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Life of Marpa

1 - Marpa takes birth and later meets with the Holy Dharma

2 - Marpa thinks of going to India and gathers the requisites for his journey. On his way he meets a companion and they travel to India.

3 - Having arrived in India, Marpa meets panditas and siddha gurus and receives the pith instructions of the holy Dharma of the great yana.

4 - Having received abhisekas and the oral instructions, Marpa returns to Tibet.

5 - Marpa goes looking for gold and meets with disciples.

6 - Marpa goes to India a second time, meets with his gurus, and receives teachings.

7 - Marpa offers gold to his gurus, headed by Naropa, to repay their kindness, thus pleasing them, and he again receives teachings.

8 - Marpa returns to Tibet.

9 - Marpa goes to gather gold, and other things of value.

10 - Marpa searches for guru Naropa and receives the Dharma.

11 - Marpa returns to Tibet.

12 - The practice of the oral instructions is born in Marpa's heart.

13 - In general, guru Ngokpa and the other worthy disciples assembled there are ripened and freed through abhisekas and oral instructions. In particular, by means of sadness and renunciation at the death of his son, Marpa strengthens everyone's practice.

14 - Marpa prophesies the spreading and flourishing of the teachings and grants oral instruction, sacred representations carrying blessings, as well as advice.


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Teachings of Marpa

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