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   Fan Fest 2005 Highlights

Fan Fest 2005 was a great success with players coming from all over the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia !   There were 25 question and answer panels with the development team members, live action events, in-game events and several contests for Fans to participate in.

One of the big highlights of the weekend was a video showing a brief glimpse of an in-concept Capital Ships experience. This video shows ship boarding combat inside a Star Destroyer and Corellian Corvette.  The demo that was shown at Fan Fest was produced for internal review and we were thrilled to be able to share it with all you to see what you thought about it.  Click here to see what you missed!

Laeren also put together a great video of images from Fan Fest and it is available on IGN, you can click the link below to view it!

Laeren's Video for those that missed Fan Fest

Here are links to some of the profession specific reports:

ArthurDent's Fan Fest report 2005
Esharra's Dancer Fan fest report
Squad Leader: Fan Fest Info Dump
Player City and Player Association Forum Report, Fan Fest 2005
Ranger Update from Fan Fest
Jedi Fan Fest Updates Archive
Bounty Hunter News from Fan Fest
Image Designer Fan Fest Notes

This link contains a general summary of many profession topics touched

Report from Dev talk: Fan Fest Anaheim  

The Fans at Fan Fest were not without their holo-recorders and made sure to take lots of images, below you will find links to some of them (these are hosted on external sites)

SWG Vault's Fan Fest Images
Sti-fi's Fan Fest photos
Valee;s Photos
Tigiar's Photos
JododahMacabee's photos
Xotica's Photo's

A special thanks to LOK Pirate Radio for broadcasting live from Fan Fest 2005!

If you have a webpage with images or movies from Fan Fest that you would like us to link to please email