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This are a few pictures that I have taken while working as a Helicopter Pilot over Mexico City , although brightness and contrast has been tweaked on some, they are all REAL. CLICK ON THE PICTURES +


3 Cultures Plaza (Mexican Tiananmen back in 1968)
Stadium built for the 1968 Olimpic Games and a Bell 412 doing powerline patrol.
Taken from the rim of an extinct Volcano, it involved a tricky night landing!
The Ajusco on one of the few days out of the year that it had snow.
Mike Wasowski visting Mexico City and suffering the effects of polllution
Altus apartment building, can you imagine an earthquake here?
Crowded Neighborhood Huh?
The Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma
Aragon, with the Metro running across, the Metro moves 3.6 million per day !
Azteca Stadium, with a 114,464 person capacity.
These guys live from collecting recyclables off the garbage, fire was accidental
The Palacio of Bellas Artes, construction began in 1904, Built by Porfirio Diaz.
The sprawling western part of the city, these are apartment buildings
Bosque Real Country Club
Part of UNAM (Public University), with the Olimpic stadium on the background.
Mexican Stock Exchange Building in Reforma Avenue.
Casa del Lago in Chapultepec Park
REAL PICTURE! 300+ low income homes in Ixtapaluca, complex has more than 10,000!
Dance and Party Hall in the southern part of the city, Contreras
People of power have lived in this hill in Chapultepec Park since 1522.
Chapultepec Castle built in the 1800's by Maximiliano de Habsburgo
This is located in the Xochimilco area, and I have no idea what it is?
Cempasuchil flower used in "Dia de Muertos" (Day of the Dead)
This is the Central de Abasto, one of the biggest food markets in the world.
Self Explanatory
Private home in southern Mexico City
Typical Mexico City's accident
"Cerro Chiquihuite" A wall was built to stop people from building upwards !
Emission laws are strict, but you can still get a rolling chimeney approved!?
Las Lomas residential area
Santa Fe Homes and Apartment Bldgs., housing is getting extrmely expensive in MC
What a way to block the sun from the neighboors! (Bosque de las Lomas)
Xico volcano crater, behind is Chalco where few streets are paved.
The Cuautepec area has millons of inhabitants, but not much water or electricity
Ex-Convent called the Desierto de los Leones in the western part of the city.
Ecatepec, (NONE of the pictures in this album are computer rendered)
The sky above Mexico City is still blue, although some have never seen it !?
"Los Volcanes" Iztaccihuatl & Popocatepetl. "Izta" resembles a sleeping w...
Insurgentes Sur, I live a few blocks from here.
Interlomas looks like another planet in this picture
Nezahualcoyotl is a very interesting place, 3 millon people in one TIGHT place
A passion for many world over, and Mexico is no exception
Another passion around here, La Villa is the home of "La Vigen de Guadalupe"
Literally MILLIONS come here every December 12th. to visit "La Guadalupana"
Nobody's guessed who this belongs to yet.
The biggest bullfighting rink in the world, (45,000 cap.) Impressive when full.
The everyday problem
Chapultepec Park and one of the lakes.
The classic Mexico City skyscraper built in the 50's,
"La Torre LatinoAmer...
Downtown is being renovated and looks much better now than a few years ago.
This is where most of the water suppling the city used to come in from Lerma
Booming mode of transport for some
This French tourist threatened to throw himself for hours, in the end . . . .
More of Nezahualcoyotl
These little buses are a big headache around here
Huge growth of housing projects like these for low income families, Ixtapaluca.
Built in honor of the Revolucion Mexicana of 1910
I am a helicopter pilot and decided to share what I see from above, C.O. Ruiz
Strange House
Megalopolis ?
Las Lomas with a Bell 412 waiting for passengers on top of Torre Optima.
Department store in the Polanco area
These people invade properties overnight and just stay there forever usually
Bus and Metro stop in the northern part of the city, Indios Verdes
These taxicabs were rounded up for not having permits, Taxis Piratas
Nice ranch in Ajusco, love the horses
Landed to pick up a shot policeman without notice, in any other country . . . .
The heliport at Torre Mayor
This crossing has been heavily renovated, Reforma and Insurgentes
Laundry Day !
New and booming business district called Santa Fe, a new building every week !
Satelite, it was supposed to become a nice area, it never did.
These welders were working on the tallest building in Latin America, Torre Mayor
Teotihuacan, 200,000 people lived here, the city is more than 2000 years old !
Barrio Tepito, this place is AMAZING, you can buy anything here! Don't go al...
Mercado Sobre Ruedas, (small one a week day food market)
Top Latino
This apartment building is pretty intersting, Interlomas.
Mexican Venice, and that my friends sewage
These volcanoes go up to almost 18,000 feet, the one on the right is very active
Soccer Fans in Reforma
Xochimilco at Dawn in winter.
All terrain around here is Man Made, everything used to be a lake.
The northern part of the city, Cuautitlan
The ZOCALO, built on top of Aztec Ruins by the Spaniards
Bell 407 over TV network's (televisa) headquarters in Santa Fe.