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Talis Insight 2005 : Speakers

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Insight '05

Keynote Speakers

We have a number of speakers across the conference programme including Talis staff, valued Talis customers and visitors from external organisations.


Peter Knight
Dr Peter Knight

Dr Knight obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Physics and a DPhil in Experimental Solid State Physics at the University of York. He progressed from Assistant Teacher at Plymstock Comprehensive School to Senior Lecturer in Physics at Plymouth Polytechnic, becoming Head of Combined Studies in 1982 before moving to Lancashire Polytechnic as Deputy Director.  He joined Birmingham Polytechnic in 1985 and as a result of its designation as the University of Central England in Birmingham, became its first Vice-Chancellor.
Dr Knight has served on a number of national committees including the Committee for the Management of Higher Education and the Burnham Further Education Committee.  He served as National President of the National Association of Teachers in Higher and Further Education and in April 1989 was appointed by the Secretary of State to be one of fifteen founder members of the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council.
Dr Knight was made Chairman of the Polytechnics and Colleges Employers Forum in 1992.  During 1993, he was a member of the Flowers Committee and in October 1994 he was appointed by the Secretary of State to membership of the Teacher Training Agency.  He has been a member of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals since the redesignation of the Polytechnics to Universities.
Within the West Midlands Dr Knight has developed and maintained an interest in the provision of social housing.  Since 1996 he has been Group Chairman of Prime Focus.


John Parkinson
Head of Business Development, BT Education and Local Government

John Parkinson turned from engineering to computing as career after undertaking a 'blended learning' course to learn programming and systems analysis.
He joined BT in 1986 where he worked in a number of regional and national IT roles designing, deploying and operating office systems services. As the head of the Desktop management team, he led the operational design of BT’s desktop 2000 project before joining BT Global Services to develop eBusiness solutions supporting transformation in government service delivery.
Since 2003 he has worked in BT Government where he leads the business development team responsible for BT’s propositions for education and local government in England. John also leads for BT Government on learning and skills with his team developing education and learning services for most of BT's major clients in Education, Health, Police and elsewhere in Government. John’s interests include reading, travel, music and football.

Bill Oldrotd

Bill Oldroyd
The British Library

Bill Oldroyd has been working in the IT departments of the British Library for nearly 30 years, and has been involved in many of the major IT developments at the Library.
In the past few years Bill has been supporting The European Library Project (TEL), and more recently the TEL-ME-MOR project which aims in part to bring the National Libraries of the new member states into TEL.
Bill Oldroyd’s contribution has included the development of a SRU/Z39.50 gateway which converts between the two protocols and allows many of the partners with only Z39.50 interfaces to participate in the service.


External Speakers



Mike Lloyd

Mike Lloyd

Mike Lloyd is Microsoft’s UK Education Marketing Manager. A former teacher, lecturer and IT consultant, Mike has been a member of the Education Group at Microsoft for over six years. Before joining Microsoft Mike wrote “The National Grid for Learning” and “Fresh Approaches to Funding ICT”, both published by Pearson Publishing, and “Internet for Beginners” published by the Association for Information Management. A member of the International Society for Technology in Education, Mike’s current professional interests centre on how IT can be used to personalise and accelerate learning, and how technology is transforming education.


Jane Burke
Vice President, ProQuest and General Manager, Serials Solutions

Jane Burke is the general manager of Serials Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of ProQuest, focusing on solutions for managing electronic resources. Jane was formerly the CEO of Endeavor Information Systems, a vendor of integrated library systems and digital repository software. As one of their founders, Jane led the company’s growth from 1995 until 2003, servicing over 1100 customers worldwide, as well as guiding the sale of Endeavor to Elsevier in 2000. Prior to Endeavor, Jane was president of NOTIS Systems Inc, which began as a technology transfer venture at Northwestern University. Based on early automation efforts by University Library, NOTIS became the pre-eminent integrated library system to major academic libraries in the United States. The company became an independent entity in 1987 and was sold to Ameritech in 1992. Jane is a professional librarian with a Masters Degree in Library Science from Dominican University in Illinois. She worked in public and community college libraries prior to joining the first commercial library automation firm in the US. Jane also has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Jane has recently been appointed by ProQuest Information and Learning as Vice President and General Manager of Serials Solutions.

Liz McGettigan

Liz McGettigan

Liz has a track record in improving services, making things happen and a strong background in the modernising agenda. She is currently Library and Information Services Manager for East Renfrewshire Council. This also involves the management and development of the Corporate web portal and microsites, delivering new ICT projects, e-government targets and services.
Liz was an assessor on the New Opportunities ICT Training Fund Scottish Expert Training Panel, serves on the E-Content advisory Board with the Scottish Library and Information Council and is also Scottish Representative to Society of Public Information Networks. She has presented a paper at the Buenos Aires IFLA conference on the holocaust website and written for Library Review.
Current interests are in shaping and promoting the role of libraries and librarians in the modernisation agenda and in the development of information technology for public and community use.

Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens
Senior Policy Advisor for Libraries - Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

Andrew Stevens has been Senior policy advisor for libraries at the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council since February 2003. His role is in leading libraries development at MLA, including implementation of Framework for the Future. Andrew was head of libraries in Westminster from 2001-2003 and previously held various posts in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

paul dalton

Paul Dalton
IT Project Manager - Askews Library Services Ltd

Paul has worked for Askews for the last three years, and oversees the bespoke development of production system software as well as managing the IT staff and computer systems. One of his key responsibilities is to ensure that all EDI development work is viewed strategically and adheres to standards. Along with Book Industry Communication (BIC) and other interested library suppliers and library management system suppliers, Paul has been actively involved in moves to make EDI development a more cooperative and cohesive process within the library industry.

ros doig

Ros Doig
Serials and Inter-lending Librarian - The University of Derby

Ros Doig is until the end of October, the Serials and Inter-lending Librarian at the University of Derby where she had worked for over 16 years. She has wide experience of dealing with all the complexities of electronic journals and databases. She has great enthusiasm for the developing technologies within both library management systems and electronic publishing, and was responsible for the introduction and implementation of Derby’s hosted openURL resolver service from Openly Informatics.

dawn petherick

Dawn Petherick
Business Systems Manager - University of Birmingham

Dawn Petherick is Business Systems Manager for the Digital Library at The University of Birmingham. She has several years experience managing library systems having previously worked in the same role at Loughborough University. The Digital Library team are responsible for managing the Talis library management system, building access control via Sentry and self issue via 3M, electronic resources (e-journals, databases) access via MetaLib and SFX, archives and special collections via CALM, online reading lists via Talis List and institutional repository using e-prints.

chris dodd

Chris Dodd
Digital Library Manager - University of Central England

Chris has been the Digital Library Manager since August 2000. He is responsible for the UCEEL team and the continued development of the digital library system and its content. His role also includes the management and marketing of digitisation services to external organisations. Chris has worked in various roles over the last 11 years including work for the Department of Employment Group (DFEE), Wolverhampton Public Libraries, Camden Public Libraries and as a Research Officer on a British Library funded project entitled 'Futures Together' for the Libraries Partnership -West Midlands. He has been an external assessor for the New Opportunities Fund and undertaken research on behalf of what was Re:Source (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council). Chris holds a degree in Library and Information Studies and a masters degree in the Management of Learning Resources.

mark laridon

Mark Laridon
Public Sector e-Commerce Manager - Bucks Net Services Ltd

Bucks Net Services Ltd are one of only 35 or so Payment Gateway Companies in Europe authorised to access the Bank's Electronic Funds Transfer Network, and one of the few whose payment system are approved by all of the UK's major Banks.
Mark Laridon joined Bucks Net in January 2000. He has played a pivotal role in creating a range of e-payment solutions, designed to meet public sector and central Government e-Payment targets and objectives  In his role as a  project manager he has gained extensive experience of the e-payment requirements of both Local Authorities and Universities


Talis Speakers

dave errington

Dave Errington
Chief Executive Officer

Dave joined Talis in June 2003 from SurfKitchen Inc, a Venture Capital backed wireless mobile software startup based in Zurich and London. As Chief Technology Officer he worked with the founders and management team to refine their technology and business strategy to position the company for growth with early adopting customers, strategic partners and investors. Previously, he worked for The Sage Group plc (one of the world's leading business software providers) as CTO and before that as Research and Development Director for Sage (UK) Ltd.
After joining Talis in June 2003, Dave took responsibility for the company's products, services and infrastructure before taking the role of CEO in September 2004. He leads the senior management team and as part of the executive team, is responsible for defining and communicating the company's business and technology strategy. Dave has a BSc in Mathematics and a Postgraduate qualification in Mathematics and Physical Education.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller
Senior Manager, Technology Evangelist

Paul joined Talis in September 2005 from the Common Information Environment (CIE), where as Director he was instrumental in scoping policy and attracting new members such as the BBC, National Library of Scotland and English Heritage to this group of UK public sector organisations. Previously, Paul was at UKOLN where he was active in a range of cross-domain standardisation and advocacy activities, and before that he was Collections Manager at the Archaeology Data Service. At Talis, Paul is exploring new models of collaboration and identifying further areas in which our technology or knowledge would be of value. Paul has a Doctorate in Archaeology from the University of York.

Ken Chad

Ken Chad
Executive Director

Ken received his Masters from the Department of Information Science at City University in London, and has over 17 years experience in the library automation industry. Ken has worked in all aspects of the business including support, implementation, training, project management and sales. Working first for CLSI and then Geac, he went on to successfully introduce both Innovative Interfaces and Endeavor to the European market. He has worked on major library automation projects from Estonia to Turkey, the Middle East and throughout Europe. He joined Talis as Sales Director in 2001. As Executive Director and a Board member he is pivotal to the Executive Team and shares responsibility with the CEO for company strategy. Ken also chairs the newly formed Talis Advisory Board.

Tony Stevens

Tony Stevens
Product Manager

Tony joined Talis when it was BLCMP in August 1978 as a software developer. Before joining Talis, Tony spent 5 years working for Land Rover which was then part of the British Leyland group. Tony has a large amount of library domain knowledge and is currently focusing on the EDI Gateway set of products and services where he has been involved from its inception back in 1994. Tony is well known within the book trade and has been involved in the EDI standards agencies from the beginning. He is currently applying this knowledge in generating new generation procurement models

Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper
Product Manager

Lindsay joined Talis in 1999 following completion of her Masters degree in Library and Information Studies. With a background in academic libraries and experience in lending services, ILL, and serials acquisitions, she worked as a business analyst before moving into product management. Lindsay is now responsible for product strategy, planning and development for the Talis ILS. Her product portfolio includes Talis Alto, Talis Text and Talis Mobile.

Ian Davis

Ian Davis
Technical Lead, Research Group

Ian joined Talis in June 2005 as Technical Lead of the Research Group having worked as an independent technology consultant since 1995. During that time he founded three technology start-ups, and raised over 3 million euros in equity funding. Ian is responsible for new technology and product architecture, community engagement and represents Talis in several standards organisations. Ian holds a BSc in Theoretical Physics, from the University of London and is a member of the Working Group for RSS 1.0 an industry led format for lightweight syndication.

Simon Coffey

Simon Coffey
Senior Manager, Products Group

Simon joined Talis in 2004 from Webridge, a CRM software provider based in Portland, Oregon and now part of the Click Commerce Group, where as Senior Project Manager for the European Professional Services centre he managed delivery of ecommerce and extranet solutions for companies including HSBC, Taylor Nelson Sofres and the National Police Training Centre. He was a founding director of a venture capital backed Internet startup company in 2000, specializing in the online parcel delivery marketplace. Simon's previous career was based in the City of London as a Project Manager with front office trading systems, latterly for Deutsche Bank. Simon has a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex.

Jane Webber

Jane Webber
Sales Manager

Jane joined Talis in October 2004 from Microsoft Corporation, where she spent the past three years as OEM Sales Director for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in Italy. Prior to her time as an EMEA Director, she spent nine years at Microsoft UK in a number of roles, her last as UK OEM Sales Manager and was responsible for the relationship between Microsoft and PC manufacturers defining and implementing software licenses, product development plans, business strategies and business partnerships programs. Jane is now responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies at Talis to the installed base and new customers.

Richard Wallis

Richard Wallis
Technical Development Manager

In 1991, after a career in hardware support and software R&D;, Richard joined BLCMP, which became Talis, as a consultant for a new product that became the Talis LMS. Since then he has contributed to many leading edge developments including TalisWeb, Talis List and Talis Prism, for which he was the architect. More recently he has used his experience of the Talis product portfolio to drive forward the realisation of integration capabilities, from within the Talis Research Team as a Technology Evangelist. An active blogger on both Panlibus & Silkworm, Richard is in the forefront of applying new and emerging Web technologies to the library and information domain.

Justin Leavesley

Justin Leavesley
Chief Technology Officer

Justin joined Talis in January 2000 from Morse Group plc, a leading European technology supplier. After receiving his Master of Physics from Oxford University, Justin joined IBM working first in the defence and aerospace sector for the British Army and later for Natwest Bank. Justin left IBM to join an internet start up company based at Birmingham University where he was involved in product development, marketing and business strategy. Justin, a Sun certified Java enterprise architect, is now responsible for technology and related business strategy at Talis where he leads the Research Group.

Dave Barker

Dave Barker
Senior Manager, Platform Group

Dave joined Talis from MEI, a Canadian CRM vendor where he was their UK Technical Director. Prior to that Dave was based in Silicon Valley where he held positions as Industry Director at Oracle and Regional CTO at FutureNext, a leading e-business consulting firm. Dave obtained a degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. At Talis Dave is responsible for bringing the Talis platform technology to market.


Andy Latham
Technical Lead

Andy joined Talis in August 2004 as a Senior Developer in the Products Group from Morse Group plc, a leading European technology supplier. After receiving an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Andy has been developing enterprise-scale J2EE applications for large clients in the telecommunications, banking and legal sectors on technologies from Sun, IBM and Oracle. Andy is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and is currently working towards Sun certified enterprise architect.

Fiona Leslie

Fiona Leslie
Product Manager

Fiona joined Talis in 2002 after working as a Product Manager for the major US bibliographic data provider, Bowker. Her experience in working with information databases comes on top of a background in the publishing industry with the major trade and academic publishers, Dorling Kindersley and Cassell.

Rob Styles

Rob Styles
Technical Lead

Rob is a recent addition to Talis, having joined in October 2004. Rob has been working on large-scale internet systems since graduating from Hull in 1997 and has worked on several high profile services including architecting the online banking services at the world�s largest pure online bank, Egg. Rob has also published open-source work and is a Microsoft certified .Net technologist.

Saheed Aktar

Saheed Aktar
Technical Consultant

Saheed has worked for Talis since 1998. After spending over four years in a systems and network support environment, Saheed is now working for Talis Professional Services, helping customers with system migrations, technical audits, disaster recovery, OS/RDBMS upgrades, system security and performance tuning. Saheed has a BSc in Computer Science. He is a Solaris Certified System Administrator (SCSA) and a Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA). Saheed is also a Member of the United Kingdom Sybase User Group (UKSUG).

Ateeq Altaf

Ateeq Altaf
Technical Consultant

Ateeq joined Talis in March 2001 having previously worked for Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) as a Field Support Analyst. Ateeq now works in the Talis Professional Services, helping customers with system deployment, migrations, upgrades, performance tuning and disaster recovery as well as network support, security and integration. Ateeq holds a number of professional certifications, which include Solaris Certified System Administrator (SCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer including Messaging and Security (MCSE, MCSE:Messaging, MCSE:Security), Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator (CCSA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).


Sarah Bartlett
Product Manager

Sarah Bartlett joined Talis in 2OO2, and was involved as an analyst on a number of Talis projects before assuming the role of Product Manager of Talis Keystone in 2004. Sarah’s background lies mainly in special libraries – she spent 3 years running an industrial library for Castings Technology International, and 2 years managing the corporate intranet of Foseco International. She has a Masters degree in Information and Library Management from University of Central England, and is currently a route B candidate for chartered librarianship.


Lee McCance
Lead Analyst

Lee joined Talis in January 2005 from Severn Trent Water, a leading Utilities company based in Birmingham. As an Information Systems Consultant he worked with senior managers to deliver strategic IS projects in Customer Relations, Sales and Finance. Previously, he worked for Mondus.com (a business to business internet start up) as a project manager and before that as Business Analyst for Yell Ltd. After joining Talis in January 2005, Lee took responsibility for Talis' approach to analysis across the company's projects and key programs. He leads the Analyst Team and as part of the product group, is responsible for understanding and analysing customer's requirements and needs. Lee has a BA in Geography from the University of Leicester and is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner.


Karen Reece
Account Manager

Karen has been in her present role at Talis since the beginning of 2003. She has represented Talis at several conferences, including “Self Issue Standards and Compatibility with LMS” at UCLAN RFID Conference in Dec 2004, and “Talis List” at the University of Oxford JIBS Workshop in July 2004. Previously she worked in the library at the University of Salford, and then moved on to a position with Talkingtech, who developed the Talis Message product. Karen prides herself on her rounded view of Talis, as she’s been a Talis customer, a partner, and now an employee!


Dan Mullineux
Technical Lead.

Dan joined Talis in November 2004, from Instron, the worlds largest materials test company, running a team developing web services to remotely test Formula One cars. Prior to that Dan founded two small software and hardware companies specialising in scientific measurement and 2D and 3D image recognition. Since graduating with honours in a BEng from the University of Queensland in 1991, Dan has worked as a consultant on diverse client-server, system integration, and automation and control applications for customers around the world, including Hong Kong, Poland, India and the World Bank.

If you are interested in speaking at Talis Insight 2005 or have any queries about the exhibition, please contact ceri.mccall@talis.com