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#code4lib is an IRC channel for folks who are interested in the convergence of computers and library/information science. The channel kind of grew up out of the email list as a more informal and interactive way to discuss code, projects, ideas, music, tholbroo's hair length, first computers, etc... planet code4lib aggregates the journaling of some of the people in the room.

Please feel free to add any content you want here. The uname/pword is (predictably) code4lib/code4lib. The only reason we have this at all is because of friendly poker companies leaving their business cards in the jar.


New to IRC?

If you are new to irc and want to join us, you'll first need to get an IRC client. A good one to start out would be chatzilla. You'll want to connect to the irc.freenode.net irc server, and then join the #code4lib channel. Once you have chatzilla installed you should be able to simply click on this link or the code4lib link at the top of the page.

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