Welcome to the website of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers. Not one national or international medical association in the world recommends routine circumcision, so please click on Directory for important articles that explain why circumcision is a crucial human rights issue.

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Pamphlets About:
  2. NOCIRC Resource Guide
  3. Infant Circumcision
  4. Your Young Son's Intact Penis
  5. Your Son's Circumcised Penis
  6. Forcible Retraction of Foreskin
  7. Circumcision After Neonatal Period
  8. Care of the Intact Penis for Elderly
  9. Female Circumcision
  10. Bioethics of Infant Circumcision

Pamphlets in Spanish:

  1. Respuesta a tus preguntas sobre la circuncision infantil
  2. Respuesta a tus preguntas acerca del pene intacto de tu nino
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Genital Integrity Awareness Week

For information on the 13th Annual Demonstration/March
Against Infant Circumcision
US Capitol, Washington, DC, see


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Is Circumcision Ethical?

$1000 First Prize

The United States of America is the only country in the world that circumcises the majority of its newborn boys without medical or religious reason.

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