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Fine Print –
now part of Talk of the Bay
Mondays 10:30-11:00am

Interviews with today's leading fiction and non-fiction writers.

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Click the links below to listen to interviews from past shows in Real Audio format. Note: some of the audio files below include additional interview material not featured in the original radio broadcast.

Robert Sapolsky  Sept 19, 2005
Genes, brains and behavior. Robert Pollie speaks with neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky, author of Monkeyluv and A Primate's Memoir.

Keith Devlin   Aug 29, 2005
Robert Pollie speaks with mathematician and NPR "math guy" Keith Devlin. Devlin's latest book is The Math Instinct, about the innate mathematical abilities of animals. If math is instinctual, why is it so hard to learn?

Elizabeth Kostova   Aug 15, 2005
Rick Kleffel interviews the author of The Historian, a layered literary novel about a scholarly search for the remains of Vlad the Impaler. The historical Dracula, Bram Stoker's notes and dangerous libraries.

Christopher Sorrentino   Aug 8, 2005
Robert Pollie talks to Chris Sorrentino about his novel Trance. It's a panoramic re-imagining of the Patty Hearst/Symbionese Liberation Army story and a luminous portrait of 1970s America.

James Frey   July 25, 2005
Rick Kleffel speaks with James Frey about his memoir, My Friend Leonard. Frey met Leonard, a highly placed mob boss, while they were both in rehab, and the friendship continued after they recovered.

Andrew Vachss   July 4, 2005
Rick Kleffel speaks to the noted crime fiction author. Vachss talks about his work as a lawyer representing children and about his latest novel, Two Trains Running. Topics discussed include child abuse, and the interview may be disturbing to sensitive listeners. 

Daniel Clowes   June 27, 2005
Robert Pollie talks to cartoonist Dan Clowes about his career in comics and film. Clowes's screenwriting credits include Ghost World and the forthcoming Art School Confidential.

Mitch Cullin and Laurie R. King  June 13, 2005
Rick Kleffel speaks with authors Laurie R. King and Mitch Cullin about their Sherlock Holmes-inspired fiction.

Peter Kramer  June 6, 2005
Robert Pollie in conversation with psychiatrist Peter Kramer, best-selling author of Listening to Prozac. They discuss Kramer's new book, Against Depression, about the medical and cultural impacts of depression.

Chuck Palahniuk  May 23, 2005
Rick Kleffel talks with the bestselling author of Fight Club. Pahlanuik's book signings have become confessionals for his readers, providing material for his book of horror fiction, Haunted.

John Burdett  May 16, 2005
Rick Kleffel speaks with crime fiction writer John Burdett about his new novel, Bangkok Tattoo. Buddhism, humor and prostitution as a form of farm subsidy.

Kazuo Ishiguro  May 2, 2005
Robert Pollie interviews the celebrated author of The Remains of the Day. They discuss Ishiguro's latest novel, Never Let Me Go.

Jonathan Safran Foer  April 25, 2005
Robert Pollie speaks with novelist Jonathan Safran Foer. Foer's novel Everything is Illuminated was one of the critical hits of 2002. Now he's back with his second novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Stephan Zielinski  April 11, 2005
Rick Kleffel talks with author Stephan Zielinski about his first novel, Bad Magic, six kinds of evil and the San Diego zombie.

Stephen Elliott  March 28, 2005
Robert Pollie talks to novelist and journalist Stephen Elliott about sexuality, power and politics. They discuss Elliott's novel Happy Baby and his experiences on the 2004 presidential campaign trail.

Steve Erickson  March 7, 2005
Rick Kleffel speaks with visionary author Steve Erickson about his latest novel, Our Ecstatic Days. How many more times does Erickson intend to destroy Los Angeles?

Redmond O'Hanlon February 28, 2005
Bill Bryson called O'Hanlon "probably the finest writer of travel books in the English language." He talks to Robert Pollie about his adventures aboard a North Atlantic fishing trawler, as retold in his book, Trawler.

Lucius Shepard February, 14 2005
Rick Kleffel talks to Shepard about his latest novel, A Handbook of American Prayer.

Malcolm Gladwell February 7, 2005
Robert Pollie speaks to the New Yorker staff writer and best-selling author of The Tipping Point. They discuss Gladwell's latest book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

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