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Taxes & Tariffs

Tax Treaties
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A multimedia presentation illustrating how federal revenues were spent in the most recent fiscal year available (2003-04), as well as the main sources of government revenue. (requires a Flash plug-in)

HTML version also available

Finance Canada doesnít collect federal taxes. Thatís the job of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). But it is the job of Finance Canada to help the federal government decide who gets taxed, how and how much. 

The major taxes are personal and corporate income tax and sales taxes. For each of these areas we provide analysis and advice to policy makers. We assist in deciding how taxes can best be used to keep the Governmentís finances in good shape and to give Canadians the services they depend on. So stay with Finance Canada if your interest is tax policy or go to the CRA for information related to tax collection.

One of the most important tools any government has for managing trade with other nations is the tariff. Itís a kind of tax governments charge on imports of products and services. Itís the job of Finance Canada to monitor our tariff policies and those of other nations, and to develop new policies that will best serve our economy.

Tax Bulletins

* The Canadian Tax Advantage (August 2003)
* Federal Corporate Tax Rate Reductions (August 2003)
* Oil and Gas Prices, Taxes and Consumers (October 2005)
* Promoting Entrepreneurship and Small Business (August 2003)
- Previous Bulletins -

Tax Expenditure Reports

* Tax Expenditures and Evaluations
* Tax Expenditures : Notes to the Estimates/Projections 2004

Tax Initiatives

* Federal System of Income Tax Incentives for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (March 19, 1998)
* Flow-Through Shares: An Evaluation Report (Executive Summary) (October 1994)
* Harmonized Sales Tax - Technical Paper (October 23, 1996)
* Improving the Income Taxation of the Resource Sector in Canada (March 2003)
* January 2001 Tax Cuts (December 14, 2000)
* July Federal Tax Reductions (June 27, 2000)
* Towards Replacing the Goods & Services Tax (April 24, 1996)

Tariff Initiatives

* Notice of intent to withdraw General Preferential Tariff (GPT) entitlement from countries acceding to the European Union on May 1 2004 (December 8 2003)

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