. Where do you look to find these unsullied breaks?

I'm a collector of strange and rare records. I especially like the old electronic and odd soundtrack stuff. If you listen closely to some of these off-beat platters, you'll find some wild drum solos and breakdowns that are just crying out to be sampled and looped. That's what this third edition of These Are the Breaks is all about. I've collected 13 obscure breaks from all types of genres and collected them in one place for easy download. They're here in both wave and MP3 format, so you can test them out before you spend the time downloading the big files. I've also truncated them into loops -- just download, stick in your sampler, and go.

And remember, if you try to download the wave and it shows up as an MP3, adjust the "Save As..." setting in the download dialog box. Your media player may want to download everything as an MP3.

And now... These Are the Obscure Breaks!

Song: "E.V.A."
Artist: Jean Jacques Perrey
Album: Moog Indigo
Hear It: WAV, MP3
I've started with "E.V.A." because it's probably the best known break in this piece. Originally recorded in 1969/1970 by electronic pop genius Jean Jacques Perrey, the cut found new life when DJ Premiere sampled it into Gang Starr's "Just To Get a Rep." A couple of cool tidbits: Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch's composer, co-wrote "E.V.A," under the name Andy Badale. Also, JJ Perrey co-wrote "Baroque Hoedown," a piece Disney turned into the Main Street Electric Light Parade music.

Song: "Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti"
Artist: The Daktaris
Album: Club Africa
Hear It: WAV, MP3
I told you these were obscure. The Daktaris are an afro-beat band, an African band that blends funk and traditional African styles. I'm not even sure if this band is from the 70s or now. They sure sound old though.

Song: "Sequence Six"
Artist: G.P. & G.F. Reverberi
Album: Erotica Italia
Hear It: WAV, MP3
From the world of Italian porno soundtracks comes this late 60s gem. Go-go records often have cool breaks that work especially well in dance music, as they're already pretty fast. This break has a weird slapback echo on it that makes it ideal for use in stranger recordings. Also check out the Easy Tempo series of compilations for other Italo-soundtrack beats.

Song: "Rock Me"
Artist: The Electronic Concept Orchestra
Album: Moog Groove
Hear It: WAV, MP3
The ultimate Moog break. This thing just keeps going and going and going. The album that this is from, Moog Groove, has a few other cool breaks, although they all have the exact same cowbell. Actually, breaks in old Moog records are pretty rare. Think about it: the records were all about exploiting the new Moog keyboard, not the beats. But occasionally you'll find one or two really good ones. Like our next beat...

Song: "Pass and I Call You"
Artist: Enoch Light and the Light Brigade
Album: Permissive Polyphonics
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Enoch Light spent most of the 60s doing either cheesy string covers of hit songs or cranking out percussion albums designed to show off hi-fi systems. When the Moog explosion hit, he released two cool albums of Moog covers, Spaced Out, and the album that this gem comes from, Permissive Polyphonics. The break is fast, tight, and has that cool Moog stab at the end.

Song: "I Got The"
Artist: Labi Siffre
Album: Remember My Song
Hear It: WAV, MP3
You'll know this one instantly. Dre sampled it for Eminem's "My Name Is." In fact, it's pretty much the entire song. "I Got The" is a truly amazing record. If you can find it, grab hold and don't let go.

Song: "Star Wars"
Artist: David Matthews
Album: Dune
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Everybody and their agent covered the theme to Star Wars in 1977, but none of them had a break like this. I call this the Droid Break -- listen and you'll find out why. David Matthews released this on CTI when the label was in its waning years.

Song: "Hook and Sling Pt. 1"
Artist: Eddie Bo
Album: 7" single, Ultimate Breaks and Beats Vol. 20
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Another late 60s break. This one comes courtesy of soul singer and session musician Eddie Bo, who had a minor hit with "Hook and Sling." The break itself is out of control -- it sounds like a spazz beating on cardboard boxes.

Song: "The Journey"
Artist: Small Faces
Album: Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Breaks can come from the oddest places. This one is from the Small Faces' 1968 psychedelic classic, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. An amazing album and a cool little break as well.

Song: "Caravan"
Artist: Rhythm Heritage
Album: Disco-Fied
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Rhythm Heritage, who also did the "Theme From S.W.A.T.," slipped this cool disco break into the middle of their out-of-control cover of Duke Ellington's standard, "Caravan." It's my second favorite cover of "Caravan," after Piero Umiliani's wacked out electronic version.

Song: "Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle"
Artist: 3 Hur-el
Album: Love, Peace & Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Funky Turkey, who'd of thought it? In the 70s everybody was feeling the funk, as evidenced by this crazy Turkish break. This whole album, Love, Peace & Poetry: Asian Psychedelic Music, is really cool. It's mostly fuzztone psych stuff but there's a few swinging breaks as well.

Song: "Jump Street"
Artist: Manzel
Album: 7" single, Block Party Breaks
Hear It: WAV, MP3
This late 70s jazz-funk fusion cut is rare for its super-fast break. Most late-70s stuff was disco-fied, not amped up like this. For the hyper beats, you usually need to mine the late 60s soul stuff, like "Hook and Sling" or "Amen, Brother."

Song: "Melting Pot"
Artist: Boris Gardiner
Album: 7" single, 200% Dynamite
Hear It: WAV, MP3
Boris Gardiner was a session bass player in Jamaica in the 70s. He played on tons of reggae hits, and had a hit of his own with this (non-reggae) cover of Booker T and the MGs' "Melting Pot." Boris' version, surprisingly, has the break. I let the break run long to include the nicely recorded congas.

So there you go. Hope you enjoy the breaks, and if you make any music with these beats, let me know.

Check out the first two These Are the Breaks articles:

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Adam Douglas is a beat miner with no canary

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