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The Essential Guide to Starting and Operating A Small Business In Pasco County
Please note:  the above document is a 3meg PDF file.  
You will need the Adobe Reader to view it.
A sparkling gem on the sun drenched Gulf coast of Florida, West Pasco County provides a superlative lifestyle for residents young and old. A progressive business climate ensures a stable economic environment and a multitude of career opportunities. New and expanding businesses are supported by involved local and state governments as well as a dedicated workforce. Boasting distinctive small-town charm and proximity to major metropolitan areas, West Pasco offers residents the best of all worlds.
The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce plays an integral role in supporting and recruiting business which broaden the area's economic base. The Chamber works diligently in sponsoring and assisting in community programs and events, as well as representing local business interests to the state and federal governments.
You owe it to yourself, your family and your business to explore the multitude of possibilities awaiting you in West Pasco County, Florida. You won't be disappointed with our enviable quality of life. Our horizons are as brilliant as the sparkling seas that border West Pasco - so come and test the waters here.
5443 Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Telephone: 727-842-7651   Fax: 727-848-0202

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