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Summary: Daniel is taken by the Goa’uld but is he truly lost?

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Part 1

Dear Janet,

I don’t know if I will ever get this letter to you, but I have to at least try. I never thought I would find happiness again. Not after losing Sha’uri, then you came into my life. You’ve been there for me through everything. Losing her to the Goa’uld, the birth of her son, her death, the loss of the boy. You’ve stood by me through everything, but I never realized just how important you were to me. Not until now.

Janet, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get home. Osiris has captured us, and it’s a good bet that we may die. I don’t want it to happen, God I would give anything to keep it from happening, but if it does…if it does, I just want you to know that I love you. I don’t know when it happened, I don’t know how, but somewhere along the way the friendship that I’ve held so dear became so much more. Now all I want is to get back to you and take you in my arms. I don’t know if you feel the same way about me but if we get back I hope you do. If not…well, if we don’t make it I hope you never cared for me, that way you won’t feel the pain of losing someone you love. That pain is something I hope you never have to feel.

They’re coming for me now. I can hear the Jaffa coming down the hall. Jack will bring this back to you or die trying, I know he will. I love you, Janet Fraser. Always remember that. I love you.



Daniel Jackson quickly folded the letter he’d written in his small notebook and thrust it through the bars of the adjoining cell towards Colonel Jack O’Neill. “Make sure Janet gets this.”

Jack took the paper and stuffed it in his pocket, “Daniel, we’re getting out of this. ALL of us!”

“No, Jack, it’s me they’re after. Osiris claimed me for the host for Anubis, you HAVE to get away don’t you understand? I’m dead already,” Daniel said forcing his voice not to shudder.

Major Sam Carter didn’t try to hide the tremor that ran through her. She grasped Daniel’s hand through the bars, “We’re going to get you back, Daniel, I swear!”

A line of Jackal headed guards marched down the corridor, stopping in front of Daniel’s cell. A man stepped out from behind the guards and opened the cell, “Take him.”

Two guards entered the cell and grabbed Daniel’s arms. He struggled against them as Carter and O’Neill shouted their protests. “Let him go!” Jack shouted as he slammed against the bars, trying to reach Daniel.

“JACK!” Daniel’s hand reached out towards Jack as he wriggled out of the guards grasp. He grabbed Jack’s hand even though he knew the guards would be on him again in moments. “Make sure you and Sam get out of here! Get back to the SGC; change all the codes! Do everything you can!”

The guards jerked Daniel away from Jack once more but Daniel shouted, “Get out of here, Jack! Get out!”

Daniel’s voice reverberated through the corridor, as he was drug out of the cell and away from his teammates. Soon there was nothing but silence in the cellblock. Jack stared down the corridor for several moments before turning towards Sam. “How did we get here?” He asked still in shock that they’d been captured. “Where’s Teal’c?”

Sam shook her head, “I don’t know, Sir. With our radios missing there’s no way to try and contact him. He wasn’t in the village when Osiris attacked so maybe he wasn’t captured.”

Jack thought back over the events of the past few days. They’d been on a routine mission, exploring the planet 8K9-324 when they’d come across a settlement that was more Germanic than Egyptian. It was a peaceful settlement, mostly agricultural with little to offer in the way of technology, but the influence of the Goa’uld was obvious. They feared Teal’c, as the Jaffa were the warriors of the Goa’uld. He’d stayed away from the settlement after all of SG-1’s assurances that he was “one of the good guys” made no difference. When Osiris and her Jaffa descended on the settlement they’d done their best to fight them off, but with only two MP-10’s between the three of them, they weren’t very successful. As soon as Osiris realized whom she’d captured she’d ordered the Jaffa to take SG-1 back to her ship and leave the village untouched. They’d learned their lesson not to betray the Goa’uld. Osiris claimed Daniel for her son, Anubis’s new host and they were thrown into their cells. Now Jack had to figure out some way to get out and get Daniel back before it was too late.

Part 2

The line of Jaffa guards filed into the throne room holding Daniel firmly by his arms. He fought them every step of the way, refusing to go to what he considered his grave quietly. Sitting on an ornate bench, regally watching them was Osiris. She’d once been Sarah, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, but during a dig the Goa’uld had taken her for a host and the woman he’d once been so close to disappeared. Ornate robes of silver and black were laid out beside her. “Bring him forward.”

Daniel’s struggles increased as he saw his fate looming before him. Osiris’s eyes glowed briefly reminding him that soon his own eyes would do the same. Deep within him he hoped that SG-1 would be able to recover him, but he knew better. There would be no rescue from the hell he was about to enter. Once the guards had him in front of Osiris she held her hand over his face, the ribbon device wrapped around her hand glowing and soon Daniel was little more than a zombie, his mind trapped inside a body that refused to respond to his commands. His clothes were stripped from him and he could do nothing about it. Osiris looked at him approvingly, “Yes, you will do for my son’s host. You have a passion and spirit within you that will amuse Anubis. A great sense of justice as well. It will intrigue him.” She gestured with one hand and the guards lowered Daniel to the floor, laying him on his stomach. An older man stepped out of the shadows and moved slowly towards Osiris and Daniel.

“This is the one?”

When Osiris nodded the man knelt by Daniel. “This body is weakening. My only hope is to join with another.” With an appraising look the man nodded, “You’ve chosen well, my father.” The man removed his cloak and turned his back on Daniel. The obvious lump where the Goa’uld had bonded to the man’s spinal column started to move, upwards and the man began to scream in pain.

Inside Daniel’s mind he felt a sense of revulsion and disgust at the sight before him. He fought against the terror he felt knowing that soon that Thing would be inside him. The scar where the Goa’uld had originally entered the man’s body tore open, making him scream louder and the Goa’uld slipped out of his body, slithering down the man’s back and onto Daniel’s. As the Goa’uld reared up to plunge into his skin, Daniel pulled enough of his mental strength together to shout, “NO!” But it was too late, the Goa’uld struck and his shout of rebellion turned into a scream of agony.

It was a scream that echoed through the ship, causing Jack O’Neill and Sam Carter to close their eyes against the pain they knew accompanied that scream. “It’s done then,” Jack said dully. Sam nodded and fought against the tears that wanted to spill down her face.

They weren’t given a chance to grieve when a lone set of footsteps was heard coming down the hall. A Jackal guard made his way towards the cell and looked back in the direction he came before retracting the helmet he wore. “Teal’c!” Sam exclaimed, a wide smile crossing her face.

“We do not have much time. Soon Osiris and Anubis will be making their way here to execute you,” Teal’c said coldly. His tone of voice told Jack just how angry he was and conveyed only a small amount of the guilt that the Jaffa was feeling. Teal’c unlocked the cell and ushered them out. “We are in orbit above 8K9-324, if we hurry we can get to the Stargate and return to the SGC.”

“We aren’t leaving Daniel,” Jack said firmly.

Teal’c closed his eyes for the briefest moment, “Daniel Jackson is no more. There is only Anubis now. We must go or Earth will be in grave danger for all Daniel Jackson knows the false god now knows.”

This was a position Jack O’Neill never wanted to be put into. He and the other SG team leaders had a strict policy of never leaving a member of the team behind. But in this case, to get Daniel back he would be risking the entire SGC. He couldn’t take the chance. With a growl of frustration he nodded and followed Teal’c as the Jaffa moved quickly through the ship to the Gate room. The staff weapon Teal’c carried cut down any opposition. Sam activated the Stargate while Jack used Teal’c’s GDO to send their Iris code through. “Let’s go!” One by one they dove through the gate, tumbling down the ramp on the other side. Jack jumped up and immediately shouted, “CLOSE THE IRIS!”

The sound of bodies hitting the Iris from the other side of the wormhole was a sickening sound, but for once Jack took great pleasure in it. “SG-1, you’re missing a member,” General Hammond pointed out unnecessarily. “Where’s Dr. Jackson?”

Sam was unable to hold back a soft cry, and quickly moved down the ramp, brushing past the General with a barely heard, “Excuse me.” Jack seemed to be unable to speak and Teal’c pulled off the Jackal head helmet, throwing it to the ground vengefully.

“Daniel Jackson is no more, General. The Goa’uld Anubis has taken him for a host,” Teal’c told him gravely.

A gasp was heard from the end of the ramp and Hammond turned to see Dr. Janet Fraser standing there, all the blood draining from her face at the news. Hammond frowned, “All the security codes will be changed. Doctor, see to their post-mission exams. Debriefing will be in one hour.” The General turned and slowly walked down the ramp, his shoulders held stiffly straight but the regret was etched on his face. Losing a member of the SGC was hard, even though it happened on almost a monthly basis. But to lose a member of SG-1, the man who’d figured out how to work the Stargate in the first place, that was a devastating loss. And Hammond wasn’t sure how the base was going to handle it just yet. Until the mission debriefing he wouldn’t know exactly what happened and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know even then. All he knew was they were in serious jeopardy.

Part 3

Daniel felt like he was living a nightmare. He tried to make his arm raise and only felt a sense of futility that it didn’t respond. “Don’t you understand, Young One?” He heard himself say in that oddly distorted voice that meant Anubis was speaking.

~I don’t understand a damn thing anymore,~ Daniel thought sullenly.

“You are now the host to the Guide to the Underworld. I am the protector, the judge, Anubis. You and I are very similar.”

~I AM NOTHING LIKE YOU!~ Daniel mental shouted.

Anubis chuckled and moved in front of a mirror, adjusting the collar around his neck. The same blue eyes Daniel always saw were staring back at him, though he was able to see that his eyes held a detachment that was unlike any emotion he’d ever felt. “Look closer, Young One. You only see the surface, and that is not acceptable. Look deeper within us and you will see the similarities.”


Anubis sighed and shook his head, “You will learn, and I hope it is sooner rather than later. Our duty will be so much easier when you understand that we are joined. We are one.”

~I will fight you every moment of the day! You sleep and I will exert control over this body. You WILL NOT WIN!~

“ENOUGH!” Anubis yelled. Daniel groaned as a jolt of pain ran through him. “I will grant you some leeway, but do not think you will be this intractable and remain unscathed.”

Daniel shrank into himself, growing quiet as he thought about what the Goa’uld said. They couldn’t be similar! A small part of him wondered if Anubis was right. If he was like him? Daniel began to sift through the memories he could reach through the tentative bond that had developed between himself and the Goa’uld parasite. The longer they were joined the more he’d remember of the parasite’s other hosts and the lives they’d lived. But if they reached that point in the joining then Daniel knew there would be no rescue mission to get him out of this mess, instead the SGC would be trying to kill him. Some part of him rebelled against that thought. His life wasn’t over yet! He shouldn’t be killed for crimes he had no choice over! With a firm mental shake he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and focused once more on looking through the memories.

Surprisingly he found very few memories of genocide and enslavement. Could those memories simply be buried deeper, where he couldn’t reach them yet? Sifting through more of the memories Daniel was startled to find that the older man that he’d seen in the great hall had become Anubis’s host willingly. He’d grown ill, a radioactive poisoning that neither host nor parasite had expected on one of the planets Osiris had visited. The host and the parasite were saddened by the illness and the fact that their bond was breaking. The very idea made Daniel’s head spin. The parasites actually felt sadness? They felt some kind of loss for the host when it died? He couldn’t believe it. There must have been an extraordinary relationship between this particular host and Anubis. Of course they’d been joined for centuries. Anubis didn’t use the sarcophagus habitually it seemed. He made sure he and his host kept a clear head that way. Perhaps that was why there was such a strong bond between the last host and the Goa’uld.

Still mulling it over Daniel looked through more memories, mentally shuddering at the thought of once being buried in the same tomb as Osiris and Isis once were. Anubis had escaped with the help of…of someone that Daniel couldn’t make out. The shadows, the fuzziness that surrounded the figure made it impossible for Daniel to figure out just who had helped the Goa’uld escape. “You are curious. That is good, Young One. Soon, very soon we will talk more fully. For now, we must join our father.” Turning away from the mirror in a wave of black and silver robes, Anubis made his way through the ship, two Jackal guards following him acting as his honor guard. When they reached the throne room, Anubis bowed deeply to the still figure of Osiris.

Daniel took in Sarah’s intricately woven hair, her bright colored robes. She looked like fair skinned Egyptian princess. The costume hid the calculating creature inside her and made Daniel wonder why the Goa’uld hadn’t taken a male host once it had the chance. Knowing he would never know the answer to that question, he settled back and continued going through the memories that were available to him. He didn’t pay attention to half of what Anubis and Osiris were talking about until he heard the word “Tau’ri”.

“Have you learned what we need from your host?”

Anubis shook his head regretfully, “He is as you said, a spirited man. He fights me at every turn blocking me out of his memories. Given more time I will learn the information about the Tau’ri rebels.”

Daniel would have blinked in surprise if he’d had control of his facial muscles. He was fighting Anubis? Well after a fashion maybe, but other than making threats he hadn’t even begun to fight. Truly Daniel didn’t want to fight Anubis when he was dressing, he would wait until the bastard was going to use his body or his mind to harm innocents, then the real fight would begin. But…that meant that Anubis had just lied to Osiris. He hadn’t even attempted to access the information Daniel knew about the SGC.

Osiris nodded slowly, “I am disappointed, My Son. You should be strong enough by now to handle one such as this. He craves death, I am certain of that, but all Tau’ri hold a spark of self-preservation. His mind should be easy to crack if you simply exploit that which he cares about.”

Anubis bowed as if he accepted the advice without question. Yet Daniel could feel the irritation coming off the Goa’uld. ~What are you doing?~ He hadn’t really expected an answer and it didn’t surprise him when Anubis ignored him. “I believe it would be best to show this new host just what we are capable of. My Father, if you will allow it I will take a contingent of Jaffa and contain the rebellion of our slaves on the planet.”

~NO! I won’t let you hurt those people!~ Daniel shouted. He received another jolt of pain for his outburst.

For several moments Osiris was silent then said, “No. The Jaffa can handle the slaves by themselves. We will return in time and then I will leave you in control of the planet, but not until I am certain you have full control over your host. You have grown weak, Anubis. You must become strong once more before we can take our rightful place among the others.”

Again, Anubis bowed. “As you wish, My Father.” Osiris dismissed him and Anubis made his way back to his quarters. As soon as they were inside he hissed, “Never. NEVER try to fight me when we are in front of Osiris! You will get us both killed for my failure to control you if you do not learn!”

~GOOD! I want us dead! I won’t let you use me to kill innocent people!~

Glaring into the mirror Anubis glared and Daniel heard the odd displaced voice in his mind instead of out loud. {Do you not yet understand?! I am trying to SAVE lives, not destroy them!}

Daniel’s forehead wrinkled in confusion and he was startled to realize he was in control of his body. With his hand shaking he raised it to his face, touching the line of kohl that outlined his left eye. “What is going on here?” he asked in whisper, rejoicing to hear his own voice again.

{We are joined, Daniel. The two of us make one, but that does not mean we have to be enemies.}

In his mind’s eye Daniel saw the same memory of being buried and sealed in Osiris’s tomb only this time he saw who helped Anubis escape and he was shocked to realize he knew who it was. “Jolinar?!”


Daniel felt control of his body once more pulled away from him. ~How do you know Jolinar?!~

Anubis frowned and then mentally said, {She was my mentor.}

~But that would mean…~ Daniel’s mental voice trailed off and he felt an odd surge of hope.

Anubis nodded and gave him the assurance that Daniel was suddenly praying for. He was one of the Tok’ra.

Part 4

“So you’re saying that Dr. Jackson was chosen as a host,” Hammond said in a voice that relayed just how unbelievable he wanted the news to be.

Jack stared at the table in silence but after a moment he answered in a dull voice, “He was chosen and the joining happened.”

Hammond frowned, “You were witness to this act?”

The screams echoed in Jack’s ears and it was all he could do not to cover his ears with his hands. “No, Sir.”

A look of confusion crossed the General’s face. How could SG-1 be so certain if they hadn’t witnessed the joining? It was Major Carter who answered his obvious question, “We heard his screams, Sir,” she whispered raggedly. The effort she was exerting to keep from becoming emotional was obvious. “They took Daniel away and then his screams could be heard in our cell. When Teal’c came for us he said...he said...,” she simply couldn’t continue, her throat closed up where she could barely breathe much less talk.

“I was present for the beginning of the joining, General Hammond,” Teal’c said regretfully. “I had the choice of attempting to stop Anubis or freeing O’Neill and Major Carter. I chose to free them, there were too many Jaffa in the throne room to be successful in an attack against Anubis or Osiris.” His jaw muscles tightening and working visibly marred Teal’c usually impassive expression.

Hammond sighed, “I’m sorry to hear that. Dr. Jackson has...,” he paused for a moment before plunging ahead with his statement. “Dr. Jackson has been a vital part of this project, but as of now he becomes one of our most wanted. All SG Teams will be notified to kill on sight.”

“You can’t do that General!” Jack exploded, leaping out of his chair. “We owe it to Daniel to try and launch a rescue mission! We’ve got the Goa’uld killers, we’ve got the Tollan - there are ways to get him back!”

General Hammond frowned as he held Jack in place with a firm glare. “Do you think I like ordering the death of one of my men? Of a civilian? It is out of our hands and you know it Colonel. Daniel Jackson is a threat to this world now. We cannot pin our hopes on the possibility of recovering him. If he’s spotted he is to be killed immediately. There is no other way to ensure Earth’s safety.” When silence met his order, Hammond continued. “SG-1 is officially on stand-down for the next week. Take some time to yourselves, say your goodbyes. But when you get back here I want your commitment clear. The Doctor Daniel Jackson you all feel loyalty to is gone. Don’t forget that if you come across him in the field. The Goa’uld will try and use your feelings for him against you and you know it. Now, get out of my office, and get off this base.” The words were harsh, but the tone of regret and grief in Hammond’s voice softened them.

Jack slowly pulled himself to attention as did Sam. Teal’c stood and gave the General a stiff nod of acknowledgement. Jack and Sam answered in an almost identical tone that convey just how much they disagreed with their orders. “Yes, Sir.”


The three remaining members of SG-1 filed out of Hammond’s office and trudged towards the elevator. Every few steps they were stopped by someone offering their condolences and relating some funny or touching memory of Daniel. By the time they’d reached the elevator Teal’c’s frown seemed to be carved out of granite. Sam refused to look up from the floor, not wanting anyone to see the tears she could no longer hide. And Jack was stone faced. He was accepting the warm wishes and the memories with a characteristic smile, but the smile never reached his eyes. He said everything he was supposed to say, but the people who truly knew him it was easy to see that he was shutting down from the inside out. The problem was, the only person who would have truly noticed was the one everyone was grieving over.

The elevator doors slid open and Janet Fraser stepped out. Immediately she embraced Sam, offering her friend softly spoken words of encouragement. She squeezed Teal’c arm, the closest she would come to hugging him since she really didn’t know how he would take it. Turning to Jack Janet wondered just how to comfort him. She’d pushed her own deeply felt grief as far away as possible. SG-1 would need her strength right now, not her tears, though she knew she would shed them as soon as she was alone. “Colonel,” she began, stiffening her spine to pull herself to her full height, “if there’s anything I can do...please, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Jack nodded, though it was more like a jerk of his head. Seeing that he wasn’t going to say anything Janet started to walk down the hall. She was almost halfway down the hall when he called after her. “Doc?”

Janet turned and walked back to him. “Yes, Colonel?”

His hand shook as he reached into the pocket of his fatigues, “Daniel...he wanted me to give this to you.”

Janet took the hastily folded piece of paper, noticing absently that it was a page out of Daniel’s journal, his familiar writing was all over the page. “Thank you, Sir.” Jack nodded again before he stepped into the elevator, finally allowing its doors to shut and take him, Sam, and Teal’c to the surface. Janet looked down at the paper and slipped it into her lab coat’s pocket. She kept one hand in the pocket, holding onto the paper until she reached the Infirmary and her office. Shutting the door behind her she sat down and pulled the paper out, unfolding it quickly.

Dear Janet,

I don’t know if I will ever get this letter to you, but I have to at least try. I never thought I would find happiness again. Not after losing Sha’uri, then you came into my life. You’ve been there for me through everything. Losing her to the Goa’uld, the birth of her son, her death, the loss of the boy. You’ve stood by me through everything, but I never realized just how important you were to me. Not until now.

Janet, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get home. Osiris has captured us, and it’s a good bet that we may die. I don’t want it to happen, God I would give anything to keep it from happening, but if it does…if it does, I just want you to know that I love you. I don’t know when it happened, I don’t know how, but somewhere along the way the friendship that I’ve held so dear became so much more. Now all I want is to get back to you and take you in my arms. I don’t know if you feel the same way about me but if we get back I hope you do. If not…well, if we don’t make it I hope you never cared for me, that way you won’t feel the pain of losing someone you love. That pain is something I hope you never have to feel.

They’re coming for me now. I can hear the Jaffa coming down the hall. Jack will bring this back to you or die trying, I know he will. I love you, Janet Fraser. Always remember that. I love you.



A soft cry escaped her and she hastily reread the note. He...loved her? After all this time he realized he loved her and now he was gone? Janet thought back to the moment she’d realized she cared about Daniel as more than just a patient and distant friend. When he’d offered her his support and his shoulder to cry on when Cassie was so ill. She’d never taken him up on the offer, afraid of what she would have revealed to him and now she would never have the chance. She would never know what it felt like to feel his arms around her, and she would never be able to tell him that she loved him too.

DAMN HIM! The rage engulfed her without warning and she grabbed her coffee cup, hurling it to the floor. She pushed everything off her desk, threw folders, pictures, her paperweight, anything she could get her hands on. How DARE he make a confession like this when he knew damn well that he wasn’t coming home! How was she supposed to handle a declaration of love from the other side of the proverbial grave?! Where was the happy ending that was supposed to come when two people realized they truly loved one and other?! IT WASN’T FAIR! Her rage was swept away as quickly as it had come upon her. Collapsing into her desk chair again she held her head in her hands and cried out some of her grief.

“Dr. Fraser?” The office had been silent for almost fifteen minutes when one of the nurses hesitantly opened the door. “Dr. Fraser, are you alright?”

Janet raised red-rimmed eyes to meet the nurse’s gaze. “No. No, I’m not alright.” She slipped out of her chair and knelt hastily picking up the folders off the floor. “Leave the rest. I’ll be back in tomorrow.” She wiped her eyes and grabbed her purse and briefcase before hurrying out of the infirmary, Daniel’s note still clutched in her hand.

Part 5

Daniel lay awake mulling over the ribbon device that was on his hand. He turned his right hand to the left then the right, watching the glint off the metal from the soft lighting of his chamber. Anubis’s memories were perfectly clear to him now, which meant the bonding was successful. There were certain memories Daniel tried to avoid – the memories of death and destruction, tasks Anubis had to participate in to keep suspicion away from him. But the feelings, and the memories were strong and Daniel had to fight to keep them out of the forefront of his mind. He sighed and pulled the ribbon device off his hand, hating the feel of it.

{It is not so simple, Daniel. We cannot just ignore the things that will make Osiris believe we are Goa’uld.}

Daniel frowned, ~I certainly can when we’re alone. When we’re here I don’t have to pretend.~ With a jolt he realized he’d referred to himself as “we”, including the symbiote as part of himself.

Anubis noticed it as well and Daniel felt as if the symboite was beaming with pleasure. {You believe me now?}

~Kinda hard not to when you’ve got memories of Selmac, Jolinar, Garshaw and Lantesh running through my mind. Not to mention a hundred other Tok’ra I can’t even begin to recognize!~

{If we can manage it you will meet them soon enough. Osiris is of little consequence to the System Lords and holds only a handful of systems. As soon as we can get away from here we will contact the Tok’ra and he will be disposed of.}

~It’s that simple?~

{With a little bit of luck.}

Daniel was absolutely certain he heard a smirk in Anubis’s mental voice. ~What about Sarah?~

For a moment his symboite was silent then quietly said, {As much as I would like to promise she will be saved I cannot. If we can capture her then it may be possible to remove the Goa’uld from her, but as you’ve seen before, that is not always possible.}

After all this time he still felt a stab of pain when he thought of Sha’uri. And he couldn’t help but think of her when Anubis mentioned that capture wasn’t always possible. Daniel didn’t want Sarah to die, but at the same time, would she be able to survive after being a Goa’uld host for more than a year? Was she strong enough to handle the memories that she would have? {Do not ask such questions, Daniel. It isn’t possible to know what we will be able to do. I know she was special to you, and I will do everything I can to try and get the rest of the Tok’ra to understand.}

~But they may not. Understand I mean. To them, she’s a Goa’uld host and should be destroyed right?~

{That is not necessarily true. It will simply depend upon what is possible at the time. You must understand that to capture her, if she were to get away before the removal of the Goa’uld then we would be putting all the Tok’ra in grave danger. You must think of the risks, Daniel.}

With a sigh Daniel rolled over onto his stomach, wrapping his arms around the fancy pillow on the bed. ~The risks suck.~

{I couldn’t agree with you more. Get some rest, Young One. We have a trying day ahead of us.}

~You mean more so than every day since we were joined?~

{Yes. You will need all your mental strength.}

The remorse in Anubis’s tone sent a shudder up Daniel’s spine. ~I won’t kill for him.~

{You won’t have to. I will.}

~No! You’re not using me that way!~

{Would you rather we both die for being weak? Would you rather we never prove to Osiris that I am in control and am worthy to return to my own ship? If we do not do as he orders then we will never live to see another day, and you will never have the chance to return to Earth, Jack, or Janet.}

Daniel winced, ~That was a low blow.~

One of his hands raised and made an apologetic gesture. {I am sorry for it, but there is no other way to make you understand. You have killed before, I understand that you regret it, but sometimes we must kill in order to survive. Your Janet is -}

Daniel shook his head and cut Anubis off, ~She’s not my Janet, she never was! And she thinks I’m dead remember? Unless the Tok’ra have told the SGC that it’s no problem, you’re one of them and you’ll release me as soon as this mission’s over then I’m as good as dead if any member of the teams see me.~

Anubis went completely silent. Daniel frowned and his forehead wrinkled. ~You ARE going to release me aren’t you? As soon as we find a willing host you’re gone right?~

{Do you not like being joined, Daniel?}’s not as bad as I feared, but I didn’t ask for this, Anubis!~

{You would not consider remaining my host?}

Daniel blinked in surprise, ~You mean you want me to?~

He sensed a smile from his symbiote, {I like you Daniel. You have a morality and a strength of character that reminds me of why I accepted the Tok’ra’s beliefs in the first place. Your passion helps me remember why I am fighting against my genetic brethren. Yes, I think I would like to keep you as my host, if you are willing.}

Absently Daniel raised a hand to the back of his neck where the healed ridge of scar tissue reminded him of the pain that he felt during the initial joining. ~I’ll think about it.~

{That is all I ask.}

Part 6

“Anubis, my son, the Jaffa that allowed the other members of SG-1 to escape has been found. I expect you to handle his punishment,” Osiris said regally as Daniel entered the throne room.

With a swirl of his black and silver robes, Anubis bowed low to Osiris. “Do you wish for the punishment to be permanent or merely a lesson to be learned, My Father?” Daniel bristled at the subservient attitude they had to adopt in front of the Goa’uld. He forced himself to think back over the conversation that they’d had the night before, remembering exactly what they were fighting for.

Osiris made a careless hand gesture, “I leave it to your discretion.”

Again Anubis bowed, “As you will.” Daniel’s eyes flashed with the unearthly glow that signified the Goa’uld within him and he stepped towards the kneeling Jaffa.

~Anubis, don’t kill him.~

{Sleep, Young One. This will be little more than a memory when I am finished.}

~Anubis!~ Daniel mentally cursed the symbiote for cutting him off from all his senses. Trapped in the darkness of his mind, Daniel concentrated and crafted his mindscape into something more habitable than the dark emptiness he’d previously seen. As the darkness lifted to reveal a softly lit library with comfortable overstuffed chairs to relax into, Daniel silently thanked Brenar, Anubis’s former host for passing along the technique. He settled in with a book full of his own memories and started flipping through the pages, pausing to relive certain moments of his life. Thanks to Anubis he could recall memories much easier. It made it easier to pass the time until the mental block the symbiote had set up was lifted.

Anubis lowered his hand as the Jaffa fell to the floor, blood trickling out of his ears and mouth. “Perhaps that lesson will be effective for the other Jaffa that need one.”

Osiris’s mouth curled up at the corners, “Very good, My Son, your host is sufficiently controlled now?”

With a short inclination of his head Anubis nodded, “He is, My Father. Though he does not know as much about the Tau’ri defenses as we expected. I have been able to obtain the access codes for the team designated SG-1, but the codes will not be the same as they once were. Too much time has passed to use his knowledge effectively.”

Osiris sniffed, “Pity. We will return to Garidnor. There has been sufficient time for the Jaffa to curb the rebellion. You will oversee the tribute. I will continue on to Jadrielle, join me there in three planetary cycles.”

“Yes, My Father,” Anubis said as the dead Jaffa was dragged away. As soon as the body was out of sight he lowered the mental block in Daniel’s mind who immediately said, ~Never do that again!~

{I hope it will not be necessary again. We are returning to Garidnor, soon we will join the Tok’ra.}

Exaltation rushed through Daniel and he let out a jubilant ~Woo Hoo!~ that almost made Anubis chuckle out loud.

{You are going to get us into trouble if you do not curb your reactions.} The feeling of amusement that Daniel could easily feel from him ruined the somber statement. After another bow to Osiris, Anubis turned and returned to his quarters. {You have some idea of where the Tok’ra are now?}

~I know of a transmitter station, but their current home world? No idea. I wasn’t the one they were interested in talking to whenever they visited the base that was Sam or Jack.~

{Well, that will change now. Garshaw will be very interested in your experiences and the insight you will have. You have been Tok’ra for almost two weeks while Major Carter was bonded to Jolinar for less than forty-eight Tau’ri hours.}

Anubis sounded almost smug, causing Daniel to raise an eyebrow curiously. ~Why’s that a good thing?~

{Daniel, you have taken to being a host much better than I anticipated you would. I am inordinately pleased by that fact.}

~I never said I would continue to be your host, remember?~

Anubis transmitted a feeling of annoyance but gave a mental shrug, {Believe me, I have not forgotten that fact. But relax we will - what is the phrase? Cross that mountain when we come to it?}

~Bridge, Anubis, it’s a bridge.~

{Ah. Bridge, mountain, quite a big difference isn’t it?}

Daniel almost laughed at the amused question. He sat in the uncomfortable decorative chair that sat behind the ornate table he was using as a desk. Picking up a data pad, Daniel scanned the supply lists and duty roster for the contingent of Jaffa that were loyal to Anubis. ~You left the Goa’uld without anyone realizing it. How?~

{Luck, pure and simple. Actually, I caught Jolinar when she attempted to infiltrate Osiris’s inner circle. Through the interrogations she appealed to my sense of justice. She played on the doubts I had had for more than a century. Soon I found myself helping her escape. I met her on a remote planet several months later and asked her if she could help me find a willing host. The one I had was so traumatized by the things I’d done the man simply wanted to be left alone. I could no longer keep him against his will.}

Daniel leaned back in the chair, ~But the Sarcophagus…didn’t that keep the doubts at bay?~

Anubis gave a mental shrug. {I’m sure it would have had I been allowed to use it. Osiris was more powerful than I, and I had no sarcophagus but his. And he only allowed me to use it when my host showed signs of aging or we were wounded. Even now he will not allow me to use it, thus the reason Brenar was actually dying when you were found. I never gained the addiction that the other Goa’uld developed.}

~You were lucky.~ Daniel’s mind immediately filled with memories of the time he was addicted to the sarcophagus. He shuddered and picked up the data pad again. ~So, you came back with a new host and Osiris was none the wiser?~

{That is correct. I imagine he had his suspicions, but the uprising took his attention and when he was imprisoned so was I. While Osiris was placed in a containment jar I was trapped inside the pyramid with no food, no water, and little air. I was condemned to die, but Jolinar and Lantesh came for me. They were among the final fighters and stayed to retrieve me. I went back to the Tok’ra and soon joined the ranks of their infiltration operatives. The Goa’uld have never suspected me, but this will be my last mission as an operative. Once Osiris is gone I will move on to something else. I’ve spent too many years among the Goa’uld. I will give up the name of Anubis and truly be myself.}

Daniel nodded thoughtfully and returned his attention to the data pad. He wouldn’t try to draw anything else out of his symbiote that night.

Part 7

More than a month had passed since Daniel was taken as a host. Because he wasn’t actually dead yet there was no Memorial Service even though all of SG-1 had rallied for one. Though he refused to admit it, General Hammond held out a small bit of hope that Dr. Jackson would be retrieved. He listed Daniel as MIA but definitely not dead. The morale in the SGC was lower than Hammond had ever seen it, but as time passed and no Goa’uld tried to attack earth using Daniel’s knowledge the mood improved.

SG-1 had argued against taking on a new member, but it was important that the Flagship team contained someone to fill Daniel’s role on the team. The young anthropologist that got the job never had a chance.

“Sir, this kid is impossible!” Jack complained after the rest of his team left the briefing room. “He’s intimidated by Teal’c, gawks at Major Carter and questions every order I give him. He acts like he’s deaf half the time and the other half he runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. General, please! Working with a Dweeb like that is cruel and unusual punishment!”

Hammond understood where Jack was coming from, but he also remembered some of those same arguments when Daniel requested to join the team. Not by Jack or Sam, they already had a respect for him, but other members of the SGC hadn’t understood his importance. Gently he pointed that fact out to O’Neill. “I seem to remember you saying Dr. Jackson was a geek. And I know he questioned almost every order you gave.”

Jack’s shoulders stiffened then he said, almost defensively, “Daniel listened when it was important. And he never gawked at Carter!”

Hammond nodded, “And he was your geek right?”

With a sigh Jack said, “Yeah. Yeah, he was our geek.”

“Jack, I understand your concerns with Dr. Michaels, but you’ll have to show him the ropes. We can’t keep SG-1 out of the field any longer and we can’t keep Dr. Jackson’s position open in tribute to him,” Hammond said as he moved around the desk to stand in front of the younger officer.

Jack stood up, “Yes, Sir. It’s just...none of us can accept that he’s gone. We were able to get Skaara back, can’t we at least try with Daniel? Doesn’t he deserve that?”

Hammond nodded, “Yes, he does deserve that. He deserved for every team to be out there scowering the galaxy trying to find him. But we cannot take the risk that he can’t be saved. We can not risk Earth like that.”

It simply wasn’t fair as far as Jack was concerned. As he left the general’s office he mulled over the needs of his command and the people they were charged with protecting against the need of one man. Logically he knew Hammond was right. They didn’t have the resources to spare. But in his heart Jack felt like they weren’t being fair to Daniel. The poor man was trapped inside his own body somewhere and there was no one coming to save him from that fate. Daniel had saved Jack’s life often enough for him to feel like he wasn’t being fair to the man he considered his best friend. And he knew Carter and Teal’c felt the same way. If they crossed paths with Daniel again would they be able to follow their orders and kill him? Or would the Goa’uld within him kill them first? The whole situation put them between a rock and a hard place, and Jack didn’t care for it in the least.

“Colonel O’Neill?”

Jack turned and forced a smile when he saw Janet Fraser. “Doc, how’s it goin’?” It was a stupid question. He could see by the circles under her eyes and the overall look of fatigue that she wasn’t doing so well.

“Oh...ok I guess,” Janet said awkwardly. “I keep waiting for...,” she broke off then gave an embarrassed smile, “well, for something, but so far things have been almost normal.”

“Almost,” Jack agreed. Everything would be business as usual if only Daniel were with them.

“INCOMING TRAVELER! INCOMING TRAVELER!” The announcement was broadcasted through the complex and Jack frowned thinking back over the duty roster.

“No one was expected back today.” Almost as one he and Janet turned and started down the hall towards the Embarkation Room.

When they arrived the Iris was just closing. On the ramp before the Stargate stood two people that were practically members of the SGC. General Jacob Carter and Martouf, the Tok’ra liaisons. “General, Marty, everything alright?” Jack asked as General Hammond made his way down from the control room.

The two Tok’ra came down the ramp with relaxed smiles on their faces but their posture was all business. “Everything’s fine, Colonel. George, let’s move this into the briefing room shall we?”

General Hammond nodded and turned towards the stairwell. Jack and Janet exchanged a glance as they followed the trio. After all no one had said they weren’t invited.

As it turned out not only were they invited, their prescience was required, as was the rest of SG-1. Martouf seemed a bit surprised when the young Anthropologist, Dr. David Michaels walked into the room. “You are Dr. Jackson’s replacement?”

Michaels bristled. Even the aliens in the SGC referred to him as Jackson’s replacement! “I’m the anthropologist assigned to SG-1.”

“Everyone have a seat,” Hammond told them abruptly. “Jacob, what’s this about?”

Jacob Carter smiled, “We have a mission we thought SG-1 would be interested in taking part in.”

Sam and Jack exchanged a glance thinking over the various missions the Tok’ra had offered them. These missions always seemed to end up with the team being in more danger than they had any right to be in. “What sort of mission?”

Martouf leaned forward clasping his hands on the table, “Strictly voluntary. One of our operatives has just returned to us and specifically requested your aid in this mission.”

“Specifically?” Sam repeated. “Who is it?”

Jacob waved a hand, “Not important. The question is, would you like to be involved in taking down Osiris?”

Nothing more needed to be said. SG-1, including Janet turned almost as one towards Hammond who held up a hand, “Let’s get some more details about this mission before I give you a go or not.”

Jack almost groaned out loud but he reigned in his impatience and listened as Jacob and Martouf explained the plan. It wasn’t nearly as outlandish as slipping into the prison on Netu had been, in fact it was fairly straightforward. Looking at Hammond pointedly, Jack waited for the words he needed to here. “Alright. SG-1 you have a go. Dr. Michaels you’ll stay here, this is strictly a combat mission and you’ll be needed here. Dr. Fraser -,” she cut him off with a polite smile.

“Sir, I really think I should go on this mission,” the look in her eye told Hammond that she was determined to go, but he wasn’t willing to give her the OK just yet.

“And why is that, Doctor?”

Janet straightened her shoulders and said, “There is a good chance that Anubis will be with Osiris correct?”

Martouf’s mouth twitched upward and he nodded. Sam watched him curiously but said nothing, even though it was obvious to her that Martouf was sitting on some very good news, or a joke of some sort. Janet however was too intent on her argument to notice. “If Anubis is there then we have the chance to get Dr. Jackson back.”

David Michaels groaned earning glares from almost everyone at the table. “What? Look, I’m sorry but the guy is good as dead!”

Jack growled, but Teal’c cold voice cut off any retort he was about to make. “Daniel Jackson is not yet dead. Not if Dr. Fraser is there to aid us in removing the Goa’uld from his body. Do not give up on a man who would not give up on you.”

“Very well, Dr. Fraser, you’re on the team.” Hammond said, still frowning at Dr. Michaels. He glanced towards Jacob and asked, “When will you need to leave?”

“As soon as possible. I want SG-1 to have plenty of time to be briefed by our operative.”

With a nod, Hammond ordered the team to prepare for the mission, they would be leaving in two hours. As they left the room Jacob and Martouf exchanged a glance. They were looking forward to surprising SG-1 with the return of their lost archeologist.

Part 8

Stepping through the gate Jack looked around the desert world the Tok’ra were inhabiting. “Always sand,” he grumbled softly.

Sam chuckled, “They like the temperatures, Sir.”

“You can get temperatures like this in a rain forest too, y’know,” Jack countered.

“Along with humidity and the mosquitoes from hell,” Janet interjected with a slight smile.

Sam’s face broke into a wide grin at Janet’s comment. It had been too long since the CMO had felt like joking. It made Sam feel much better seeing that some of Fraser’s spark seemed to be returning. Jacob and Martouf looked around before they flipped a transmitter. In moments the familiar hum of transportation rings was heard and the group turned towards the rings almost as one. A man in the familiar drab clothing of the Tok’ra appeared within the rings before they lowered into the ground once more. Sam gasped while Jack pulled his weapon to bear and Teal’c primed his staff weapon. Janet stared in shock at the smiling face of Daniel Jackson.

“Whoa! Whoa,’’s me! I’m ok, I swear!” Daniel said holding up his hands in a universal gesture of surrender. “No ribbon device, see???”

Jacob stepped forward and carefully put his hand on Jack’s P-90. “Daniel is perfectly fine, Colonel.”

“I sense the presence of a Goa’uld within him, O’Neill,” Teal’c said in a tight-pained voice.

“Not a Goa’uld, Teal’c,” Martouf told them with a smile, “a symbiote...a Tok’ra symbiote.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Jack exclaimed as he slowly lowered his weapon.

Daniel shook his head, “Not kidding, definitely not kidding.” His words were directed at Jack, but Daniel’s eyes were focused on Janet, who was staring right back at him.

She started moving towards him without even realizing it. Even with Jack’s warning to stay back for just a minute, Dr. Fraser kept walking towards Daniel. He took one step towards her, then another. Their hands touched, and Janet gasped. Daniel wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly. “I never thought I’d see you again,” she whispered raggedly.

“Same here. Janet, I...I...” he broke off and captured her lips with his in an ardent kiss.

Jack’s eyebrows rose and he glanced at Teal’c then at Sam, “You know about this?”

With a nod Sam answered him, “She just told me a couple of weeks ago.”

“Explains why he wanted that note to get to her I guess...” Jack mused waiting for Janet and Daniel to break apart. “Are they gonna come up for air soon?” He asked slightly annoyed.

Hearing him Anubis chuckled {I believe your other friends are waiting to greet you, Daniel.}

~In a minute...~ Daniel’s mind was focused on nothing but Janet at the moment. He actually had her in his arms! Reveling in the contact, Daniel never wanted the kiss, or the moment to end. Reluctantly he lifted his head and glanced down at her, rubbing his thumb over her glistening lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

She smiled shyly and glanced towards the rest of SG-1. “Um...sorry, Colonel.”

“Uh huh,” Jack said though there was a teasing note in his voice. He stepped forward and Daniel met him halfway. With a firm strong hug, Jack clasped his hand on the back of Daniel’s neck, “Spacemonkey, you old dog! You’ve got more lives than any cat on Earth, how’d you wind up with the one Goa’uld that’s actually Tok’ra?”

Daniel smiled sheepishly, “I’m still asking him that question myself.” With one more quick squeeze to convey just how happy Jack actually was to see the young archeologist, Daniel moved towards Sam who threw herself into his arms.

“Are you alright? Are you really alright?” Sam asked as she tightened her arms around Daniel.

With a strained laugh Daniel said, “Yes, I’m alright, but Sam if you keep squeezing my ribs like that they’re going to snap!”

She let go of him so abruptly that he stumbled backwards. Stepping aside she grinned happily as Daniel stepped up to Teal’c. “You got them out didn’t you?”

Teal’c nodded solemnly. Daniel wrapped his hand around Teal’c forearm and gave a tight squeeze. “Thank you.”

For a moment Teal’c was silent then he said, “It is my pleasure, Daniel Jackson. I am relieved to see you are well and still the man we know and respect.”

Daniel inclined his head. When he looked up at Teal’c he was rewarded with one of the Jaffa’s rare smiles. Daniel grinned in return just as Jacob cleared his throat, “Cebryn, we should return to the tunnels.”

Turning Daniel nodded, “Sorry Jacob.”

The older man smiled, “Don’t worry Daniel, everyone deserves to have a reunion like this.”

“Cebryn?” Jack asked.

Daniel nodded, “Yeah, Anubis took a different name among the Tok’ra. He didn’t want to hold on to his Goa’uld identity when he wasn’t among them.” He chuckled softly, “I didn’t even find out about it until we reached the transmitter station.”

“And when will we meet this guy?” Jack asked as they walked towards the transportation rings pad.

Daniel lowered his head and closed his eyes. Immediately he stood up a little straighter, his entire bearing changing from the good-natured archeologist to a seasoned warrior. In the distorted voice typical of the symbiotes, he said, “I have been with you ever since Daniel came to the surface, Colonel.” Giving a short bow, he continued, “I am Cebryn, infiltration operative for the Tok’ra.”

Janet stared in wonder at the change in Daniel when Cebryn took over. “Do the Goa’uld have any clue to your true loyalties?”

Cebryn’s mouth turned up slightly, “Do you truly believe we would be standing here among you if they did, Doctor? No, they suspect nothing, though once this mission is complete they will know that Anubis is a Shovla to the Goa’uld.”

“Speaking of the mission, is there anything we need to know?” Jack asked.

“Once we’re in the tunnels, Jack,” Jacob said. They stood on the ring pad and were quickly transported beneath the surface of the planet to the crystalline tunnels the Tok’ra lived in.

“You must excuse us, Daniel still hasn’t learned his way around the tunnels so I will be keeping you company for the next little while. He will join you again after the briefing,” Cebryn told them before falling into step with Jacob and Martouf.

Sam glanced towards Jack then Janet and wondered how they were really taking the change in Daniel. After being joined to Jolinar she knew that some things about Daniel were changed forever. It was only natural that such an experience would change him somewhat. What concerned Sam was the fact that he hadn’t said anything about separating from his symbiote. Did that mean he was going to remain a host? And if so would he stay with the Tok’ra or would he come back to the SGC? With a sense of dread Sam wondered if they’d found Daniel only to lose him again.

Part 9

The briefing went just the way Jack liked them. Short and sweet but with plenty of details. The plan was simple. Use the Stargate to come through to Osiris’s home planet. According to Cebryn the Gate was located within Osiris’s palace, so they would only have to keep up the illusion of being Anubis’s Jaffa until they reached the throne room. Part of Jack was concerned that it was nothing more than an elaborate trap set up by the Goa’uld, but Jacob and Martouf trusted Cebryn completely. Jack didn’t think Daniel would be so easy to fool in this situation, but there was that small hint of concern in the back of his mind. What if Danny was so desperate to believe he wasn’t the host for a Goa’uld that Anubis WAS about to trick him? The worries going round and round in his head were starting to give him a headache.

“You fear for Daniel Jackson, don’t you, Colonel?” Martouf asked suddenly.

Jack looked up suddenly aware everyone was staring at him. “Fear for him? Yeah, you could say that.”

“Colonel O’Neill,” Cebryn began but suddenly stopped. He looked past everyone, focusing on nothing as he had a silent conversation with his host. He lowered his head and when it raised he was once more Daniel. “Jack can I see you outside?”

There was a rustle among the council members and SG-1 but Jack stood up and moved towards the door. Daniel followed him out into the tunnel and waited until Jack had turned towards him. “Jack, I’m right here. I’m hearing and seeing everything that’s going on. Cebryn isn’t what you think he is. He’s not evil. I’ve gone through a good portion of his memories and seen when he left Osiris and the Goa’uld. Selmac and Lantesh have known him for more years than we could possibly imagine, they wouldn’t trust him the way they do if he were even suspected of returning to his old ways,” as always Daniel’s passionate argument did more to quiet Jack’s fears than anything else. He was never quite so earnest when he had doubts about a situation.

Raising his hands in a defeated gesture Jack said, “Ok, Danny, I trust you.”

Daniel nodded. “Good. But Jack, if you start to feel like things aren’t going right. If Cebryn or I start acting too much like Apophis or one of the others – past the needs of the mission – then kill me. No questions, no hesitation, just kill me.”

There was no way to hide the shock Jack felt. “You don’t trust him,” he finally said.

Daniel shook his head, “I didn’t say that. I *can’t* help but trust him. He’s a part of me now. I would probably be protesting his innocence, but it’s not me who has to be convinced. It’s you. And if you don’t think we’re on the up and up, kill us.”

Jack frowned, “Is he hearing this?”

With a short shake of his head Daniel answered, “No. I’ve blocked him, and trust me he’s not happy about it. But there are some things that I need to keep to myself.”

He was willing to be killed just to ease Jack’s suspicions. The complete confidence Daniel had in Jack’s ability to see past the illusion to the true person underneath both humbled and alarmed him. What if he chose wrong? How could Daniel put something like this on him. Simple, Jack was his best friend. No one knew Daniel the way Jack did and no one else had the right to decide if the young archeologist was being used or not. It was a hell of a burden, but one Jack accepted. “Alright. If things start lookin’ bad I’ll handle it.” He would do his best not to kill him, but Jack would kill the snake inside Daniel if there was even a chance that it was like all the others.

God he hoped it would never come to that.

Part 10


She looked towards the door of her quarters and smiled nervously. “Hello, Daniel.”

Shyly he stepped inside then crossed the room quickly, “I, uh...I wanted to see how you were settling in.”

Janet smiled, he was so nervous! But then she could understand that. They hadn’t had the chance to discuss what the kiss up on the surface truly meant for them, nor where they would go from here. “Well, it’s not quite the Ritz, but it’s better than a tent in the Sahara I expect.”

He smiled, “Much better. No sand in your food or your clothing.”

She gestured for him to take a seat beside her. They sat in silence for a moment before Janet blurted out, “It wasn’t fair.”


She turned her head so that she was looking him directly in the eyes. “It wasn’t fair. Sending that letter. How could you tell me that knowing that I would never see you again? To tell me that all the feelings that I’d tried to ignore, to push aside for the past two years were reciprocated but I couldn’t do a damn thing about it? It wasn’t fair, Daniel.”

He reached up and gently wiped away the lone tear that ran down her cheek. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think about it like that, I just...I wanted you to know that I cared. That I loved you. I didn’t want you to think I’d never...I’d never felt that way.”

“I mourned you doubly hard. Once for losing you to the Goa’uld...and once for the time we’d lost,” her voice was barely a whisper. And she was now staring at her hands. “So much time we could have spent together...”

Daniel’s hands enveloped her own and the feeling that passed between them was almost electric. Janet gasped and looked up startled. As soon as her eyes met Daniel’s she saw the concern and the love he held inside. “We have all the time in the world, Janet. If...if you still want to try...” His uncertainty was easily heard.

“What about Cebryn?”

Daniel’s head lowered and came back up, “We love as one, Janet. What Daniel feels I feel. And his love for you is so strong, it will always be a part of me. You will always be a part of us.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers giving her a gentle kiss she could easily pull away from if she’d wanted.

When Janet did pull away her fingers touched her lips. “You two are very different.”

Cebryn smiled, “But we are very similar also. Daniel is a scholar. I am a warrior, but we believe in the same things. We complete each other.”

“Will you leave him? Will you give him back to us?” Janet asked, suddenly worried for Daniel.

With a pained look Cebryn answered honestly, “I don’t want to leave him, no. But if he wishes it, then I will leave him. But Janet, I have already given him back to you. We could not contact the SGC directly, we had to go through the Tok’ra in order to make sure we would not be killed immediately. But he is yours once more.”

Janet could see the distress on his face. Cebryn was truly fond of Daniel and removing himself would hurt him, but he was willing to do so if Daniel requested it after the mission was over. “You’re Tok’ra, that makes things a little difficult.”

Cebryn shook his head, “Always looking for problems aren’t you? Leave the Tok’ra to me & I will leave the SGC to Daniel. He will need your help convincing them that I mean no harm and you know it.”

She nodded. Cebryn stroked her cheek lightly then said in an amused, “He’s getting jealous. I believe he wants to be with you now.” He shut his eyes then Daniel muttered, “Greedy. You can talk to her later, it’s my turn!”

Janet laughed watching the change in Daniel. “Alright, I’m convinced. He isn’t going to have a problem with this.”

Daniel shook his head as his hand curled around the back of Janet’s neck, “Definitely not.” Janet met him halfway as he leaned down to kiss her. It was a short kiss, but one that was filled with the promise of the future. As they broke apart Daniel’s face brightened in a dazzling smile, “We love as one...suddenly that makes an incredible amount of sense to me.”

Janet smiled and snuggled against Daniel’s chest. “We’ll talk about that later. For now just hold me.”

“Gladly, Janet. Gladly.”

Part 11

Word was sent to the SGC letting General Hammond know about Daniel’s return. As expected the SGC was suspicious and there would be a series of debriefings and tests done when and if Daniel returned to Earth. Everyone was aware that as a Tok’ra symbiote, Cebryn was expected to stay with his brethren. Neither Daniel, nor his symbiote contradicted the assumption. Cebryn didn’t want to alert his superiors to the plans forming in his mind and Daniel still hadn’t decided if he would continue to be a host. Unfortunately he was running out of time to make his decision.

“Ready Daniel?” Jack asked as he checked the clip of his sidearm.

Daniel glanced up from the ribbon device he’d just slipped onto his hand. “Yeah. As ready as I can be.”

{Relax, Young One, I will take care of everything.}

~I’m relying on you too much already. Shouldn’t I have SOME part to play in all this?~

{You do.} Cebryn’s mental voice full of affectionate reproach as he continued, {You are my host. Without you I would be dead and Osiris would continue to be a threat, perhaps the greatest threat we could possibly encounter. He was very powerful before the uprising if you will remember.}

~I remember. But to just sit back and do just seems wrong somehow.~

“Danny?” Jack asked watching the conflicting emotions crossing the younger man’s face.

“Colonel please,” Cebryn said surprising Jack. “Help Daniel understand that he is not...what is the phrase? Laying this one out?”

Jack almost chuckled but the nearly pleading tone in the distorted voice held him in check. “That’s ‘sitting this one out’ Cebryn. C’mon, lemme talk to the Spacemonkey.”

“...if you would just listen to me for a minute!” Daniel blinked in surprise when he realized he was talking out loud. “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was back in control.”

Jack nodded and put a hand on his shoulder, “Feelin’ like the coach benched you huh?”

A wry smile crossed Daniel’s face, “You could say that. What’s worse is I benched myself. Well, Cebryn – you know what I mean.”

Oddly Jack thought he knew exactly what Daniel meant. No one was telling Daniel he couldn’t go on this mission. In fact the mission would be over before it started without him. But it was Cebryn’s experience with Osiris and his habits that would get them through and the pair had already decided that Cebryn would be in complete control during the mission. It seemed that Daniel was feeling a bit left out now. “Yeah, I know what you mean. But Danny, think about it, you’re there, you can take over at anytime right?” Daniel nodded immediately. “Good. The ability you have to switch back and forth between him and you could help keep Osiris off balance. Give us an edge.” Daniel still didn’t look convinced. “Just think of it this way, you’re our secret weapon.”

With a snort Daniel rolled his eyes, “Some secret weapon.” Jack grinned and clapped him on the shoulder again. “Jack, promise me you’ll try and save Sarah. She...she didn’t ask for this. I owe it to her to try and get her back.”

What he meant was he owed it to Sha’uri. Daniel had never forgiven himself for not rescuing Sha’uri from her Goa’uld parasite. Even though she’d been dead for more than two years, he still believed he’d failed her to some extent. Saving Sarah would be a way to ease the guilt he felt. “I’ll do everything I can.”


Janet was not happy. While she wasn’t the most combat ready officer the Air Force had she certainly was no slouch either! Yet Colonel O’Neill had ordered her to stay with the Tok’ra and to be ready to help with any casualties they may bring back. She’d accompanied the team back to the Stargate, watching as they put on the jackal head helmets of Anubis’s Jaffa. It was a six-man team comprised of SG-1, Martouf, and a burly Tok’ra named Caeledan. It had been hard watching Daniel in the midst of the “Jaffa”. His kohl-rimmed eyes looked almost cold as Cebryn took control and once more became Anubis. Just before the gate was activated Cebryn broke through his guards and pulled Janet into a fierce embrace. “We will come back to you!”

She gasped at the heartfelt promise and whispered, “I’ll hold you to that.”

Cebryn nodded shortly and gave her a brief kiss before returning to his position. “Forgive me, Colonel.”

Jack held up a hand, “Who’m I to argue with puppy love?”

Martouf turned towards O’Neill. “Puppy Love?”

Carter turned Martouf back towards the Gate and said, “I’ll explain it to you later.”

“Good luck, guys,” Janet said as the Stargate was activated. Five heads turned towards her and gave nods of acknowledgement. She held Daniel’s eyes for several seconds before Caeledan nudged him forward. One by one they stepped through the event horizon. Moments later the Stargate disengaged and Janet was left standing with Jacob Carter on the sandy planet.

“If all goes as planned they will return in a matter of hours.”

“And if not?” Janet asked ruefully.

Jacob sighed, “Then something didn’t go as planned.”

Part 12

The small band stepped out onto Garidnor quickly taking position around Cebryn as he crossed his arms. He looked around the small clearing that held the Stargate and breathed a sigh of relief. “We can move on to Jadrielle now.”

Jack looked towards Cebryn. While the Jackal helmet concealed his face it was easy to imagine the annoyance on his face. “Why the pit stop?”

“We would not wish to lead the Goa’uld to our home planet would we?” Caeledan asked in response.

Martouf and Cebryn exchanged a glance wondering at the younger Tok’ra’s highhanded attitude. “Merely a precaution, Colonel,” Martouf answered.

Gently pushing past Carter and O’Neill, Cebryn moved towards the DHD. Quickly he input the symbols for Jadrielle, Osiris’s home planet and watched as the Stargate once more came to life. Martouf and Teal’c went through first, followed by Carter and Caeledan. Jack frowned inside his helmet, hating the idea of leaving Daniel and Cebryn completely unguarded from behind, but he moved into position and stepped through the Gate just before Daniel followed.

The Gate on Jadrielle was surrounded by Jaffa. Teal’c stepped forward and ordered all to kneel before Anubis as Cebryn stepped through the gate. Upon his appearance the Jaffa all bowed and allowed his honor guard to pass. A large room, much like a throne room giving no cover other than the gate itself, housed the Gate. Jack frowned as he thought of the types of diversions that would be needed to get back to the Gate once Osiris was gone. Cebryn led the troupe toward Osiris’s audience chamber. Some of Daniel’s nervousness was apparent by the random clenching and unclenching of Cebryn’s fist. Once they were out of sight Jack snapped his fingers towards Cebryn who looked towards him curiously. Gesturing towards the fist Jack hissed, “Settle!”

The doors to the audience chamber opened. Walking inside the honor guard made sure their fingers were close to the triggers of their staff weapons. Cebryn strode forward purposefully and lowered himself to one knee before Osiris’s throne. “Was the tribute successful, Anubis?”

“It was, My Father.”

Osiris nodded and said, “Rise, and join me.”

Gracefully Cebryn stood and mounted the steps of the raised dais. For a moment he paused and Daniel mentally urged him ~Save her if you can. If you can’t...don’t make her suffer, please.~

{I will do my best, Daniel.} Standing before Osiris Cebryn raised his arm quickly and triggered the ribbon device. Osiris tried to give a shout of outrage but no sound escaped the woman’s lips.

The Jaffa leveled staff weapons, aiming for Cebryn but O’Neill’s voice cut the silence, “Put ‘em down or you’re all dead.” It was the five operatives against four Jaffa; no one was surprised when a Jaffa decided to aim his weapon. Sam fired just before the Jaffa shot Cebryn in the back.

Clearing the Audience Chamber was easy. Getting through the rest of the palace was much more difficult. Cebryn’s attention was focused solely on keeping Osiris under his control leaving the others to fight their way back towards the Stargate.

“Kill her already!” Caeledan shouted as he fired on several Jaffa.

“NO!” Cebryn shouted back, “I won’t kill the host!”

At that moment Jack cried out as a staff weapon’s blast hit his arm. He stumbled backwards and lost his grip on his P-9. Cebryn’s eyes shot towards Jack breaking his concentration. Osiris tried to jerk away from him, but a sharp cuff against her head dazed her long enough for Cebryn to tighten his hold on her. “Jack!”

“I’m alright, Daniel, let’s move it!” Jack shouted back even though his voice was laced with pain.

No longer focusing on Osiris Cebryn raised the ribbon device once more and sent a wave of energy towards the Jaffa blocking the path to the Stargate. Two more blasts and the team was through. “Dial it up Martouf!” Jack ordered as they laid down cover fire to keep the recovering Jaffa from pressing their attack. As soon as the wormhole was established Martouf and Caeledan went through. Jacob was next, followed by Cebryn and Osiris. Teal’c covered Carter’s retreat as Jack threw out a grenade before ordering Teal’c through. Jack dove into the wormhole as the grenade went off. He flew out of the wormhole landing on his injured shoulder. “GAH! Dammit that HURTS!” No one moved to help him up causing Jack to look up curiously. The sight that met him left him stunned.

Osiris was lying dead at Jacob’s feet, evidence of a staff weapon burn in her torso. Martouf was holding Cebryn by the arms while Caeledan still held a staff weapon at ready. “What’s going on?” Jack asked almost casually.

“He killed her!” Daniel shouted in enraged anguish. Jack looked towards his friend and realized that Cebryn had completely retreated from the forefront of the mind he shared with Daniel. “We came through the Stargate and *HE* killed her!”

“Wasn’t the plan to save the host if possible?” Jack asked as Sam helped him to his feet.

“Your plan perhaps,” Caeledan said arrogantly, “but not mine, and not the Tok’ra High Council’s.”

“Think you’re wrong about that!” Jacob snapped, “Or have you forgotten who’s Second Primary?”

Martouf’s hold on Daniel tightened and he said, “You are not in command of this mission, Granish, it was not your decision.”

“That is where you are wrong, Lantesh,” Caeledan said in the distorted voice of his symbiote. “Garshaw gave the order herself. Osiris was not to be allowed to evade capture. And neither is Anubis.” At that moment several Tok’ra operatives stepped out of the woods that surrounded the Stargate on Garidnor.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about?” Jack asked exasperatedly. “Anubis, Cebryn, whatever – he’s one of you guys, there is no capture of your own.”

“There is, Colonel O’Neill,” one of the operatives said as they stepped forward, “when he has returned to the ways of the Goa’uld.”

Part 13

The operative’s announcement shocked each member of SG-1 as well as Martouf and Jacob. “What are you talking about?” Sam asked appalled.

“Anubis has proven he’s returned to the ways of the Goa’uld. He will be tried and put to death for his crime by the High Council,” Caeledan told them.

Five sets of eyes turned towards Jacob who immediately said, “This is news to me.”

“You have already decided that Anubis is guilty,” Teal’c said frowning severely.

Daniel struggled against Martouf’s hold until the surprised Tok’ra let him go. As soon as he was free Caeledan’s staff weapon was aimed directly at his heart. “Do not move, Dr. Jackson.”

“Lower that weapon or you and the snake inside you are dead,” Jack growled, his own weapon aimed at Caeledan.

“Colonel O’Neill, this is not a wise action to take,” the operative advised.

Jacob frowned and held up his hands in a calming gesture. “Alright everyone just settle down. Jack, lower your gun. Daniel, Cebryn, stay calm. We’ll get this figured out.”

“The matter has already been figured out as far as the Council is concerned.” Cebryn said dejectedly. “We will come with you, Granish, if I have the Council’s word that Daniel will not be harmed.”

~Cebryn, no! They’re going to kill you!~ Daniel protested.

“Dr. Jackson will not be harmed,” Jacob said as he glared at Caeledan/Granish. “You have MY word on it,” Selmac added.

“Sir?” Carter asked.

Jack held up one hand and said, “Stand down, Carter.” He looked back at Jacob and said in an even voice, “Anything happens to Daniel and the alliance is finished, understand me?”

“You do not have the authority!” Caeledan scoffed.

Martouf looked towards him and said, “I assure you Caeledan, Colonel O’Neill does have such authority. If he says the Alliance is at an end then we will have more problems than we can handle. We can not fight the Goa’uld and the Tau’ri at the same time.”

Sam threw an approving grin towards Martouf who barely caught the expression out of the corner of his eye and his shoulder’s straightened slightly in response. “The Council knows this fact quite well I would imagine.”

“If they don’t they will,” Jacob growled. He and Selmac were flabbergasted that they weren’t told about the decision to put Cebryn on trial. It didn’t make any sense, why would the High Council hide this from them? //You know as well as I do, Dear that there would be a risk of Cebryn’s refusal to attack Osiris if he knew there would be a trial. And you would never keep something like this from the others.// Selmac told him silently.

Caeledan gestured to one of the operatives who came forward and reached for Daniel’s wrists to bind them. Cebryn’s eyes flashed and he growled angrily, “We said we would come with you.”

“You are not trusted. Bind his wrists,” Caeledan ordered sharply. Daniel’s eyes closed and opened once more to focus on Jack. He shook his head slightly willing Jack not to make an objection. They would figure out a way to get out of this.

When Daniel’s wrists were tied the Stargate was activated and he was led through it with a Tok’ra on either side of him. Silently the others followed and wondered just how they were going to get their friend out of this one.

Part 14

A commotion out in the tunnel pulled Janet’s attention from the medical journal she was reading. Hurrying out of the chamber she gasped in surprise when she saw Daniel being escorted down the tunnel. His escorts each held a weapon on him and frowned as she jumped in front of them. “What is going on here?”

“Janet, it’ll be alright, don’t worry,” Daniel said immediately wanting to reassure her. “The Tok’ra…well, they think Cebryn’s returned to his former habits.”

“That’s crazy!” She blurted out horrified by what this could mean. Her gaze moved to the men on either side of Daniel and his eyes glowed as Cebryn took control.

“Do not do it, Janet. Daniel will not be hurt, the High Council will not allow it.”

How he’d known she was considering attacking the guards when she hadn’t completely formulated a plan Janet couldn’t explain. The guards started forward again and she was gently pushed aside. Standing there as Daniel and Cebryn were led to at least one of their deaths was not an option as far as she was concerned. Pursing her lips in determination Janet started down the corridor. She pulled up short as she heard Colonel O’Neill’s voice behind her. “Hold on there Doc.”

“Colonel! What’s going on? How could they possibly think – You’re hurt!” Janet’s questions were pushed aside as she noticed the burn left by a staff weapon on Colonel O’Neill’s shoulder. He tried to brush her off but she gave him a stern look that had Jack turning and heading into Janet’s room. Sam and Teal’c followed them to give Selmac and Lantesh a chance to approach the High Council.

Janet picked up her medical bag and pulled out what she would need to treat the wound. It wouldn’t be a neat a job as it would be in her lab, but it would suffice. “Tell me what happened,” she ordered as she got to work. Between the two of them Jack and Sam told her everything.

“He murdered that woman in front of Daniel?” She asked in a horrified voice.

“He did,” Teal’c answered then added, “And appeared quite pleased by his actions.”

“She was a Goa’uld, Janet,” Jack said just before the doctor put a bandage over the burn. “If she’d gotten away from Daniel -,” he was surprised when Sam cut him off.

“It wasn’t Daniel, Sir. Cebryn still had control at that time. There was no way Sarah could have gotten away from him. Caeledan murdered her and went against the agreement the High Council reached with us.” Sam frowned as she realized exactly what she’d said. “He said he was acting under Garshaw’s orders.”

They were silent for a moment while Janet finished dressing the wound and started working on a makeshift sling. “Which means -,” Jack began only to be interrupted again, this time by Janet.

“That the High Council has once again kept a hidden agenda. I don’t like this, Colonel. Without Daniel, Cebryn would be dead, and this attack against Osiris would not have happened. All the major system lords are dead now - Ra, Apophis, Cronos, Sokar, Hathor and Osiris. Why aren’t they celebrating instead of putting Cebryn on trial?”

Jack opened his mouth to answer but shut it again with a resigned sigh as Teal’c said, “Anubis could hold the minor Goa’ulds at bay. He could easily rule over the Goa’uld if he wished. The Tok’ra are scared that he would do exactly that.”

“In other words -,” Sam started but Jack interrupted her.

“IF the Tok’ra are right we might’ve just handed over an empire to the snake inside Daniel.”

Part 15

“Garshaw, what the hell is going on?!” Jacob Carter demanded as he stepped into the High Council chambers.

Eight people looked towards him and could see without a doubt that both Jacob and Selmac were not happy. “Selmac, Jacob, you are both well?” Kelan asked as he rose from his chair.

Jacob looked around the room at the eight other members of the High Council. Selmac had been a part of the High Council for more years than Jacob could truly imagine and this was the first time the symbiote could remember being left out of a decision. Kelan and his host Maris were relatively new to the council and wasn’t the one who should answer Jacob’s demand for information. “We’re fine,” Jacob answered before he looked back to Garshaw, “But what are you doing with Cebryn and Daniel?”

A murmur ran through the council chamber and their fear was confirmed. Selmac took over from Jacob and said, “Why were we left out of this decision? Since when do we take our own operatives into custody when they return from a mission?”

Garshaw gestured towards Selmac’s usual place around the table. “We had specific reasons for this decision, Selmac. I am sorry you and Jacob were not informed but it was best to let this lie until you returned.”

Jacob sat down fuming. “He killed Sarah Gardner,” he said flatly referring to Caeledan who’d just walked into the chamber.

“Caeledan killed Osiris,” Malnor replied. “There was a chance Osiris could have escaped; Caeledan was to see he did not.”

“And I supposed the fact that Cebryn had the woman in a choke hold means the snake was going to slip right out from under him?” Jacob asked sarcastically.

//Jacob!// Selmac scolded.

Silently Jacob apologized for the implied insult to the symbiotes but he refused to apologisze to the other council members who looked shocked. “My point is, Osiris didn’t need to be killed. We promised the SGC that we would try and save the host, a Citizen of Earth, we broke our agreement for no good reason.”

“If Osiris had escaped -,” Malnor began but Jacob cut him off.

“Where would he have gone? Martouf, Caeledan, and myself were surrounding Cebryn & Osiris. Teal’c, Sam, and Colonel O’Neill were right behind us. YOU HAD OPERATIVES SURROUNDING THE STARGATE! Where would he have gone? Death wasn’t the answer here. Mercy was.”

The council chamber was silent for several moments before Garshaw said, “I will admit Caeledan and Granish’s actions were ill timed. But he was acting in the best interests of the Tok’ra. Nothing can be done to save the woman now. Instead we must work to save Daniel Jackson.”

“Daniel doesn’t need saving,” Selmac told them, “Daniel and Cebryn are working well together.”

Jaspar, Malnor’s host gave an indignant cry, “Cebryn took Dr. Jackson as a host by force! We can not believe a word Dr. Jackson says at the moment.”

“Then what will you do?” Selmac asked.

Garshaw set a small device on the table, “Cebryn will be put to sleep and then we will ask Daniel Jackson our questions.”

Part 16

“Come with us.” The order was given in a cold distorted voice that made Daniel frown. Where was the warmth he’d seen before the attack on Osiris? Why were they treating them as if they were a criminal?

“What, no ‘please’?” Daniel muttered as he was nudged forward. The restraints on his wrists were a physical reminder of their status as a prisoner and he almost chuckled to himself. He really had gotten used to being a host. Even in his private thoughts he referred to himself in a plural form. Cebryn had been unusually silent since the Tok’ra had put them in the holding chamber. A part of Daniel mourned the silence his symbiote had fallen into, but another part of him wondered if he was being prepared for losing the ever-present personality within him.

The guards stopped before entering the High Council chamber when Martouf called them to a halt. “I will take them.” The guard nodded and walked away. Martouf turned towards his friend and said, “How are you handling this?”

Daniel looked at him for a moment then said, “Which one of us?”

“Both,” Martouf said simply.

A ragged sigh was his answer. Daniel was silent for a moment then he said, “I can’t hear him. He’s cut himself off from me, it’s like he’s already accepted that he’ll die.”

Martouf nodded solemnly, “And what have you accepted, Daniel?”

“Nothing,” Daniel told him in a determined voice. “I don’t accept any of it. Cebryn isn’t the monster he once was. He hates everything that he used to stand for. He’s spent over a thousand years atoning for the sins of his past, why can’t he be trusted?”

Blue eyes met blue eyes and Daniel saw how sad Martouf was. He’d seen so much in his time with Lantesh, but the man kept a sense of compassion through it all. “I believe he can be trusted, Daniel. And I will do my best to make the Council believe it too.” He put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder supportively then straightened up. “We should get inside.”

Reluctantly Daniel nodded and walked into the chamber with Martouf right behind him. He walked to the center of the room and stopped before turning towards the High Council. “You wanted to see us?”

“Yes, Daniel, the High Council would like to ask you a few questions,” Jacob told him.

Daniel nodded and raised his hands to push up his glasses. “Ask away.” He was trying, but it was more than a little difficult to not come across as a little belligerent towards the Council. He looked towards the door as the rest of SG-1 and Janet walked in.

“This is a closed session of the council, Colonel O’Neill,” Kelan said politely.

“Not anymore it’s not. Not when you’re trying a citizen of Earth and a member of MY team. We’re gonna be here for the whole thing,” Jack said in a voice that brooked no argument.

The council members glanced back and forth at each other trying to decide how to handle the situation when Garshaw made a dismissive gesture. “Very well, but you will agree not to interfere with our questioning.”

Jack gave them a tight smile. “Youbetcha.”

The High Councilor looked slightly confused for a moment then said, “Jaspar, proceed.”

Rising from his seat Jaspar moved around the curved table and stepped up to Daniel. “This device will not hurt you Dr. Jackson, but it will put Cebryn to sleep. You will be able to answer all our questions freely and without threat of interference from your symbiote.”

Daniel paled slightly and said in a shaky voice, “I can do that now, he hasn’t said a word for two hours.”

Jacob frowned but said nothing while Jaspar attached the small device to Daniel’s temple. At first there was no change in Daniel’s stature but suddenly he slumped to the floor landing in a heap. Jack bellowed as he and Janet darted forward. “I’m alright, I’m alright,” Daniel said shaking his head and getting to his feet. “Sorry. That was...uh...weird.”

“You couldn’t have caught him BEFORE he hit the ground?!” Jack asked Jaspar sarcastically.

The council member had the decency to look ashamed, “I do apologize, Dr. Jackson. I wasn’t expecting the release of control to be so abrupt.”

Daniel rubbed his right temple and looked up confused, “Release of control? What are you talking about? I don’t feel any differently than before.”

“Daniel, you have to. Otherwise you wouldn’t have pitched forward like that,” Selmac pointed out.

“I pitched forward because a charge of electricity just ran through me thanks to that thing. I told you, I’ve been in control since we were taken to the Holding Chamber,” Daniel said sourly.

“Just how high a charge does that device put out?” Janet asked sharply.

Garshaw frowned, “It is not supposed to put out any sort of charge. The sleeping device emits a low level EM pulse to put the symbiote into a hibernation state until the pulse is turned off.”

“Then get that device off him!” Janet exclaimed looking at Jaspar. She felt an odd tightening in her gut as Daniel groaned and stumbled forward.

“Janet?” He said in a thin voice, “Honey, I think we’re in trouble…” with those words Daniel’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he slumped once more though this time Jack caught him.

“You heard the doctor, get that thing off him!” Jack ordered.

Jaspar hurried to disarm the Sleeping device but frowned when it didn’t disengage. “Something is wrong, the device is malfunctioning!”

Janet gestured for Jack to lay Daniel on the floor and she reached for the penlight she kept in her breast pocket. Holding Daniel’s eyes open she shined the light in one then the other before taking his vitals. “His pulse is erratic. Breathing shallow,” everything else in the room was tuned out as Janet tried to pry the device off Daniel’s left temple. The spasms his body went into caused her to jerk back in surprise and fear that she’d hurt him. “Colonel, if we don’t figure out how to get that THING off him, both he and Cebryn will die.”

Part 17

Daniel was moved into the Tok’ra medical labs where Janet and the healers could try and determine exactly what was happening. Pagrin, the chief healer used the healing device on Daniel almost immediately to keep his body stable, but no one had any idea what the device was doing to his mind. Janet had a hard time accepting that there was nothing they could do even though Pagrin told her all they could do was wait and keep Daniel stable until the technicians figured out how to fix the device. “All I can tell you is the device is killing Cebryn faster than it is killing Daniel Jackson. If we don’t reverse the effects in the next few hours we will lose him, and Daniel will follow fairly quickly.”

She had a deadline and that was more than enough to get Janet moving. Taking blood samples from both Daniel and Cebryn Janet did the best she could to determine what the Sleeper (as Jacob called it) was doing. “Cebryn is trying to work to repair Daniel’s body, but the device is emitting the EM pulse like it’s supposed to. Cebryn is fighting against the effects of the pulse as well as trying to heal Daniel and he’s fighting a losing battle,” Sam said after completing a diagnostic of the Sleeper.

“Caeledan handles the maintenance on the Sleeper devices,” Pagrin said in a puzzled tone. “I can’t understand why he hasn’t come to give his own input.”

“Because he wants Cebryn dead?” Sam asked bitterly.

“But why? Granish and Caeledan never interacted with Cebryn the few times they were around one and other,” Pagrin told them. “There’s no reason for a hatred.”

Sam frowned then looked towards Martouf who was staying nearby to help if needed. “Martouf, can you see if you can find Caeledan and get him up here? I don’t care if he hates Cebryn – he’s going to save him and Daniel.” Martouf nodded and left the chamber silently.

Janet glanced towards Sam then asked, “You don’t think he would refuse do you?”

For a moment Sam considered her answer as she stroked Daniel’s sweat sodden hair. “Caeledan murdered Osiris’s host for no good reason. He knew that would hurt Daniel and he did it anyway.” Sam paused then met Janet’s concerned eyes, “We’re not dealing with any Tok’ra I know, but the feeling I get is we can’t trust him as far as I could throw him. But he’s also the only one who knows how to work this device properly so we’ll have to give him a chance.”

Janet nodded and for a moment her impassive doctor mask fell. She squeezed Daniel’s still hand and said in a ragged voice, “I can’t lose him, Sam. I just found him, how could I lose him now?”

Anguish for her two best friends rushed in a wave over Sam. She reached out and covered Janet’s hand with her own. “You aren’t going to lose him. Either of them.”

The sound of rapidly approaching footsteps pulled their attention towards the doorway. Jacob came to a stop just outside the doorway and said, “Caeledan just made an unscheduled trip to the Stargate. Jack & Teal’c’s gone after him, but it’s a good bet he’s jumped ship.”

“He’s joined the Goa’uld?” Sam asked in surprise.

Jacob nodded, “That’s my guess. With so few System Lords running around I’m betting Granish sees this as a chance to take over all together. According to some of the other Techs he worked with Caeledan and Granish have mentioned the lure of the way the Goa’uld live more than once.”

“Any of the other techs know about his work with the Sleepers?” Sam asked pushing aside the worry of a Tok’ra Turncoat for the moment.

Jacob shook his head, “None of them. But they did tell me where he kept his notes and I’ve brought them. Think they’ll give you any clues?”

As Sam scanned the data pad she nodded, “Translate it for me Dad, my Goa’uld is a little rusty.”

Jacob nodded and got to work. Certainly he had other things he needed to do, but no one else on the Tok’ra base had the same understanding for English he did. He was the best on for the job. Less than an hour later he had the pertinent information translated. “Cebryn’s the key Sammie. If the device doesn’t detect a symbiote then the EM pulse shuts down and the device disengages.”

“So we need to get Cebryn out of Daniel,” Janet said ignoring the stab of disappointment she felt. “Will they be able to rejoin later?”

“Cebryn won’t be up to it,” Pagrin told them immediately. “But the problem is we don’t have any potential hosts right now. If we remove Cebryn from Daniel Jackson he won’t last very long, not even in the nutrient solution.”

Sam and Janet exchanged a glance. As if reading each other’s mind they said in unison, “Tanner!”

“Beg pardon?” Jacob asked mildly.

Sam turned back towards Jacob. Her eyes were bright with excitement, “Tanner Chastain, a civilian biochemist back at the SGC. He’s been studying the contaminated nutrient solution that was in the Isis jar. He’s expressed an interest in becoming a host informally to both Janet and I.”

“Get him here, Sam,” Jacob ordered. “Pagrin and I will work on getting Cebryn to leave Daniel.”

Sam nodded and immediately left to send a message through the Stargate. Janet watched as Pagrin started taking Daniel off the sedative line and prayed to God the healer knew what he was doing. “Cebryn, Cebryn wake up now,” Verlorn, Pagrin’s symbiote said urgently.

“Go ‘way,” Cebryn mumbled painfully. Janet winced listening to the distorted voice. Pain caused lines to crease Daniel’s forehead and his eyes were shut tightly against the bright lights of the healing chamber.

Verlorn put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder, “Cebryn it is extremely important that you listen to me. If you do not Daniel may die.”

The furrows deepened and Daniel’s head turned towards Verlorn’s voice, “We are dying, Verlorn.”

Despair filled Janet’s heart as she heard the dispassionate words. They weren’t going to die! They couldn’t! She tightly squeezed Daniel’s hand and said, “You aren’t dying. Pagrin & Verlorn know how to help you.”

“Be quick then,” Cebryn said tiredly. “Daniel is...strong, but his strength is failing and I...I can not do anything about it.”

Jacob, Verlorn, and Janet exchanged a glance. Jacob nodded and moved to the far end of the chamber while Verlorn explained to Cebryn what had to be done. “You have to leave Daniel, Cebryn. If you do not the device will continue to hurt him. Major Carter is working on bringing another host from Earth right now, but you will need to go into a nutrient chamber until they return.”

Cebryn frowned. “If I leave Daniel he will be defenseless...if I stay with him he will die. Bring the chamber and help me Verlorn. Janet?”

She moved around to the other side of the bed and lightly touched his cheek. “I’m here.”

Cebryn carefully licked his chapped lips and his eyes fluttered open allowing Janet to see the bright blue of his eyes. Eyes filled with pain and exhaustion at the moment, but underlying it all was a happiness to see her. “It seems...Daniel will have you...all to himself after all.” A tired smile crossed his face causing Janet to smile back gently. “He’ll need you, Janet. He won’t know that. But he will need you.”

Janet nodded and blinked back tears. She knew Daniel had grown comfortable with Cebryn and now he would lose him. “I’ll be there for him,” she said simply.

Cebryn nodded and his eyes closed with a tired sigh. Daniel’s body twitched as another current ran through him and his mouth tightened against the pain. As the spasm faded Cebryn said breathlessly, “Janet,” his voice was barely a whisper so she had to lean down to hear him. “Could I last kiss? Never have I felt such a strong love so quickly. Daniel’s feelings run deeper than...,” he gasped as another current jolted him stronger than the last, “...any host I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

It was impossible to hold the tears back any longer. Janet brushed them away quickly and softly pressed her lips to Cebryn’s. It was a kiss full of warmth and love, of regret and sorrow, and said a bittersweet goodbye. As she straightened back up Cebryn gave one last smile before calling for Selmac. Jacob appeared at Janet’s side immediately. “We’re ready, Old Friend.”

Jacob pointed to Janet then to the doorway. While it went against every fiber in her body Janet walked out of the room and leaned against the crystalline wall of the tunnel. Jacob knew it wouldn’t be easy to watch Cebryn leave Daniel’s body, and Cebryn wouldn’t want Janet to witness the act. With a sigh she slid down the wall and waited for word that Daniel was ready for visitors and she could see him once again.

Part 18

It felt like he was floating on a cloud. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was feeling like he’d stuck a wet finger in a light socket. He’d been in front of the High Council trying to prove that Cebryn wasn’t a Goa’uld. ~Cebryn? Ceb, talk to me.~


A frown crossed Daniel’s face as awareness flooded his system. “Cebryn!” Daniel bolted upright his eyesight blurred and fuzzy as he looked around franticly. A calming hand touched his chest as he was gently pushed back down.

“Shhh. Daniel, it’s alright. You’re ok,” Janet said softly.

“Cebryn? Janet,” he grabbed her hand tightly, as he looked at her with eyes filled with panicked confusion. “What happened to him? I can’t feel him, Janet!”

A look of sadness crossed Janet’s face and tears welled up in Daniel’s eyes as he immediately thought the worst. “No. No, they didn’t kill him! I haven’t had the chance to -,” a finger was gently placed against his lips silencing him.

“He’s not dead, Daniel. He voluntarily left you in order to save your life.”

Daniel blinked in surprise then took a deep breath. “Tell me everything.”

For a moment Janet hesitated. She still didn’t know all the details herself. After a glance across the chamber towards Jacob she said, “Caeledan sabotaged the Sleeper device so that instead of just putting Cebryn to sleep it would also electrocute him & kill his host. When we couldn’t find a way to disarm the device Verlorn told Cebryn if he didn’t leave you then you would both die.”

Daniel shut his eyes but quickly opened them again unable to accept the emptiness he felt inside. “When did this happen?”

“While you were unconscious,” Jacob said moving into Daniel’s line of sight.

A frown crossed Daniel’s face and he asked, “How long ago?”

With a quick glance down at her watch Janet said, “About four hours ago.”

A wave of exhaustion ran over Daniel and he sighed heavily. “Healing device?”

Jacob nodded, “It repaired most of the damage but you’re still going to have to recover your strength.”

Daniel nodded. “I want to see,” he yawned, “Cebryn.”

Janet looked towards a partition that had been quickly erected and said, “Perhaps you should wait until you’ve recovered some more.”

Waving off her advice Daniel shook his head, “No, I want to meet his new host. I want to be able to say goodbye.”

Jacob cleared his throat before saying, “Cebryn doesn’t have a new host yet. Sam went back to the SGC to offer the chance to a biochemist, but he left to go on vacation two days ago. He’s being flown in from Florida now but they expect another four hours at least before they’ll get here.”

“He doesn’t have a host?” Daniel asked in disbelief.

Jacob shook his head.

Daniel struggled to sit up and said firmly, “*I*’m Cebryn’s host. If he’s willing to join with me again, I want him.”

Janet gasped in surprise. She’d known Daniel had accepted the situation before but he’d had no chance. Daniel was very good at accepting whatever fate did to him, but she hadn’t expected him to actually offer to take Cebryn back into his body. “Verlorn said that wouldn’t be possible,” she told him regretfully.

Accusing eyes turned towards Jacob. “Is it?”

Selmac took control and said, “You are already weakened, Daniel. It will be difficult on both of you.”

“But it can be done?” Daniel asked immediately. He tightened his grip on Janet’s hand unconsciously as if he were gaining strength from her.

Jacob nodded, “It is possible. But do you realize what you’re asking Daniel?”

What was he asking exactly? Daniel thought for a moment and then said simply, “I’m asking for my friend back.”

“You would be offering yourself as a Tok’ra and you won’t be returning to Earth,” Selmac reminded him.

“I will return to Earth and Cebryn will go with me. There’s no Tok’ra on Earth so how can you expect most people to be willing to offer themselves as potential hosts if they don’t see how the host & symbiote get along on a day to day basis? We were going to suggest this before the High Council decided to put us on Trial,” Daniel said in a cool tone. He was still angry, and probably would be for quite sometime, over his treatment after the Osiris attack.

Jacob and Selmac had to admit it was a good idea. He and Martouf were often too busy with other matters to truly deal with Earth. To have Daniel handling the campaign to gain more hosts from the Tau’ri home world. “You truly want to join with him again?”

Daniel nodded and gave a small smile, “He grew on me.”

Janet chuckled, “You’ve been hanging around Colonel O’Neill too much.”

Jacob left the chamber but returned quickly with Verlorn, “Dr. Fraser, you might want to step outside for this.”

“Not this time, General,” she said with a shake of her head, “I’ll stay with Daniel during the procedure.”

Verlorn frowned slightly then said, “This will not be pleasant, Daniel.”

Daniel made a face then said, “Last time wasn’t pleasant. This will be a walk in the park.” He absently rubbed the raised entry scar on the back of his neck as he thought of his involuntary joining. Verlorn nodded and instructed him to lay back down and roll onto his side. While Daniel did as he was told he asked, “Cebryn isn’t still on trial is he?” He didn’t want to get his symboite back only to lose him again.

Jacob reached out and squeezed Daniel’s shoulder in an uncharacteristically affectionate gesture, “You’ve both proven he isn’t a Goa’uld any more. He’ll be free to go once you’ve both recovered from rejoining.”

Daniel’s eyes darted towards Janet, “Janet – I didn’t even think about – you and Cebryn...are you ok with this? With Cebryn rejoining with me?”

Janet smiled and lightly fingered his hair, “Daniel, I love you. Cebryn...well I like him. I don’t mind at all.”

The smile that Daniel gave her lit up the room. He took her hand and raised it to his lips, “Love you, Janet.”

Jacob smiled indulgently at them then Selmac said, “Alright, alright, enough mushy stuff. Ready, Daniel?”

Daniel nodded and Pagrin brought the nutrient jar over to the bed. Reaching into the jar carefully he waited until Cebryn twined his body around his arm before pulling the symbiote out of the liquid. Daniel swallowed convulsively as he watched the snake-like head fix red eyes on his face. A screech of recognition filled Daniel’s ears and he glanced up at Jacob who pantomimed opening his mouth and closing his eyes. Taking a deep breath Daniel thought, “here goes nothing,” and shut his eyes tightly while opening his mouth.

Janet’s hand squeezed Daniel’s so tightly he though she might break the bones in his hand. He felt an odd wriggling in his mouth then a sharp scratching pain on the back of his throat before everything went dark.


~Wha-? Huh? Whass-What’s goin’ on?~

A soft tired, but amused chuckle filled Daniel’s mind. {Oh what an intelligent phrase from the good doctor.}

Daniel’s mind was instantly more alert. ~Cebryn! Are you alright?~

The feeling of affection that rushed over Daniel told him that his friend was happy to be back with him, {I am well, Young One. But I’m not as young as you are, after the day we’ve had I could use some sleep.}

~I wouldn’t object to a nap myself.~

{Then sleep, Daniel. We will talk when we’re both more awake.}

~You got it, Cebryn. I’m – I’m glad to have you back.~

{Thank you, Daniel. Thank you.}

Part 19

When Daniel finally woke up he blinked the sleep out of his eyes and sat up slowly. The room tilted for a moment then righted itself. “Whoa,” he mumbled as he looked around. He hadn’t woken up alone, Jack smiled easily as Daniel looked in his direction.

“Welcome back, Danny.”

Daniel yawned and gave an apologetic smile, “Hey Jack. What time is it?”

Jack flipped the cover off his watch then said, “0600. Carter finally drug Doc out of here to get some food and some rest.” The smile didn’t fade as he said, “She hasn’t left your side since you and Cebryn rejoined.”

{She loves me.} Cebryn told Daniel in a smug voice.

~You? In your dreams Snakeboy,~ Daniel retorted amused.

{Snakeboy?! Oh you’ll pay for that one, Four eyes.}

Jack chuckled as he watched the emotions play across Daniel’s face. First amusement then indignation which finally gave way to an odd distorted laughter. “I win,” Cebryn said triumphantly.

“You two argue like this often?” Jack asked casually.

Once more Jack marveled at the change in Daniel’s demeanor when the Tok’ra was in control. His shoulders lost some of their normal tension yet he seemed ten times more alert than normal. More like a cat that was prepared to pounce even when lazing away the day. “Actually,” Cebryn said easily, “this is the first time. Before there was always the question of would we stay together. I am fond of Daniel, but I did not want to get too close until I knew if he would agree to remain my host.” A gleeful smile crossed his face and suddenly Daniel looked ten years younger. “However now he is stuck with me.”

His forehead furrowed then Daniel said, “Is it too late to change my mind?”

Jack snickered, “Second thoughts, Daniel?”

“Sort of,” the archeologist had a pained expression on his face as he said, “I didn’t realize just how much of a smart ass he was!”


Daniel knew his way around the Tok’ra tunnels in no time. He was allowed access to areas that had been off limits before the mission and he soon saw just how efficient the Tok’ra really were. “It’s amazing. They have a hierarchy in each specialization area, but yet as a people they are much more open and willing to accept suggestion and instructions from each other than any human culture I’ve ever seen.”

“Except from us, right?” Janet asked sardonically.

Daniel gave her a sheepish smile, “Well, they have a hard time understanding how they can learn from us. But with Jacob and now myself as hosts they are beginning to see just how our minds work, and how we can get away with some of the things we’ve pulled off in the past.”

Janet smiled and looked down at their interlocked hands as they walked through the tunnels. When was the last time she’d simply held a man’s hand for the simple pleasure of touching them? She really couldn’t think of a time. “And just what has their insight shown them?”

Daniel’s eyes flashed as Cebryn took over and grinned, “The Tau’ri is the luckiest species we Tok’ra have ever come across.”

Janet laughed and had to agree, “And you’re joined with one of the luckiest!”

Daniel’s hand caressed her cheek and Janet leaned into his touch without thought. “Yes,” said Daniel, “he is.”


“Alright Kids let’s pack it up!” Jack said with a clap of his hands. He grabbed Sam’s pack and attached it to the back of her vest while Daniel snapped Janet’s on. As soon as their packs were secured Daniel looked back towards Jacob and Martouf.

Stepping forward, Martouf extended a hand clasping Daniel’s forearm. Daniel clutched Martouf’s own forearm in an long understood gesture of brotherhood. “You will always be welcome here, Daniel. If you need anything, Lantesh and I will be more than happy to help.”

Daniel felt his cheeks redden with acceptance and nodded once, “Thank you. And you know -,” Jacob cut him off with a wave of his hand.

“Come on Daniel, you’d bend over backwards to help anyone, we all know that. It’s Cebryn we’ve gotta worry about. He’s a bit more selfish than you are.”

“Selfish!” Cebryn exclaimed, “Who was it that did not wish to leave Karic because of a certain bronzed warrior?”

Selmac’s amused laugh cut through the surprised silence. “You leave that hunk out of this, Cebryn!”

Sam looked at her father and repeated, “Hunk?”

Jacob shrugged, “So Selmac wanted to learn more slang…”

With a chuckle Daniel moved forward and gave Jacob a warm hug, surprising the older man but not his symbiote. Cebryn had always been affectionate with his close friends after all. “Thank you for everything Jacob, Selmac.”

“Our pleasure, Daniel. You take care of him, Cebryn,” Jacob said in a gruff voice.

Cebryn nodded and they stepped onto the transporter ring pad. As soon as the five members of the SGC were on the surface Jack set off for the Stargate. The last few months had been a roller coaster ride of emotions and he was exhausted. Even though there was a debriefing and paperwork that would take till doomsday to complete, Jack was looking forward to going home. His team was whole again. As Daniel punched in the address on the DHD Jack chuckled. The wormhole burst outwards then settled and Sam sent the GDO code. Teal’c stepped through, followed by Sam. Janet squeezed Daniel’s hand before she entered the wormhole. “Ready for this Cebryn?”

“Jack, I’ve been ready to return to the Tau’ri home world for more years than you could possibly imagine.”

Jack clapped Daniel on the shoulder and they stepped through the wormhole. Not only was his team whole again, they’d gained a member. There was still a Goa’uld threat out there, one that included a renegade Tok’ra, but Jack felt more confident that the war would be won than he ever had before.

-The End

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