Documents of the Pennsylvania Railroad

Items are from my personal collection except as noted. All items in my collection are intended to be distributed freely; I am adding items as I have time. The material here is currently available only for download, not on CD. If you wish a CD, I ask that you loan me something (pretty much anything) for scanning; It will be returned with a CD of all that is currently available. Email for details or read more.

Last update: 6 September 2005

Employe Time Tables (organized alphabetically and by date)

Track, Program and Signal Charts

Also, some Chicago-area track chart scans from Ernie Clausing via Lin Bongaardt. (Updated 1/17/2004: Ernie sent me the additional pieces which weren't already here.)

Other operational documents

Interlocking diagrams

Things which don't belong here but are because it's my site and I can

Purpose, contributing, wish list

Basically anything I acquire will eventually get here, it's just a matter of (me having) time. While I have particular areas of interest on the system, I am trying to provide coverage of the entire system. You can view a somewhat out of date list of documents I have available to me here. That said, I'd appreciate any loans of documents, especially track charts covering the Pittsburgh area, and notably the Mon Division.
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