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» Managing Editor James Kelly talks about the list and shares his John Le Carre favorite (which didn't make
the cut).

» Richard Lacayo lays bare the process (and the pain) behind stacking up
100 novels.
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1:  The Lord of the Rings
2:  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
3:  Watchmen
4:  Animal Farm
5:  Ubik

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Why isn't the Harry Potter series on there!!?? It definitely should be on there!!
—Robin; Seattle, Wash.

Where is Ayn Rand and John Irving? I checked your list twice, I can't believe you did not list either author.
—Susan Sayfan; Longwood, Fla.

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Ernest Hemingway
"Make no mistake, Ernest Hemingway is somebody; a new, honest, un-'literary' transcriber of life...."
Writer 1/18/26

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On the Road (1957)
Author: Jack Kerouac
The book that launched a thousand trips. For his hyperkinetic, endearing, culture-changing novel, Kerouac admitted whole worlds through his windshield. An account of a few pinwheeling characters in perpetual cross-country motion, it has room to spare for rivers, landscapes, starry skies, Benzedrine addicts, endless marathons of driving, the hipster demiurge Dean Moriarty and lots of other fast-talking madmen. "Because the only people for me are the mad ones," Kerouac's narrator, Sal Paradise, tells us. "The ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved." Capote's famous putdown of the book got it exactly backwards. That's not typing, Truman. That's writing.—R.L.

From the TIME Archive:
Kerouac has a Wolfelike love of the U.S. and a Whitmanesque weakness for cataloguing nearly every experience
—TIME Magazine, Sept. 16, 1957 (Read This Review)

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