Investor Relations
Have you been unfairly attacked by:
the media?
trial lawyers?
disgruntled workers?
overzealous federal regulators?
industrial spies?
one-issue activists?
intellectual property thieves?
or even the Russian mafia?

If so, then you need GlobalOptions, Inc., the most unique company in the world. We are a GSA approved contractor and a corporate 911, always ready and able to help you respond to any problem or crisis, big or small, whatever it takes. We have attorneys, crisis communications specialists, investigators, former senior policymakers and even commandos who can be mobilized on a moment's notice to protect you, your employees, corporate reputation, bottom line, and share holder value.

We know that you can't run a company without taking risks, and we are here to help you manage that risk and to develop realistic and creative solutions to the difficulties that companies and prominent people confront every day. And we will do so with integrity, energy, and absolute loyalty to our clients, because we believe that clients are the most important people in the world.

GlobalOptions, Inc. was founded in late 1998, and first opened its doors on January 2, 1999. It was conceived as a private CIA, Defense Department, Justice Department, and FBI, all rolled into one. Since our inception we have assisted hundreds of corporations, celebrities, and even governments deal with the complexities and tribulations of the modern world. Our client base, which we keep confidential, includes two of the ten largest corporations in the world as well as some of the globe's most recognizable names and faces.

So What is GlobalOptions, Inc.?

GlobalOptions Inc. is a multidisciplinary international risk management and business solutions company headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our work, however, takes us all over the world, and to virtually every state. We will work anywhere that a U.S. passport is recognized.

GlobalOptions has been awarded "approved" status as a vendor of consulting and related services to US government agencies by the US General Services Administration (GSA).

What makes the GlobalOptions Team Unique? Our Experts are attorneys, MBA's, former intelligence and special operations veterans, international relations analysts, and crisis communications specialists.

The Chairman and CEO of GlobalOptions is Neil C. Livingstone, a familiar face on television and author of nine books, and hundreds of articles, on terrorism, crisis management, and national security. Over the years, Dr. Livingstone has managed a wide range of complex client problems, including corporate internal investigations, kidnappings, homicides, missing CEO's, recovering missing assets, and suppressing the theft of intellectual property.

President Tom Ondeck oversees the investigative arm of the company and spends considerable time on client matters in Russia and other CIS countries.

The Company is divided into four major divisions:

Investigations & Litigation Support

GlobalOptions, Inc. is in the forefront of defending corporate America from mass tort actions and frivolous litigation. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by conducting investigations that impeached witnesses, disproved factual allegations, and raised alternative theories of cause. In addition, we have investigated judicial corruption, conspiracies to defraud, industrial espionage, junk science, and a host of other challenges to corporate America.

Asbestos and product liability cases are GlobalOptions' specialties, and we work with a wide range of clients, especially in the automotive and related industries. Our investigative division also provides custom-tailored reports and intelligence to clients about everything from country risk, unfair trade practices, new markets, political trends and economic forecasts to profiles of your competitors.

We also provide our clients with some of the finest business intelligence available in the world today. Whether it involves exposing foreign bribes or NAFTA violations, profiles of your competitors, or economic forecasts, GlobalOptions is without peers.

Risk Management & Security

9/11. SARS. Iraq. And it's just the beginning of the 21st century. Vice Chairman of GlobalOptions' Advisory Board R. James Woolsey, once observed that the modern world is a "jungle full of a bewildering array of dangerous snakes." Woolsey's words are now carved in the wall of the CIA headquarters.

We live in a dangerous and risk-filled world, there's no doubt about it. The challenges for corporations, as well as governments and individuals, is to properly manage risk and, wherever possible, derive an advantage over one's competitors by managing it better than they do.

GlobalOptions offers a full range of security and risk management services to its clients, ranging from security assessments to executive protection, anti-terrorism training, threat analyses, stalking prevention....

Crisis Management

The Media has made unfounded charges against your company and its executives. A hacker has shut down your website and attacked your e-commerce infrastructure. Terrorists have threatened one of your facilities abroad. Someone has tampered with your products. A hurricane is bearing down on your corporate headquarters.

A major crisis is like hitting the wall at the Indianapolis Speedway at 180 mph. You may survive it, but you will never be the same.

A crisis can undermine the public image of a company or an organization, erode market share and share price, and reduce confidence in corporate leadership. In a worst- case scenario, a company may not survive a crisis.

Executive Protection & Training

GlobalOptions provides some of the most advanced training in the world for security professionals, law enforcement, and military organizations. The courses also can be designed for executives and corporations seeking to instill a sense of teamwork and bonding in their management teams.

All courses are custom-tailored to meet the client's needs. Some of the recent training provided by GlobalOptions includes:

· Airport security
· Mailroom security
· Executive protection/security awareness
· Countering violence in schools
· Hostage negotiation and rescue
· Preventing maritime attacks
· Marksmanship and firearms skills
· Evasive/aggressive driving
· Investigating mass casualty attacks


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