Fighter Profile Fighter Image - Gary Goodridge

Name Gary Goodridge
Nick Name Big Daddy
Height 6'3 / 190 cm
Weight 240 lbs / 109 kg
Style Kuk Sool Won
Birth Date 01/17/1966
City Barrie
State Ontario
Country Canada

Last Updated 07/28/2005

Career Highlights
  • Makes his MMA debut at UFC 8 by defeating Paul Herrera and Jerry Bohlander
  • Knocks out Oleg Taktarov while making his PRIDE debut at PRIDE 1
  • Gets a submission victory over Andre Roberts at UFC 19
  • Wins a TKO victory Yoshiaki Yatsu at PRIDE 11
  • Submits Bob Schrijber at the '2 Hot 2 Handle - 2' event
  • Gets a submission win over Valentijn Overeem at PRIDE 14
  • Submits Jan "The Giant" Nortje at the 'K-1 - Andy Hug Memorial' event
  • Gets a TKO victory over Yoshiaki Yatsu at PRIDE 16
  • Goes to a Draw with Ebenezer Fontes Braga at the 'Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2001' event
  • Gets a TKO victory over Daniel Bobish at the 'PRIDE-Final Conflict 2003' event
  • Knocks out Don Frye at the 'PRIDE-Shockwave 2003' event
  • Gets TKO victory over former Professional Wrestler Sylvester 'The Predator' Terkay at the K-1 MMA Romanex event

Background - Gary Goodridge was born in Trinidad and Tobago on January 17th, 1966. Goodridge grew up in San Juan until his family moved to Port au Spain. At the age of 8 years old, Goodridge's family once again relocated, this time moving to Canada.

Goodridge eventually became a Professional Arm Wrestler and earned the title of National Champion in 1986. Goodridge enjoyed much success as a Professional Arm Wrestler and at one point in his career he was given one million yen to compete against 1000 Japanese opponents and ultimately received and additional 1000 yen for defeating all of those opponents without a single loss.

Goodridge's interest in MMA competition came about after he and close personal friend, Orlando Weit (who also entered into the sport of MMA competition) watched UFC 2. With the encouragement of his friends, Goodridge decided that he too wanted to be a part of this new sport.

Prior to seeking entrance in to the UFC, Gary Goodridge approached the instructor of a local Kuk Sool Won academy and informed him of his intentions to compete. According to Gary Goodridge the school already had a 158 pound member who had his own plans of competing within the UFC for which the school had raised funds through several donations. Goodridge put forth a challenge against the schools 158 pound representative with the agreement that should he win the match, he would be given the funds previously designated for the Kuk Sool Won student and then Goodridge would represent the Kuk Sool Won academy.

After competing against the Kuk Sool Won student, Goodridge was awarded the funds and the opportunity to represent the Kuk Sool Won academy. The Kuk Sool Won academy also provided Gary Goodridge with the official designation of 4th degree black belt in the art of Kuk Sool Won although Goodridge had only attended classes at the academy for a period of 1-1/2 months.

Goodridge was eventually accepted into the UFC by Art Davies for his accomplishments as a Professional Arm Wrestler. In Gary Goodridge's UFC debut match against Paul Herrera at UFC 8, he emerged victorious after securing his opponent in a crucifix and issuing what remains one of the worst beatings in the history of the UFC by issuing numerous elbow strikes to the head of Herrera.

Gary Goodridge would eventually go on to compete for several of the most recognized organizations including the UFC, PRIDE FC, K-1 and Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye. Goodridge had announced his retirement from the sport of MMA competition after defeating long time friend and nemesis Don Frye at the 'PRIDE: Shockwave 2003' event. Oddly enough, it was shortly thereafter that Goodridge was signed with the K-1 organization and he has since competed in numerous K-1 events including the K-1 MMA Romanex event.

Striking - Gary Goodridge is a powerful man who loves to go toe to toe. A former member of Canada's National Amateur Boxing Team, Goodridge is definitely a knockout puncher. "Big Daddy" is considered one of the hardest hitters in the sport of MMA competition.

Grappling - Realizing his greatest asset is his striking ability, Goodridge prefers to keep it standing. When taken to the mat Goodridge will usually look to Ground & Pound his opponent. Although Goodridge is capable of defending against mediocre grapplers from his back, his main goal is always getting back to his feet.

Submission - Goodridge has displayed some submission savvy in the past with submission victories by way of kneebar, chokehold, and keylocks but his submission attempts are only seen against second-rate opponents.

Strengths - Looking at Goodridge, anyone can tell he is a powerhouse. Possibly one of the strongest guys to ever compete. His upper body strength is substantive and it's helped him both offensively and defensively. If he could match his skill with his strength, Goodridge would be a terror. He is a prime example of just how far brute strength can take someone in the sport.

Weaknesses - Action and excitement are what "Big Daddy" loves to bring to every fight. Unfortunately this does not always result in victory. Goodridge has a tendency to go for the kill immediately and ultimately leaves himself open while doing so. Goodridge seems pretty content with his style and hasn't felt the need to commit himself to improving his ground game. In Goodridge's defense, he has conducted some training with the likes of Tom Erikson and Mark Coleman, but both Erikson and Coleman are mainly wrestlers. I feel that Goodridge would greatly benefit through training with a submission specialist, but this may not be necessary considering that a majority of his matches fought in K-1 events have been fought under K-1 kickboxing rules. Goodridge remains extremely popular with the Japanese fans but will most likely remain nothing more than a charismatic brawler.

Conclusion - At one time referred to as the "gatekeeper" of Pride, Goodridge has been around since the company's birth. He's fought just about everyone whose anyone with mixed results. Although his size and strength play a large part regarding his popularity, it is his charisma and heart that will ensure that he remains a crowd favorite amongst the Japanese fans.

As have many legends of the sport, Gary Goodridge has come to terms with the fact that he can no longer compete at the level he once did in MMA competition. With up-and-coming MMA fighters such as Quinton Jackson, who many have compared to Goodridge, the opportunities are limited. Goodridge now competes for the K-1 organization and participates in both K-1 rules matches and MMA rules matches against sub-par opponents more often than not.

Prepared by Jim Cryan


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