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The Marks of Indelible Grace

Two projects, Indelible Grace, and its follow-up Pilgrim Days (Indelible Grace II) have emerged among the favorites titles offered by Grassroots Music. Currently, a third recording is in the works, another collection spilling over with the beautiful, transforming words of yesterday's hymn writers set against the fresh musical textures of a talented community of young Nashville musicians.

What unfolds below are slivers of the heritage and purpose behind these much-admired albums, stamped with insightful excerpts from an interview with pastor and Indelible Grace founder, Kevin Twit...

The Indelible Grace projects grew out of a desire to put old hymns to new music. Pioneered by Twit, a college pastor and RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) campus minister, the projects began as a means of connecting with the flock of singer/songwriters under his teaching.

"I was going to teach a series in Sunday school on fellowship, called 'Gospel Driven Community.' I started looking through the hymnal that we use in church because I wanted to introduce some new songs that would tie into this theme, and 'Blessed Be The Tie That Binds' was the only hymn on that topic. I had an old 19th Century Presbyterian hymnal that I looked in and it had probably ten hymns on the topic, and some of them were really rich. We didn't have any tunes to sing with them so for awhile we would sing the tune to 'Be Thou My Vision' or 'Come Thou Fount' to everything. Eventually, myself or somebody else would come up with a new tune, and it just kind of snowballed from there."

Indelible Grace Music continued to grow as the students began to see their lives touched by the Gospel and enriched by the deep theology and timeless poetry of hymns. The artists were further inspired to integrate their culture's music with the ancient lyrics they'd begun to uncover. Thus, a movement was born.

"We have these gifts, and this is part of the music that we do in our community. I think people have been encouraged by the CDs because it gives them a vision for the kind of music they can do. When we talk about nurturing a movement, we're serious about that. We really want people to use this music in churches; we want to connect today's worshippers with the heritage of the church."

The eclectic talents showcased on Indelible Grace and Pilgrim Days are part of an ever-expanding community of artists, including:

Katy Bowser (singer/songwriter)
Cason Cooley (The Normals)
Matthew Perryman Jones (singer/songwriter)
Sandra McCracken (singer/songwriter)
Andrew Osenga (The Normals)
Matthew Smith (Your King Has Come)
Kevin Twit (college pastor/musician)
Derek Webb (Caedmon's Call)

Check out these from Indelible Grace Series:

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