C Development Under DragonFly BSD/C Book License

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I have designed this license to protect contributors to this document from theft and plagiarism. However, this license may defer you from wanting to write / contribute for the work, so please be sure you understand what the license implies.

Table of contents


This document is free for any use; distribution of and contribution to the document is qualified by the following:


This document may not be distributed in any manner without the consent of all authors and contributors of the content which would be distributed. This applies to both commercial and non-commercial distribution.

Content may be printed or saved in any form for personal use.

Content may be used in organized group learning efforts.


  • Authors A and B contributed to a section on how to change a mouse into a horse. Before distributing this content, you must first gather permission from authors A and B.
  • You are organizing a class to discuss programming in POSIX environments. You would like to use this document as a lesson plan and distribute a printed version to all students. This is fine and does not require explicit permission from the author(s).
  • You are writing a tutorial or research paper on a related topic. You would like to use information from this document for your own work. This does not require explicit permission unless substantial portions of this document are being used as a foundation for your paper.


By contributing to this document, you accept that your contributions are available under this license or any license which can be encompassed by this one. All contributions remain the property of their respective authors. By contributing to this document, you agree that it may be presented here and modified by other users.

If you make a contribution under a lesser but compatible license, please be sure to make that very clear in the "Summary" field when you submit your contribution.


  • You contribute to this document and would like to place your contribution in the public domain or under a BSD-style license. When you submit your contribution, state "This contribution is released under the BSD license / public domain." in the "Summary" field.
  • You contribute to this document and would like to place your contribution under a license which invalidates statements which are crucial to this license. By submitting, you acknowledge that, in the context of this document, this license is in effect. If you do not agree to this "dual-licensing", please do not submit your work.
  • You wish to distribute a section of this document that has another section with a compatible, lesser license. You may not distribute this section without permission from the authors of the work which are not in the lesser license.
  • You wish to distribute a section of this document which has been specified to be in a license which permits distribution. This is allowed under the clauses of that section.
  • You would like to contribute to the document, but do not agree with the licensing constraints to a point that you are uncomfortable in submitting your work, but you feel that your work is relevant and useful, and should be part of the document. You may place your contribution on a different section in the Wiki and link to that section. Please be sure to specify the availability of your document so that there is no confusion that your work is released under a different license.

What constitutes contribution?

Any original modifications which contribute a new idea or clarify an existing idea are contributions which may be claimed by a contributor as copyrighted by him- or herself. Fixing mistakes dealing with grammar, sentence flow, punctuation and spelling do not constitute ownership of modified content.

Anonymous Contribution

It is no longer possible to contribute to this document anonymously. If you have done so in the past, your contributions were expressly given to us for use under the public domain. In the case that this is illegal in your country, you agreed to allow us full rights to the contributed work.

Distribution of contributed content

If you have contributed content to this paper, you retain full ownership of said contributions. It goes without saying that you may distribute content you have written as you see fit.


  • You contribute a section on gathering user input. You would like to have this published in a magazine. You may do this; your contributions are your property.
  • You contribute a paragraph clarifying pointer usage. You would like to publish the entire pointer section on your blog. You may not do this without permission from the other author(s) of that section.
  • You contribute a paragraph clarifying pointer usage. You place this on your blog and write your own context regarding pointers. This is certainly fine.

Shared Ownership

It is very possible that multiple authors will work on the same content to a point where it is unclear who owns the copyright to the content. It is impossible for this license to determine this. However, unless there is very strong reasoning for one of the authors to own exclusive rights, this license suggests that the copyright be shared by both authors.