12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) [UK]
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Royal Lancers
(Prince of Wales's)
crest and tie
by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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1715.07.22 Phineas Bowles's Regiment of Dragoons
raised at Reading from men in Berkshire, Bucks, and Hampshire; ranked as 12th Dragoons; also known until 1751 by the names of other colonels
1751.07.01 12th Regiment of Dragoons
1768 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
(named for the future King George IV)
1816.09.30 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Lancers)
1817 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Royal Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Lancers)
1861.08.17 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Royal Regiment of Lancers
12th (The Prince of Wales's Royal) Lancers
12th (Prince of Wales's Royal) Lancers
1921.01.01 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)
1928 mechanised
1939.04 transferred to Royal Armoured Corps
1941.06.06 cadre detached to form 27th Lancers
1960.09.11 amalgamated with 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, to form 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)
Deployment and Service
History of the 12th Lancers, by Martin Render.
Brief History of the 12th Lancers (Derby Museum & Art Gallery)
Historical Timeline, by Jim Webster
The Lancers, by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War)
British Cavalry Regiments, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
RHQ and Depot:
  Home HQ:
  Recruiting Area:
[Egypt]1, Salamanca2, Peninsula, Waterloo, South Africa 1851-2-3, Sevastopol, Central India, Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, South Africa 1899-1902

The Great WarMons, Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914, Aisne 1914, Messines 1914, Ypres 1914 '15, Neuve Chapelle, St. Julien, Bellewaarde, Arras 1917, Scarpe 1917, Cambrai 1917 '18, Somme 1918, St. Quentin, Lys, Hazebrouck, Amiens, Albert 1918, Hindenburg Line, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Sambre, France and Flanders 1914-18

The Second World WarDyle, Defence of Arras, Arras Counter Attack, Dunkirk 1940, North-West Europe 1940, Chor es Sufan, Gazala, Alam el Halfa, El Alamein, Advance on Tripoli, Tebaga Gap, El Hamma, Akarit, El Kourzia, Djebel Kournine, Tunis, Creteville Pass, North Africa 1941-43, Citerna, Gothic Line, Capture of Forli, Conventello-Comacchio, Bologna, Sillaro Crossing, Idice Bridgehead, Italy 1944-45

1. the Sphinx badge superscribed "Egypt".
2. belatedly awarded in 1951.

Uniform: blue; facings: scarlet
1919.04.12 F.M. HM King Edward VIII
1715.07.22 Maj-Gen. Phines Bowles (senior)
1719.03.23 Lt-Gen. Phineas Bowles (junior)
1740.12.20 Col. Alexander Rose
1743.06.14 Brig-Gen. Samuel Walter Whitshed
1746.04.06 Lt-Gen. Thomas Bligh
1747.12.22 Gen. Sir John Mordaunt, KB
1749.07.24 Gen. Hon. James Cholmondeley
1749.11.01 Lt-Gen. George (Germain), 1st Viscount Sackville
1750.01.18 Lt-Gen. Sir John Whiteford, Bt.
1763.03.17 Lt-Gen. Edward Harvey
1764.09.20 Gen. Benjamin Carpenter
1770.10.24 Gen. Sir William Augustus Pitt, KB
1775.10.18 Lt-Gen. Hon. William Keppel
1782.03.18 Lt-Gen. Hon. George Lane Parker
1791.11.09 Gen. Sir James Steuart, Bt., GCH
1815.01.12 Gen. Sir William Payne, Bt. [also 3rd Dgn Gds, 19th Lt Dgns, 23rd Lt Dgns]
1825.06.02 Lt-Gen. Sir Colquhoun Grant, KCB, GCH
1827.01.22 Lt-Gen. Sir Richard Hussey (Vivian), 1st Baron Vivian, GCB, GCH
1837.01.20 Gen. Sir Henry John Cumming, KCH
1856.11.29 Lt-Gen. Sir Lovell Bejamin Lovell, KCB, KH
1861.03.12 Gen. Sir George Henry Lockwood, KCB
1872.01.01 Gen. Edward Pole
1879.02.04 Gen. Thomas Hooke Pearson, CB
1892.04.30 Lt-Gen. Edward Burgoyne Cureton
1894.02.10 Maj-Gen. Robert Hale
1896.02.12 Lt-Gen. Sir Arthur Lyttleton Lyttleton-Annesley, KCB, KCVO
1902.04.02 Maj-Gen. John Cecil Russell, CVO
1909.03.31 Lt-Gen. Robert George Broadwood, CB
1917.06.22 Maj-Gen. Walter Howorth Greenly, CB, CMG, DSO
1920.02.17 F.M. Sir William Riddell (Birdwood), 1st Baron Birdwood, GCB, GCSI, GCMG, GCVO, CIE, DSO
1951.05.18 Gen. Sir Richard Loudon McCreery, GCB, KBE, DSO, MC [continued 1960 in 9th/12th R Lancers]
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