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The ladies of Chillicothe have deputed me to present

this banner to you, "the friends of the Soldier, Patriot, and

Statesman, Genl Wm Henry Harrison."

	It is a pledge of the intense interest they indulge

for the glorious cause of constitutional liberty-a cause they 

have been taught in every period of their existence 
to venerate and love.

	We resign to your charge this token and point

to the motto, "in war without fear, in peace, without

reproach," which his whole life has ever sustained; 

and feel a proud conviction that you too, will recog-

nize, and in your lives, illustrate the noble virtue

of that sentiment.

	It is your privilege to act, ours to feel; your

duty to protect, ours to inspire, to animate.

	Our Fathers, and our brothers, have ever sustained

the honor of the American name, and cherished
a profound respect for those who have fought the

battles of our country: they have never offered a tribute

to valour, but it was the impulse of a pure and

devoted patriotism, and we while echoing their 

example, claim that sentiment as our rightful


	We look to the name of Harrison, and hail 

it as connected with the past, the present, and the 

future history of our dear country; and his private

life has ever proved the truth of what he has so beau-

tifully expressed that "to be eminently great, it is 

necessary to be eminently good."

	As he was the ruling spirit on the fields of 

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Tippecanoe, of Meigs and the Thames, where peerless

above all others, he acquired for himself and his brave

companions imperishable fame, in that other

conflict, the struggle for republican freedom in which

you are engaged, we do not doubt but he will acquire

new laurels and with you as a part of freedoms noble 

host, go on to victory.

	We speed the glorious work, and will mingle

our voices with yours, on the day of deliverance in that

pealing anthem which will then be heard, through-

out this vast confederacy-

	Though empires have crumbled no conquerors rod,

         Has dared oe'r Columbia to spread desolation;

		United, her sons, own no king but-that God,

	        Who gave to their fathers, a home and a nation.