DRAKKON Script Creator: 5/7/2005 v. 1.3.2 see New Features

In version 1.2, DRAKKON Script creator completely changed by integrating production features into its interface! DRAKKON Script Creator is a professional quality program for creating movie/television scripts at about 1/4th the price of most similar programs.

Not only does this program allow you to format your scripts with ease, but it stores information about scenes, characters, and other useful things that aid in the actual writing of scripts, not just typing.

DRAKKON Script Creator allows you to easily keep track of characters and scenes with its auto-complete, character list/reference storage, and its quick scene switch feature, which allows you to immediately move to the start of a scene just by clicking on its name.

With DRAKKON Script Creator, there are no difficult commands to remember (Just press TAB, (, or Enter. Typing int. and ext. start a new scene. fade in starts a transition in), and your entire script is available for editing at once - just treat it like a normal word processor.

The full version of DRAKKON Script Creator allows you to export to .rtf and print. When printing, you have the option to number scenes and use Cont'D and More for dialogs that span more than one page. Everything is fully customizable.