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My Halloween Evening

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9:42 PM
10:56 PM
12:03 AM
2:21 AM

If you got it all right, you�ll know this was my night:

I rolled into the party as Theodore Roosevelt around 9:15 and immediately set my bespectacled sights on a chick dressed as a Slutty� Slut. Like most sluts, she was attracted to power, and after displaying some Bull Moose moves on the dance floor including my personal fave, the Mount Rushmore, she quickly gave up her number.

Around 10:10 was my first costume change. I snuck in and swept Slutty Cinderella off her feet, surprising her with my sizeable ninja stars. Apparently Prince Charming never figured out what you can do with a set of nunchucks, because by 10:56, she was calling me a gift from her fairy godmother. She definitely left more than a glass slipper at that party.

The Ninja stealthily slipped away, allowing Barney the Red to resume pillaging the party. Turns out even the Slutty Nun couldn�t resist my Norse charms and horned helmet, shouting Hallelujah for the Viking invasion.

As the party wound down, I returned as Gandhi. Starving for action, I approached what could only be described as a Slutty Creature With Ears and Tail, and dropped some effective late-night wordplay that silenced her non-violent protests: �Hi, I�m Gandhi, and I�m really IN-DI-YA. Why? Because you�re one MAHATmamma.� Hey, it worked.

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