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Fishing is the dominant game of this "Mangrove Jungle," which borders the 10,000 Islands and the Gulf of Mexico, but visitors of all ages are sure to find a variety of intriguing activities in the Everglades.

The appeal of the untouched wilderness and its plentiful wildlife is sure to please sightseers from age 1 - 100 and the area provides a number of ways to experience the Everglades including boat, airplane, van, airboat, bicycle and even walking tours.

Contrary to what the average visitor might expect, the Everglades is not a huge swamp inhabited only by large snakes and alligators, but is rather a masterpiece of nature's beauty in a mysterious forest containing many forms of wildlife and birds in their natural habitat.

The combination of climate, geographical location and ocean currents make the Everglades America's only sub-tropical wilderness.

The Everglades City area has many fine accommodations and activities to make your stay a most memorable one. The Everglades Area Chamber of Commerce, located at the intersection of the famous Tamiami Trail and State Road 29, serves the communities of Carnestown, Chokoloskee, Copeland, Everglades City, Lee Cypress, Monroe Station, Ochopee, Plantation Island, Port of the Islands and Seaboard Village.

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Note: The Everglades Area Chamber of Commerce Site previously provided by ci-Interactive is no longer available at this location. We do, however, still provide website services to a number of Chamber Members and, as always, we will continue to provide information about those attractions, accommodations, restaurants and other Everglades area businesses for your convenience and enjoyment.

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