The Cryptid Zoo: Water Monsters

Water monsters of various types have been reported from the ocean and from nearly every lake of large size on Earth. Water monsters are only rarely reported in rivers. Most of these creatures have something about them that reminds people of a dragon, if only vaguely. I have also included a few water beasts that are not at all draconic, but that are usually studied alongside reports of their more draconic water-dwelling cousins. Some of these monsters are clearly folkloric, but others have drawn a considerable amount of attention from cryptozoologists. Sea serpent reports are legion, and lake monsters such as Nessie (the Loch Ness Monster) are some of the most famous cryptids ever studied.

Buru (or Giant Lizard)
Con Rit (or Giant Millipede)
Emela-ntouka (or "Killer of Elephants")
Kraken (or Giant Squid)
Lake Monsters
Nessie (or Loch Ness Monster)
Ogopogo (or Naitaka)
Sea Serpents

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