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Lords of Chaos Movie (August 31, 2005)
LOS ANGELES, California - April 11, 2005 - ZU33 has recently optioned the award-winning book LORDS OF CHAOS, published by Feral House Press, for a narrative film treatment. Director Hans Fjellestad and Producer Ryan Page are currently working on the screenplay with Writer/Publisher Adam Parfrey. 1

At first, it seems a terrible idea. Lords of Chaos is sensationalistic. But it also brought black metal and its ideology to the attention of many, so does it matter how accurate it is?

Burzum Booklift (August 25, 2005)
The creator of Burzum, Varg Vikernes, is locked in a jail cell for the near future. He makes no requests of anyone, but it has come to our attention that he benefits greatly from books.

It doesn't make sense to mail Mr. Vikernes the normal mainstream books that bore us all with their absolute lack of content. What will help him is if you find inexpensive editions of great books, including essential works in politics, literature, science and philosophy, and send them to his prison address:

Varg Vikernes
Trondheim Fengsel
Nermarka 2, N-7047 Trondheim

He cannot receive CDs, floppy disks or other objects. Send him something to help him grow his mind while he spends time in prison! Permalink

New Burzum.com (August 12, 2005)
After some years, the original Burzum.com has returned with information for those who are curious about black metal's most enduring band.
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