A Look At The Current And Future Status Of 3PW

Summer is now upon us, and as pro-wrestling fans opt to spend their summer weekends hanging out at the beach instead of sitting in hot arenas, 3PW is taking a summer break of it's own. Not surprisingly,  rumors quickly spread that instead of going on a brief hiatus, 3PW had breathed it's last breath. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although there will not be any shows until September, 3PW business behind the scenes will be as busy as ever. GM Mike Hawes has been talking to various members of the pro-wrestling media, assuring them that 3PW is still alive and well.

Not only does Mike Hawes want fans to keep faith in the 3PW product, but he wants the members of the 3PW roster to continue having a positive view of the company as well. The next 3PW event originally was scheduled to be on July 16th. I have seen many promoters decide to cancel an event weeks in advance, but wait until the week that the event was originally scheduled- sometimes that day- until they finally inform the talent that was booked  for the event. This results is talent vowing to never work for the promoter again. Avoiding a situation like this, Hawes informed the talent as soon as the decision was made to cancel the event.  This will enable talent to get bookings elsewhere for July 16.

In the coming weeks, 3PW management will be brainstorming in order to help 3PW climb the ladder of the industry. Ever since this year began, 3PW has undergone constant changes in management, and as Brian Heffron explained at 3PW Resurrection, it was been a busy year for him on a personal level as well. With him having to oversee live 3PW events every month, his plate has been more than full. Without having to deal with live events for awhile, 3PW management will have more time to plan successful business and entertainment strategies.

Many fans have been asking me what my opinion is on 3PW's current situation. Wow, where do I start? So much has been going on. I feel that 3PW not running shows right now is the best option. Brian Heffron and Mike Hawes can't present the best possible 3PW product if they are constantly dealing with shake ups behind the scenes. I want to see 3PW get the ball rolling again, but that should not happen until management is satisfied with how business is being conducted. If they don't, enough attention will not be dedicated to the entertainment end of the product, as they have to deal with problems on the business end. Fans find out about what is going on behind the scenes, and they become more interested in what is happening backstage than they are interested in what is happening in the ring! When 3PW begins running shows again, behind-the-scenes dramas will be a thing of the past, and the only reports that fans will be reading will be reports on the 3PW Heavyweight Championship and standing room only 3PW events.

I hope that the 3PW Tag Team Title is reactivated in the near future. There are a lot of good teams in the industry that are looking for an opportunity. 3PW has given talent such as Roadkill and Slyck Wagner Brown opportunities that many other companies have not, and they could do the same for many tag teams.

I think that Mike Hawes is doing a great job as GM. In my opinion, 3PW has come too far over the past 3 years for it to give up. National distribution deals for home video & DVD, attendance figures of 400 (as 3PW did in May), having good business relations with a major company like TNA that has led to the bringing in of stars such as Abyss and America's Most Wanted. There are people saying "Give it up, 3PW", but Hawes isn't listening. He believes in this company, and he has every reason to. Hawes is not backing 3PW because he has to, he's doing it because he is a fan and actually CARES about 3PW.

Many fans have questions about the status of 3PW and it's future, which causes  many rumors to start. There were stories that 3PW had closed it's doors for good, and Mike Hawes had put the company behind him and was headed to another promotion. Hawes has been speaking to many media outlets, killing rumors and providing everyone with the answers that they are looking for.

Most importantly, Mike Hawes listens to advice and suggestions. Over the years I have worked for many promotions as either a writer, publicist, or webdesigner (or a combination of these positions), and have worked for various promoters. While doing the job that they hired me for, I often come up with ideas that can make their product better or I see a mistake being made by the promoter, and I give them suggestions or advice. Sometimes the promoter listens, but other times they don't, believing that they are the only person that knows the business. This always results in the promotion folding due to too many mistakes being made by the promoter. Hawes has listened to my advice & suggestions, and he listens to everyone else in 3PW that has an idea or gives an opinion. In fact, Brian Heffron is the same way. That is one of the main reasons why everyone in 3PW's morale is up even though 3PW is not having the best of times right now- we don't feel like we work FOR 3PW, we feel like we are A PART of 3PW.

3PW will be back in full force this September, and when it returns, it will be unstoppable. With a roster and staff consisting of people who have a passion for this business, 3PW is destined to have a bright future.



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