Scotland Puzzle

A Scottish Halloween

By Kay Glasgow

Scotland remembers the demonic duo, William Burke and William Hare who answered the medical research call of Dr Robert Knox all too well in the 1820s. Perhaps no two criminals have been more instrumental in passage of legislation, the basis for folk tales, novels, stage and film or popular walking tours, complete with costumed reenactment. Warning: these Halloween anagrams are a bit creepy!

1 spooky night of 1828 when Burke & Hare were detected as murderers WEAN O'HELL
2 Dr Robert Knox, was a human __ until he turned to study whales OMIT SATAN
3 pre-Anatomy Act (1832) term for body snatchers RESTRICT NEUROSIS
4 protective device to deter stealing buried coffin contents ADDS A FEE
5 playwright of "The Anatomist" (1931) O H Mavor's pseudonym (5,6) SIDE ARM JIBE
6 Burke and Hare came to Scotland as labourers building the __ __ (5,5) ANNUAL COIN
7 educational sites with the need for cadavers (7,7) ACCESS DOOM HILL
8 Burke was hanged in 1829 at __ Wynd RIB STOLEN
9 Hare was spared hanging; he turned King's __ VICE EDEN
10 area of Edinburgh's Old Town for ghastly Burke & Hare walking tours STARK AS GERM
11 look-outs built in churchyards during B & H times still stand STOW A WRETCH
12 1880's terror tale or "crawler" by Robert Louis Stevenson: The __ (4,8) STAND BY CHORE
13 Stories of Travellers' folklore; told to keep their itinerant lives safe (6,5) LURKER BEAST

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