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New Dances
Clouds In My Eyes John Robinson (revised sheet) + video on CJ's video clip page
Damn Neville Fitzgerald
Don't Call Me Teresa and Vera video lesson
Get The Girl Ian StLeon

Hot 'N' Sweaty John Robinson/Guyton Mundy
Keep It Burning Robinson/Bennett
Life's Great John Robinson
Meltdown Scott Blevins
Mildred My Friend Teresa and Vera ...their video page
Press Play Michele Perron
Pull Michele Perron
Push The Button Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Shania's Shoes Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Weather Network Michele Perron/Michele Burton
Wright or Wrong Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs

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The reason the Internet is successful is because it provides free information to all. I just spent hours the last two days making .pdf files of the most popular dances I had linked to Linedancermagazine. Step sheets should be FREE. They belong to the choreographers who GIVE THEM to our dance community.
WE, as a dance community, share the sheets because we LOVE to dance. I have been told I could add a million step sheets to my website and never come close to going over my 'monthly' budget but yet, Linedancermagazine claims it is facing substaintial increases in their costs and can no longer subsidize the 'up-keep' of their site which has a "fantastic database of dance scripts" ...the up keep? They receive or download the sheets from all the 'free sites' and re-type into their format (Kickit does the same). Remember when some teachers 're-wrote' dance sheets & charged their students for the sheets to the dances that they were teaching ...that couldn't happen today. We can access the web with our cells. Wi-Fi service is everywhere. Soon it will be common to check any .pdf step sheet online with a hand held device. & will always be FREE services ..I seriously doubt there will be a million dances of merit in my life time ...grins..... DV

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