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Procockpit is dedicated to advancing flight safety by providing useful tools and information to the General Aviation Pilot. Please take just a moment and read about our unique aviation program.

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Latest 2005 Updates:

Aug 2nd
Manual Builder begins upgrade.

May 13th
Flight Analysis Update. New Format.

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Procockpit provides training and information designed for the General Aviation pilot. Learn concepts and techniques used by the professionals. Become a better, more confident pilot. Enjoy flying like never before.
Flight safety is something a lot of people talk about, but real flight safety is the result of planning and preparation. It's being diligent and unwilling to compromise. It is setting limits and having the conviction to stick to them. It is not following the crowd, and instead, making decisions that you know are sound and justifiable.
We welcome all opinions and feedback.
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Go to the Procockpit Free Training Section for aviation safety training and lessons. You can find a unique training session on Decision Making as well as our special section called “Flight Analysis”. Flight Analysis contains individual lessons designed for each phase of flight. Lessons are supplemented with links for additional information as well as links for other sources and websites.

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Find unique, informative reviews on products and services for pilots. Please email us if you would like to see a particular product showcased.

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Please note: The Manual Builder program is currently unavailable. We are making changes and improvements to serve you better. Flight safety is our number one goal. We encourage everyone to develop their own set of personal limitations.

The MANUAL BUILDER software is designed for all general aviation pilots. If you fly for fun (on the occasional weekend) or if you’re a type rated ATP, this program is a “must have”. See what some pilots have called a “new outlook” on aviation. Unique and innovative, this program sets the mark for great pilots. The MANUAL BUILDER is completely online; nothing to download or clog your computer. It’s both easy and informative. When you are completed it will design and build a complete and comprehensive FLIGHT OPERATION MANUAL. This custom, personalized manual will be your guide and companion. The program was designed to reflect the same principles used by professional flight departments. Professional pilots live by their Flight Manuals (sometimes called ops specs for Operations Specifications). Professional flight departments know that their great safety record sits on a foundation built with a strong Flight Operation Manual. There is no reason why all pilots can’t enjoy this same level of confidence and safety. Try it, money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

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