Significant dates in the life of Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart (Marie)

Feb 2nd, 1860 : Marie is born.  She is the eldest in her family and is baptised in the Church of Saint-Pierre at Montsort.

Oct. 1868 : Marie and Pauline are sent to the Visitation Sisters’ boarding school

Jul 2nd, 1869 : First Holy Communion in the Visitation Convent Chapel.

1869 : Confirmation

Jan 4th, 1873  :  The Baptism of Thérèse.  Marie acts as godmother.

Aug 2nd, 1875 : She leaves the Visitation boarding school having been awarded 6 first prizes.

1882 : Fr. Pichon S.J. becomes her Spiritual Director.

May 13th 1883 : Marie cares for Thérèse who becomes seriously ill after Pauline’s entry into the Carmelite Convent.  When Thérèse recovers, Marie perceives that she was healed by the Virgin’s smile.

1885-1886  : Marie becomes the confidante for Thérèse’s scruples.

Mar 25th 1885 : She makes a private vow of chastity.

Oct 15th 1886 : She enters the Carmelite Convent at Lisieux and takes the name Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart.

Mar 19th 1887 : She takes the habit (final profession)

Dec. 1894 : She encourages Mother Agnes of Jesus (Pauline) to ask Thérèse to write her memories of childhood.

Jun-Jul 1895 : Thérèse makes her Offering to Merciful Love to Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart who accepts after some hesitation.

Sep 8-17, 1896 : Marie asks Thérèse to put her “little doctrine” in writing (Manuscript B).

Mar 8th, 1937 : Marie becomes seriously ill and receives the Sacrament of Extreme Unction (Last Rites)

Jan 1st, 1940 : Marie dies at the Lisieux Carmelite Convent at the age of 80

Détail d'une photo de la communauté en récréation dans l'allée des marronniers (avril 1895)