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Welcome to our web site.  This site is intended to provide information about our Heritage Book 'North of 7...and Proud of It' released in the Spring of 2003. 

The book is celebrating the history and heritage of Bancroft, Ontario and the other communities within North Hastings.  It will be a must for anyone interested in Bancroft history, Ontario heritage or genealogy research.  The book will also be at home in the library of book collectors or as a coffee table book for anyone interested in Bancroft and the Algonquin area.

Throughout the book, you will find intriguing stories about our past including, our first settlements, pioneer farming, mining and forestry industry, railroads, schools, businesses and more.  Bancroft, known for being the Mineral Capital of Canada has been the home of numerous gemstone mines, uranium mines, sodalite and other minerals.

You will also be treated to a great deal of photos of days gone by, alongside memories captured by long-time residents of Bancroft, Maynooth, Coe Hill, Gilmour, Cardiff, Bird's Creek and other communities.

Please take a few minutes to go through the site to find out how you can bring home these memories.  Should you like to put in an order, simply go to the 'Order the Book' section and fill out the form or print it to send in with your cheque or money-order.

If you would like to be listed in the book as a sponsor, visit the 'Be A Sponsor' section to find out more information and related costs.

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