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Asia League Ice Hockey 2004-2005

News Release

EAnyang Halla signs Czech Republicfs former Furukawa-Denko coach Otakar Vejvoda as a new coach.
EAnyang gHalla winiah going to change their name to Anyang gHalla.h
ESchedule of the pre-season training match announced.
Jul. 08, 05

ŸOtakar Vejvoda(former Furukawa Denko coach) signs as an Anyang Hallafs new coach.
Anyang Halla(Korea) announced that they have singed with Czech coach, Otakar Vejvoda as their new coach. Otakar Vejvoda has coached Furukawa Denko Ice Hockey Club, Czech Extra League, and more. He is famous as a great coach to the Japanese fans for his effort to re-enforcing Furukawa Denko from 1993 to 1998. After his days in Japan, Otakar Vejvoda produced many great players in Czechfs highest leveled league, Extra League, as a head coach of Kladno and Litvinov. He will join the team from their training camp in Harbin, China starting from July 6.
It is interesting to see whether Anyang Halla can win through the play-off by Otakarfs coaching ability.

ŸOtakar Vejvodafs coaching history
54 years old, born in Kladno, Czech.
Season League Team Position
1993-1998 Japan Ice Hockey League Furukawa Denko Coach
1998-2000 Czech Extra League Kladno Head Coach
2000-2001 Czech Extra League Litvinov Assistant Coach
2001-2003 Czech Division 1 Kadan Head Coach
2003-2005 Czech Division 1 Beroun Head Coach
2005- Asia League Ice Hockey Anyang Halla Coach

ŸComment from Japan Ice Hockey Federationfs Akihiro Tanabe, team manager of Furukawa Denko when Otakar Vejvoda was coaching in Furukawa Denko.
I am very glad to hear that Ota is back. When the contract was signed, we talked on the phone and he told me that he was very happy to be able to see the fans of Nikko again. He repeated over and over about his eagerness to win, and said that he will take some good players to the team with him. Those players will be a wonderful player for sure, because it is Ota who is going to choose the players. Just like he came to Japan with Gardon and Mardol and changed Furukawa Denko to such an attractive team, I believe that Halla will excite Asia League.

ŸJapanfs outstanding goalie, Shinji Haruna(Nikko Kobe Ice Bucks), who was trained by Otakar Vojvoda when he used to play for Furukawa-Denko.
I had been taken care of by Ota since I was a rookie. His fluency of Japanese really surprised me, so he might learn Korean really fast. I am looking forward to play with him from now.

ŸhAnyang Hallawinia(South Korea)h changes its name to gAnyang Halla.h
The only team from Korea playing in the Asia League, gAnyang Halla winia Ice Hockey Clubh, its hometown in Anyang City, Korea, has announced that they will change their name to gAnyang Halla.h Their former name gWiniah came from their sponsor Mando Machinaryfs air-conditioning systemfs brand name gWiniah, but as the sponsoring contract has ended, they decided to change their name.

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