Monday, August 15, 2005

New controversy: Social Contract and Bangsa Malaysia

UPDATED VERSION. We are 16 days to celebrating the 48th anniversary of Merdeka, but it's evident that Umno intends to perpetuate its race-based partisan politics for as long as it takes. Bangsa Malaysia? It seems a distant dream for the time being while the spin-doctors work overtime.

Here's the spin, at the expense of president of Parti Gerakan Dr Lim Keng Yaik, who had declared he is out-going by 2008. Utusan Malaysia thinks an outgoing politician is a lame duck for free shoot.

August 14, Mingguan Malaysia carries this news piece: Lupakan formula kontrak sosial antara kaum - Keng Yaik.

In the story, Keng Yaik was quoted as saying that all political parties must forget about the social contract agreed by the races when the country achieved independece.

Keng Yaik was opening the Anak Malaysia Convention organised by Gerakan Youth on Saturday. Pemuda Umno chief Hishammuddin Hussein, was there as an invited guest to deliver his keynote address, themed: The relevance of Anak Malaysia in achieving Vision 2020.

One day later, Hishamuddin's deputy -- who was a panelist speaker for the track: "Bangsa Malaysia" – The Making of Towering Malaysians? along side Gerakan vice president Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Minister Dr. Maximus Ongkili and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (see text here) -- came out to hammer Keng Yaik for speaking against the Federal Constitution.

According to Mingguan Malaysian, Keng Yaik had said that the social contract formula had made the Chinese and Indian communities feel demoralised (kecil hati). Hence, there must be a paradigm shift because, at the moment, the sharing of power is not based on sharing in the true sense.

Keng Yaik was quoted as having urged the political parties to review race-based policies that are liked by the populist groups.

Mingguan Malaysia further that the Chinese and Indians were often demoralised by constant reminders that they are beholden to Government for granting them citizenships. He said this must stop because it is a weak interpretation of history.

Quote Mingguan Malaysia:

"Bagaimana masyarakat Cina dan India hendak berkorban dan menumpukan tenaga, sumber dan masa untuk membantu membangunkan negara sekiranya mereka sering diberi peringatan berulang kali mengenai perkara tersebut," katanya.

At a press conference after the event, Keng Yaik is reported to have urged the Chinese and Indian communities to stop referring themselves as Chinese Malaysians or Indian Malaysians, but to introduce themselves as Malaysians. Quote:

"Sudah sampai masanya orang Cina dan India memperkenalkan diri sebagai orang Malaysia. Jangan merujuk diri dengan mendahulukan kaum, tetapi mendahulukan negara iaitu Malaysia," katanya.

Here comes the responses:

  • August 15: Pemuda Umno deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said, via Utusan Malaysia today, Keng Yaik's statement is contravening the Federal Constitution. He said Keng Yaik, being a senior leader from a Barisan nasional component party, must be more rational.

  • August 15: Umno Terengganu information chief Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Gerakan would never have the opportunity to lead the Penang state government - by allowing Gerakan to have the Chief Minister there - had Umno and the Malays forgotten about the social contract formula.

  • August 14: Puteri Umno chief Noraini Ahmad hoped the social-contract formula made between the races was not made a political issue until it led to dissatisfaction by any of them, Bernama reported.

  • August 14: The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (MCAM) president Dr Ma'amor Osman urged Keng Yaik to resign from the Cabinet for questioning the social-contract. He said Keng Yaik's statement was purposely made to anger the Malays and other bumiputras and belittled Malay supremacy, which was agreed to by all the races since independence in 1957. According to Bernama, he was quoted as saying Malay and bumiputera privileges should not be disputed as it was part of the arrangement agreed to by all.

To the detractors above, Keng Yaik's early response, picked up by The NST today is plain simple: "Malaysia will never see the creation of a Bangsa Malaysia as long as there are people using the 1957 social contract to silence the non-Malays." Further quotes:

"How do you expect non-Malays to pour their hearts and souls into the country, and to one day die for it if you keep harping on this?

"Flag-waving and singing the Negaraku are rituals, while true love for the nation lies in the heart," he said after chairing the Gerakan central committee meeting here today.

He said it was important that leaders of political parties realise the context in which the social contract was forged.

"Back then, you could have said it and people like my father would have understood as he had been granted citizenship.

"But the younger generation, like my son, who gained his citizenship by virtue of being born here, views citizenship as a right and not a privilege that was granted.

"So you cannot just go on bringing it up to spite the non-Malays, as the context has changed," Dr Lim said.

Incidentally, Star's Wong Chun Wai headlined his Sunday column like this: Let’s march on as Rakyat Malaysia. Quote:
We have always been partners and we should be partners as fellow Malaysians if we want to compete on the global stage effectively. The more we remind ourselves that as Malaysians we should not dwell on our racial background, the better we would be.

After 48 years of independence, most of us have grown tired of listening to worn-out communal and religious arguments from politicians. This is 2005; let’s get our act together to march on as Rakyat Malaysia.

So, we have the notions for Anak Malaysia, Rakyat Malaysia and Bangsa Malaysia. Some people just want to stand still and refuse to move on.

Posted by jeffooi at August 15, 2005 06:27 AM | TrackBack

They are those who just want to stand still.

But the worse kind are those who not just want to stand still, but also try to stop other people from moving on!

The so-called social contract created during independence was supposed to end decades ago, so stop harping on it, UMNO Youth!

With the current mindset in UMNO Youth, it will take more than a miracle to change them in another century, more so 15 years..

Posted by: egghead at August 15, 2005 08:13 AM

Gosh. This is 2005! The era of globalization and where the world is competiting without borders, but it seems to me that the Bumis have not realised this (unfortunately). I mean, the social contract is clearly an obstacle for non-bumis to develop to their full potential. And what is so irrational about that? Sometimes it makes me wonder what drugs are these people on.. *shrugs*

Posted by: p1203 at August 15, 2005 08:35 AM


Decent and fair minded Malaysians ( Malays, Chinese and Indians) should wake up from the grim fact that UMNO and UMNO Youth, (and not our fellow Malay brothers and sisters per se) is NEVER part of the SOLUTION to the racial disharmony in the country, in fact they had been in recent past and is now part of the bigger racial problem.

UMNO and UMNO Youth's recent remarks just mean that future generations of Malaysians will have NO chance of seeing Malaysian a united country.

UMNO and UMNO Youth's raison d'etre is to encourage and sustain racial discontent between races. That is their only political tool for survival. They play on the sentiments and emotions of the Malays, creating un-called for insecurities and fears of the Malays, projecting the perception that non Malays are out to drive the Malays into oblivion!!

UMNO Youth and UMNO's policies are antagonistic to the Federal Constitution.Their continued remain in power is antagonistic to the racial harmony of the country.

The unfortunate part of it all is that these race--based policies were allowed to be voiced and reamin because of the total silence of MCA and MIC, whose leaders are more interested in their own personal greed for power and prestige than the concerns for the interest of their own communities in the face of this barrage of race based politics of UMNO and UMNO Youth.

These latest statements in response to Keng Yaik's speech are further confirmation of what had been said all along in conversations in this blog. They further etched into the minds of present generation of non Malays.

God help Malaysia.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 08:45 AM

Gerakan should seriously considered withdrawing from the Barisan National and its leaders should quit the Cabinet, if Pak Lah does not reign in his UMNO people.

At this rate, it is about time that MCA and MIC should begin to prepare to stay out of the Government and let UMNO run the country which it had all the well. MIC was insulted in Parliament by UMNO leader recently .

There is a limit which MCA and MIC members can be insulted by the UMNO and UMNO Youth in the mainstream media.

There must be some pride left in MCA and MIC and Gerakan!! Or they just don't have any .


Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 08:56 AM

I hope that one day we can proudly call ourselves Malaysians. If not, how can we move on? I feel worried for my children, should I migrate so that they will not face an uncertain future here? I love Malaysia, please don't treat me as a pendatang. I was born here, went overseas to study and couldn't wait to come home. Now I wonder whether it is really a home or just a refugee camp...:(

Posted by: Malaysian at August 15, 2005 09:15 AM

UMNO Youth and UMNO leaders are only good at giving threats and warning to fellow countryman of different races. When the country was enveloped by haze and still is from Indonesia, I never see any keris being waved and shouts of defence from UMNO. Instead when others suggested a reconsideration from current policies for the benefits of country development, UMNO Youth come out and showing its true colour. Same old story.

Posted by: Quest at August 15, 2005 09:17 AM

The problem with the "social contract" is that it has long lost it's relevance. It no longer works as it intended to, that is to erradicate the social-economic disparity between the Malays and the other communities. It is now being quandered and exploited, subjected to unfair distribution and promotes inefficiency and nepotism.

We need to forge forward to tackle new challenges objectively. We cannot afford to slack and be tied down to those whom refuses to budge and asked to be spoon-fed due to their perceived lack of self-worth. Lets move on to something huge on the horizon. 48 years is enough.

Posted by: ray_ at August 15, 2005 09:54 AM

It is always a test of true character, of real moral fibre, when leaders, and those who aspire/claim to be leaders, bikin serupa cakap. say.

Mere waving of offensive weapons and threatening with talk of May 13 others who seek to unite Malaysians do not heroes and wiras make.

How strong is the resolve of these "leaders" to actually work towards a stronger and better Malaysia? I have my doubts.

They, and their supporters, should ask themselves just what was the root reason, the real reason why such acts occurred. Are they championing the Malays and the rights of Malays? Or are they using the guise of championing the Malays / rights of Malays just to look good?

Think also of the hundreds of millions of ringgit spent on National Service. Are the their goals in line with those of the National Service program?

There is a time to come forward to champion issues - including Malay rights - and there are those who champion issues for questionable motives. True Malaysians should ask themselves which catgory they fall into.

Posted by: Leithaisor at August 15, 2005 10:12 AM

There is no such thing as "racial social contract".

Oh great, now LKY POLLUTE the social contract .

Apparently, it is a term that invented by politikus to avoid the word "racial politics".

Again, the media failed to point out the real meaning of social contract and play around with politikus agenda.

Posted by: moo_t at August 15, 2005 10:25 AM


Indonesian and Thailands suddenly attacks Malaysia. Malaysia demands all men and women to fight for their country and nation. What would you do?

Answer: Well, the Malays discriminate against other races. We don't have equal rights as them. The would recognise a second generation Indonesian as a BUMIPUTERA and we, tax paying, working for the country, achived independence together, studied hard while they "Lepak-ed" in Pertama Complex and SOGO, get things handed on a silver platter.

Hmmm, I think I will join the Indons and Thai's since patrotism is not instilled in us. Hand me a weapon matee's.

PUN INTENDED..of course! ;)

Posted by: Brucewayne at August 15, 2005 10:53 AM

The social contract of course has its usefulness. It is useful in showing to the Malay masses why they need leaders like Hishamuddin. I am sure in his own solitude even Hishamuddin cannot find his relevance in Malaysian politics. So how can he expect the Malay masses to see his relevance?

Yes, sustaining the social contract has a direct relation to the continued perpetuation of the leadership of UMNO and UMNO Youth which is made up of maggots and parasites whose life seems to depend on others showing them first that it is worth living!

Sadly, the Malay too have bought into all the indoctrination to the extent much of that population believe in the notion that they are indeed good for nothing and that is why all the crutures bestowed on them via this social contract is needed as much as fresh air and sunshine.

What they don't seem to know is that there are many amongst the rest of us non-Malay Malaysians who know better and what we see in Malays is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Sadly that force seems to be shackled in knots and bolts tied down in total submission to the falacies perpetuated by the UMNO and UMNO Youth leadership for whom this condition of the Malay is convenient and most profitable.

It is about time that we stop responding to the posturings of the UMNO and UMNO Youth leadership for whom the demonisation of the non-Malay appears to be the only last straw that they seem to have to sustain their claim to leadership of the Malay race. The UMNO AND UMNO Youth leadership needs to be ignored and it is about time we addressed the Malay directly. The UMNO and UMNO Youth leadership has calously misrepresenteed the non-Malay to their constituents and what is worse is the leadership of MCA and MIC have allowed this to continue for very selfish and profitable reasons which is personal to them.

What I am glad to see at this time is that at least in this forum there appears to be a gelling of ideas and more and more people see the evil perpetuated by the UMNO leadership. This question has to be asked of Pak Lah, the seemingly kind old man. I want him to tell me why it is necessary to continue the demonising of the non-Malay?

Posted by: Observer at August 15, 2005 10:55 AM

If there's one leader in malaysia that I respect, it's DR Lim Keng Yaik. He speaks what he thinks or what we the under-privileged, the not-so-towering-other "so called" Malaysian thinks.

Can you get any leader from MCA to do just that? Not likely unless they are being fiercely challenged in the poll.

YES! you are right. We rate lower than those indonesian immigrant. Our contribution don't count. We are just "renting" this place from Malaysia. That's the whole concept of social contract. Btw, if i remember correctly, the harshest part of this social contract start on 1970 not 1957. It's like wielding the keris and start asking "you accept this contract?"

Look at the calender leaders, its already 2005.

Posted by: megahyper at August 15, 2005 11:30 AM

Hisham becomes irrelevant as soon as he can no longer wave his kris at his own countrymen..that is why he wants to keep the race issue alive.

For Malays (not UMNO) to move as hard as your fellow countrymen...If you are lazy,,you deserve to starve..if you are will prosper like any hardworking malaysians..

The way UMNO Youth puts that the other races are rich and Malays are poor..and need help......well there are poor chinese and poor indians too

Posted by: art chan at August 15, 2005 11:35 AM

According to the report in the Star, of the case of a jobless PR who registered 3 babies with his name as the father, they become Malaysian citizens.

Just wonder when the immigration rules were changed so that children of PRs automatically become citizens?

Posted by: hjangus at August 15, 2005 11:54 AM

the only people who do not want to be Malaysians are the malays. They have an identity and inferiority complex problem. They are clinging on to being malays, rather than malaysians, for fear of losing their identity. In similar fashion they are using religion as a crutch for their identity. The issue of islam among the malays is not a religious issue but an identity issue. Without clinging on to the religious issue the malays fear they will lose their their identity because they have no historical figures, cultural icons, philosophers of world acceptance, military figures, etc., on which to base their identity. What or who is a malay without their religion? What is the role model for a malay in malaysia? The arab have their historical & cultural heros. Who is the malay hero? They have to rely on muslim & religious models.What Malay model would a malay parent want their child to be when they grow up? A philosopher? an artist? No! The modern role model for a malay in malaysia is one who takes shortcuts to get rich (corruption if necessary) join a golf club, own a mercedes/BMW, play poker, drink whisky and have 4 wives. This is one of the problems the malays face in trying to uplift themselves. That is why they will need the NEP forever as identity token.

The social contract also implies that the various races in the country should work together for without that there would be no merdeka. Without the support of the other races there would be no merdeka. So the contract is not a one way street.

Posted by: veritas at August 15, 2005 12:25 PM

Dr.Lim, please stay.

Posted by: ahpek at August 15, 2005 12:28 PM

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts (John Locke)

The deafening silence of MCA & MIC in view of recents comments by UMNO YOuth and other supporters of the social contract clearly reflects that MCA & MIC are no longer relevant in championing the rights of other malaysians (meaning us "less deserving" non bumiputras)

I ponder on Frank&HOnest thoughts, Pride in MCA & MIC ? I wonder ?

For some people, pride and honour can be silenced by greed, integrity and conscience can be put aside for wealth and power, duty and responsibility to the people who put their trust in their elected MBs and representatives can be forsaken for riches and personal gain!

It is now time for GERAKAN to step up!

Posted by: arwen78 at August 15, 2005 12:28 PM

Dr Lim, please take over MCA and MIC.

Posted by: ahpek at August 15, 2005 12:53 PM

Remember what Ong KT said recently on the Bangsa Malaysia. It's just an empty talk.
In Malaysia, we dont have bangsa Malaysia, we just have Malay, Chinese, India and........just dont have bangsa Malaysia. Even 50 years or 100 years from now on, Bangsa Malaysia, will still not be able to exist in Malaysia.
Whatever resources we put on the vision school, or other racial integration program will be a wastage, if we do not solve the problems at the roots cause.
In school, we learned or being teach bangsa Malaysian, But in actual world, Malay think they are the boss, Chinese and Indian have to learn to tolerate the facts that being treated as second class citizen, when come to education opportunity, awarding of business license and.....
Bangsa Malaysia, just a a day dream. Pour more money into the integration program will be a totally wastage of country resources.

Posted by: Ken at August 15, 2005 01:11 PM

Also, I do not understand why abolishing said "social contract" is seen in such negative light among the politicians. KY is not asking that the other races be given unfair advantage in their social-economic status but just that Malaysian be accorded the same level of playing field regardless of race, religion or other inclination.

If the concept of Apartheid irks these politician, they should essentially see a similar resemblance here albeit in a much reduced magnitude.

Ironically, these politician seems to imply that the modern Malay community lacks the competency to duke it out with people of other races. I've seen my share of very competent, deligent and ridiculously intelligent Malay co-workers. It's just sad that most of them aren't politician.

Posted by: ray_ at August 15, 2005 01:34 PM

August 14: The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (MCAM) president Dr Ma'amor Osman urged Keng Yaik to resign from the Cabinet for questioning the social-contract. He said Keng Yaik's statement was purposely made to anger the Malays and other bumiputras and belittled Malay supremacy, which was agreed to by all the races since independence in 1957. According to Bernama, he was quoted as saying Malay and bumiputera privileges should not be disputed as it was part of the arrangement agreed to by all.

....sounds alot like views held by a certain group called KKK....and a certain regime in South Africa, now defunct. Part of an arrangement agreed by all? Funny, I don't recall agreeing to anything like that.

Posted by: jg at August 15, 2005 01:50 PM

For whatever education plan or system that had been implemented, the recent stand took by UMNO definitely will destroy all. Can't they, of all people see the results of their undoing?

Meritrocracy on the uni entry, Rukun Negara, racial integration, respect for the flag, Negaraku and most of all towards the country and the pride of being Malaysian. Last but not least, the prideful Malaysia Boleh.

Can't these people see, simply by stirring on the social contract issue, all these efforts will be down the drain. The younger generation in school will no longer believe they had something good in being Malaysian. The pride will be gone. The Malays, some if not all, will still believe lacklustre attitude will gain them entry into university. If all races had been able to mix around in harmony before this, this constant blattering about special rights will definitely cause disunity, beginning from school. Can't they see this coming?

This is really disappointing and sickening. Frustrating. And what's more MCA and MIC seemed to be not taking a serious stand on this. Pride or greed? Guess the answer is obvious.

Posted by: darkwolfie at August 15, 2005 01:54 PM

I asked this same question some time back....

What race should a person who is of Indian, Chinese and Kadazan parentage write down in the "Race" part of any form (incl any NRD/JPN form)?

By the way, they don't have "Malaysian" as one of the choices...

Should this person be considered a "son of the soil"? If anything, he has more right to make such a claim than anyone else...

Posted by: carpediem at August 15, 2005 02:00 PM


I can't wait to see photo images of the ape-like behaviour holding a keris by the UMNO Youth Chief or his apparatchiks.

Are we looking forward to the mob-lynching behaviour of UMNO Youth apparatchiks marching on the streets threatening to burn down Gerakan HQ?

Make sure we have photos if above do happen. The idea is so that we can keep them and re-display in public just before the next General Election, to jog the short memory of Malaysians who had voted blindly in the past. We will put what UMNO are going to vomit out the standard promises (aobut vernacular schools and all the other crap) to the non Malays against what they are saying right now.

As I said, there should be a website to record all this... preferably a website hosted at oveseas server to bypass the ISA intimidation. Any volunteers?

As one US senator said: Nothing is too big or too small, to change the course of history.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 02:02 PM

Kudos to Dr Lim Keng Yaik for speaking out boldly for the non-Malays. We need more leaders like him.

Posted by: sorespot at August 15, 2005 02:04 PM

Malaysia: my motherland; I have not lived elsewhere, I won't be comfortable living elsewhere either. This is the only place I truly belong and the only place that I truly love. In return, what do I get: belittled and bemused. Am I frustrated? YES, because for the Malays, Chinese and Indians have always been a THEY.
LKY pointed this out. But the Malay leaders reacted negatively. Funny, how shallow ppl can be at times. My patience too has its limits. If the situation persists, I may want to leave my motherland.

Posted by: fatherboard at August 15, 2005 02:07 PM

it is really a funny country. It is classic situational management. When needed you're Malaysian. when not, you're a Chinese or Indian or Kadazan. It is really sad.Most of us here are very Malaysian and will not think twice to die for our country. if the freaking Indonesian attack, we will fight. Will the Indonesians with PR or who have suddenly become bumis fight? answer me KJ, will they fight? yes they will! But on whose side..think about it KJ&Hisham. The non bumis and those in east malaysia have contributed a lot to this country. Yes the east malaysians are second class bumis, needed for the numbers and get some hand me downs. I'm as true Malaysian as anyone he can be or you KJ/Hisham and I'll fight for the honour of my country and have done many times when ppl talk down about Msia with me. But sadly part of the govt, not only pushes me or others like me aside and tells me I'm lucky to be here and treats me thrid class.Indonesians are second class. remember Hambali(a honourable person..?) can get PR in 2 years and a govt contract, which I can't.

so think, without some of us here, where will Malaysia be. Who contributed to the taxes etc that allowed this country to progress and allowed contracts to be handed to bumis. without this contribution, will you get thus far? yeah, we were given a place and there was some agreements in place so that we can all work together. Together as a team. But if you keep telling your team mates that they are second class, what do you think will happen in the future? Think about it my UMNO friends. My MCA and MIC friends, find your balls if you can. But even if you do, we are not expecting much from you as you guys are self centered ppl who are unable to defend the rights of the ppl.

the UMNO guys are speaking cos of last election results. yeah yeah it is our fault. Next election, need to bring them down to earth.

Posted by: rocky at August 15, 2005 02:36 PM

UMNO guys will keep this going. That is the only way the can get support. The only reason they keep saying Malays can't compete or need help or are weak, as they need to ensure they are relevant and needed. More negative talk about Malays instead of positive talk or can do attitude is not encouraged. UMNO has brained washed the malays. Read Royal Prof Ungku Aziz article in Utusan yesterday. a good read overall although I may not agree with everything he said.

the NEP is not part of the constitution. what is the bumi priviliges in the constitution? can someone enlighten me here. There are articles that say that they are special but article 5 and 11 say everyone is same and can practise any religion freely.Correct?

Jeff - having all this archive for the next election is a great thing. We need to be reminded.

Posted by: rocky at August 15, 2005 02:46 PM

Dr. we are stand for you....lets do it more.

Posted by: spitfire at August 15, 2005 03:02 PM


Quiz Time

Q: Do you know why MCA and MIC are silent?

A: Samy Vellu's and Ong Ka Ting's tongues were removed by UMNO.

Q: Why did MIC and MCA leaders have no courage to speak up against the race-based politics of UMNO and UMNO Youth?

A. They both got castrated, when circumcision didn't actually do the job.

Q. Why are MCA leaders still in Government with UMNO despite being treated like nobodies by UMNO Youth?

A. That's the shortest cut to be rich for themselves and for their families and relatives.

Q. What happened to MCA Youth and MIC Youth when UMNO Youth is insulting the integrity of non-Malays?

A. They all went to watch football.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 03:06 PM

in islam, everyone is equal and has equal right in their own land. how come PAS youth also anger by keng yaik statement?

i dont know why they called it 'social contract', where are if the gov didnt grant citizenship to indian and chinese, british will never allow us to independant. so its not a contract, its a part of solution, its a win-win solution.

Posted by: rosman at August 15, 2005 03:06 PM

the social contract sign on 1957 was damp long time ago...i dont think it will laku now days...
need to sign again as malaysian... i mean all three races as one.

Posted by: spitfire at August 15, 2005 03:13 PM


You come PAS youth also anger by keng yaik statement?..

Silly of them. PAS could make use of this controversy for political capital to win non Malay votes.

PAS does NOT have to agree with Keng Yaik to marginalise Muslim votes.

PAS could strike its own political position on this controversy to be seen more on the middle ground as UMNO becomes more racist in character.

Now PAS is seen as no different from UMNO!!!

That is one reason why PAS will never win Govt, because you have characters in PAS Youth who are not politically savvy.

Being seen as so naive, PAS will remain in the backseat of Malaysian politics.

Dumb and silly politics of PAS Youth!! One of the reasons it lost Trengganu and find it hard even to win Kedah and Perlis.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 03:17 PM

When one party has been given the carte blanche to steal, why would they ever want to give it up ?

The UMNOputras have been hand-fed, and they do not realise that the competition is not from the other races, but from other countries. How else can you explain that a country which was once the world's largest producer of tin, rubber, palm oil, pepper, tropical logs and a country which is an exporter of oil still remains a third-world country ?

Malaysia will go the way of certain African countries if we are not careful - successive governments get elected on promises of reform and anti-corruption, only to steal the country blind. And it goes on and on....

Posted by: WilliamL at August 15, 2005 03:22 PM

This kind of talk by politician only happened during party election time. After the election (Gerakan election soon), will he talk the same?

Politician survive on issues, and this issues seems to be the "best" at the moment. Debate on this be it pro or contra to the proposed abolish of social contract between races will be dominated by politician. Everybody will one a piece of it.

At the end of the day, these politician earn the milleage that they want out of this issue and everything back to square one!!

So, don't speak if you have hidden agenda.

Posted by: zaiman at August 15, 2005 03:28 PM

I'm a "Malaysian" (Chinese) residing in Hungary now. Well, I have always been proud of how we, "Malaysian", able to live in harmony as a society respecting each other as I don't often see people in Hungary with different colours (although only 2 major colours) interacting together as we do in Malaysia. However, these days I fear what will the future be for Malaysian - Chinese, Indian and Others.

Posted by: Kriszti at August 15, 2005 03:29 PM

Social contract is a tool for UMNO to enrich their cronies. Despite years of implementing NEP, majority of Malays still not benefit directly from the wealth distribution policy. The gap of wealth is becoming more apparent after 30 years.
For me, UMNO youth is a group of illiterated gangsters that refuse to look into the facts.
They should investigate the reasons of NEP failure. It was not the fault of non-bumiputras in NEP failure. So, why they must threaten us with waving kris and deprive us from social equility until 2020.
NEP only cultivate a new generation of parasitic Malays that unable to stand on their own feet.

Posted by: Awtarman at August 15, 2005 03:49 PM


Yes, KY timing seems uncanny. But let's no confuse the issue with the man. The issue is real, and the responses to it leaves much to desire.

We can't live like this anymore. Let's move on to the enemy without and see ourselves as whom we are, having the same god-given inert potentials. The tools has been laid out for 48 years to the advantage of the Malay community and it is now time to advance to the next plateau, less we stay stagnant, clogged up with the false sense of security and contentment.

Posted by: ray_ at August 15, 2005 03:56 PM

It is indeed heartening to know Dr. Lim Keng Yaik speaks his heart out and he has voiced out what ordinary Chinese and Indians have been thinking. He has for once rid himself off the yes man tag of the government.

What is enshrined in the perlembagaan anyway? That nothing moves until the Bumis gets 30% of the economy? In the age of globalization, it waits for no man. In the keris weilding Hang Tuah wannabe and his "able" deputy Hang Jebat, these two jakuns have time and again prove that they speak with utmost sensitivity to their own welfare and pockets.

Yes, they have seen all the UMNO leaders before reaped in huge $$$$$ from DEB therefore they want a piece of the cake as well. To their horror, they find that without the DEB there will be no cake for them. (Note: the cake is not for all the Malays, its just for THEM). That is their objective. I wish all Malays/Bumis actually see the fallacy these two are trying to do.

I must admit, CJM and Dr. Lim is right in pointing that we gain 3% of world pie as Bangsa Malaysia than Bangsa UMNO trying to get 30% of Msian pie... which by then would have rotted to the core.

Posted by: Grengo01 at August 15, 2005 04:24 PM

They say "You reap what you sow".
This government is elected by the people through a general election, and the last time, they won big! Guess who voted for them??

Posted by: longjafaar at August 15, 2005 04:41 PM

Sigh... my one vote counts for nothing becoz majority chicken out eh?

Posted by: Grengo01 at August 15, 2005 04:44 PM

Grengo01 - your one vote counts,

Lets all stand up united and be heard

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do"
Edward Everett Hale

Posted by: arwen78 at August 15, 2005 04:54 PM

sigh.....For some Malays, time stopped at 1957. They think anything done then is perpetual. Easily seen how some just can't adapt to change.

I just can't wait for the full onslaught of globalisation. We'll really filter out who lives in the present and those who stopped 48 years ago.

Posted by: eastern at August 15, 2005 05:17 PM

Thanks Dr Lim for being so brave,honest and foolish in telling the truth to these hypersensitive, emotional, irrational, low self esteem, abled body crutch users.

The "social contract" is not for an indefinite period. It is to be apply only when there was a need. Is it the case now?

Many independent studies (were mentioned in the earlier threads) and anecdotal evidence aplenty show that the Bumi has acquired more than 50% of the corporate wealth in this country. So Non-Bumis, don't be so smug, collectively you are actually poorer than Bumis.

As for positions in education and government services, it is undisputed that the Bumis are the majority, so should there be more reservation here?

In any event, unless somebody could convince the Bumi masses of the perils of the continuance of the social contract, all contracting parties shall suffer. Who shall be the messanger? Good luck to you. You will need it.

Posted by: bumihamba at August 15, 2005 05:20 PM


The social contract issue is not new. I don't understand why it suddenly become a hot soup when the majority of us still voting BN for years. Even PAS is consistently silence about this despite of their awareness on how wrong it is according to their own religion (I guess they also afraid of losing supporters). Frankly, UMNO know Malays very well to play it's card to gain support. One of the oldest and classic card is fear. UMNO leaders know that the Malays are afraid of losing control to practice their religion (make sense) or (ridiculously) the possibility of being ousted from the country by the-more-economically-strong counterpart. Believe it or not, the card is still working like magic more than ever! To make it worst, most of the Malays (sadly) already accepted that they will never be stronger than their counterparts in economic sense. They see political power as the only way available to retain control and this is what UMNO is doing. UMNO leaders are aware about this and use it to their strength.

And ironically, this is also where UMNO made a mistake. Guess what, UMNO is not the only player. Other races also is actually gain benefits from this indirectly. UMNO make the Malays feel comfortable by guaranteeing political power and the Malays has no problem spending their (limited?) earning to bussiness that largely owned by others without any thought of who owned the bussiness (Suprisingly, most Malays are more comfortable doing bussiness with other races than their own, I think, at least). So, there is no doubt that the Malays also contributing to the economies in a small but crucial way. To claim that only some of the races build the economy is somehow not fair at all (too much proud maybe?).

Feel like a second class citizen? Perhaps, you have the right reasons to feel like that. I also feel like a second class citizen when I was denied to enter to IPTA or when I was in seminars where I was the only non-chinese participant (even worst, they treated me like i was not there! Silence discrimination?). But none of that make me angry or affect my perspective towards other races. It increases my awareness and boost my effort to be as good as them. My point is you will be a second class citizen if you feel that way. I can't go wrong if I say, most of us are very grateful to live in Malaysia, don't you think? :). To say the Indonesian workers are treated better is completely ridiculous. As for the recent PR & Hambali stories, you might want to check out again as it was not as simple as you think.

We cannot denied who we are as a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian. But we can all be a Malaysian and still be grateful after all the silly policies being implemented for past 40 years. After all, what we have now is the result of what we (or people before us) have done in the past. One of my dream is to see different political party (any party doesn't really matter to me) aside BN. By then, only we can judge which one is better. FYI, I have some respects to all BN leaders eventhough I never vote for them even once. The reason Malaysians still voting for BN is they afraid things will be worse instead of being better.I guess it is normal, as a human being. That's why we probably will never see a drastic change in our political scene.

Discrimination should end but if I have to choose between 'open' discrimination and 'silence' discrimination, I would choose the first one (at least feel less hurt for me :p)

Posted by: Mas Ahmad at August 15, 2005 05:39 PM


You said......For some Malays, time stopped at 1957.

It was UMNO who stopped the clock for the Malays. Not only that , it is UMNO and UMNO Youth leaders who keep reminding our fellow Malay brothers and sisters that they are economically still backward, perennially needing crutches, unable to be self-reliant (berdikari), needing subsidies, too weak to compete with non Malays, and all the negative attributes one can think off. And in the same breath, UMNO YOuth talks about "ketuanan Melayu" and then sought to bully and intimidate non Malays in the country into total silence, branding them as "pendatang" after 40 years of independence, while yielding a keris in public.

All the talk of negative attributes of Malays are all wrong. Because they are not race specific attributes. What is sad about this is that when a society is reminded of such negative attributes repeatedly so often over the last 30 years, people internalise that into their behaviour and outlook, and therefore fail to see for themselves all the good that they inherently have.

And those Malays who are marginalised or with no resources at hand to improve themselves, then become and act as though are indeed weak through this propaganda barrage, while the rich and influential Malays, exploit the situationa and take advantage to loot themselves with more riches (note the AP Kings and the instant UMNOputra millionaires).

And UMNO and UMNO Youth deliberately do this.. for political reason, not for the overall socioeconomic wellbeing of the Malays. Why are the rural kampung folks still left behind while only a handful of Umnoputras become obscenely wealthy?

Benevolent leadership comes from encouraging the positives of individuals, NOT catering to racial fears and constantly reminding the Malays that they have negative attributes; a characterisation that makes them see themselves as a less economically functional society

There is one conclusion to this: It is to enable UMNO as a political entity to entrench itself as a FEUDAL LORD or as a neo-colonialist for the Malay community.

It is a disgusting racial politics that divide Malaysian society. It can only change if our fellow Malay brothers and sisters wake up to this hidden agenda of UMNO and UMNO Youth.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 05:41 PM

Excuse me, 'Malay Supremacy'??...Does it mean that non-Bumis are your underlings? your slaves?

Wake up! Stand up high to proves the supremacy...minus the crutch pls. Be admired.


Posted by: deanng at August 15, 2005 05:44 PM

Mas Ahmad

I share your views.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 05:52 PM

Saya sudah cakap...Kerja kuat-kuat...cari duit banyak-banyak...Tak boleh tahan kita cau la lain tempat.Apa mau bising-bising...Kalau boleh tahan, jangan complaint..Kalau tak boleh tahan, belah la...Tiap-tiap tahun undi BN...Lagi apa mau cakap....Sendiri bikin sendiri tanggung la....Dia mau malay supermacy ka..Ketuanan Melayu ka..itu semua retorik saja. Pi Internatial scene and see...They don;t care who the [ DELETED BY JEFF OOI - One more profanity and you are out. ] are you...As long as you are good you are accepted...If you are a piece of [ DELETED BY JEFF OOI - One more profanity and you are out. ] like UMNO, then your are [ DELETED BY JEFF OOI - One more profanity and you are out. ]..Itu saja...

Posted by: Airsnort at August 15, 2005 06:15 PM

Adakah sesiapa didalam perdebatan isu ini orang Melayu? Apakah benar orang Melayu selain daripada UMNO berfikiran yang orang Melayu masih lemah, tiada "role-model", dan tidak ada saing?

Saya adalah dari keturunan Cina. Bagi saya, tidak salah kalau saya masih memiliki identiti Cina saya tetapi berjiwa Malaysia. Ini kerana Malaysia adalah negeri dimana saya dilahirkan.

Di dalam ruang siber ini terdapat sekumpulan rakyat Malaysia yang merasakan walaupun dalam paspot mereka menyatakan warganegara Malaysia namun merasa dianaktirikan.

Saya menyedari bahawa dengan memberi pandangan sedemikian, saya akan terbuka kepada pelbagai ancaman dan kecaman, namun apakah itu caranya untuk menangani sesuatu isu? Tidakkah boleh kita duduk bersama-sama membincangkan isu sebegini secara rasional?

Jeff Ooi memang berani membuka ruang siber ini untuk memberi peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia membincangkan isu-isu yang sekian lama dianggap sensitif tetapi memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada hidup kita. Apakah pihak berkuasa akan menganggap beliau meniupkan sentimen perkauman dengan berbuat demikian?

JEFF OOI SAYS: Please don't frame me this way. All my links, referenced reports and context come from the public domain and mainstream papers, and statements by Barisan Nasional leaders.

Buat masa ini, Bangsa Malaysia hanya satu impian sahaja, "orang-orang Melayu" akan tetap merasakan mereka bangsa yang lemah dan yang "lain" akan menganggap mereka sebagai warga kelas dua, selagi ada golongan yang terus mengekalkan fikiran sedemikian.

Pada masa yang sama, saya optimis yang satu hari nanti kita akan memanggil diri kita rakyat Malaysia tanpa menepikan identiti kita sebagai orang Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh, Serani, dan sebagainya.

Sebagai penutup, saya berharap perdebatan sebegini akan dapat dikekalkan tanpa rasa takut dan dapat dilakukan secara terbuka serta objektif dan rasional.


Posted by: twotablet at August 15, 2005 06:18 PM

bravo dr lim! we need more leaders like him. as a chinese, i don't feel 'kecil hati' with such statements, rather, i see it as a sign of hope that we malaysians may 'one'. i would suggest that Mingguan Malaysian carry out surveys to support their claims that chinese and indians are 'kecil hati' with such statements.

Posted by: dah vid at August 15, 2005 07:52 PM

No point talking to those UMNO youths la. Better spend your time talking to monkeys. Why? They can at least understand something that we tried to put across!!!

Posted by: mewah at August 15, 2005 08:35 PM

"August 14: The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (MCAM) president Dr Ma'amor Osman urged Keng Yaik to resign from the Cabinet for questioning the social-contract. He said Keng Yaik's statement was purposely made to anger the Malays and other bumiputras and belittled Malay supremacy, which was agreed to by all the races since independence in 1957. According to Bernama, he was quoted as saying Malay and bumiputera privileges should not be disputed as it was part of the arrangement agreed to by all."

Whoa, hang on a minute. Which part of the constitution is he refering to. The constitution states in part II under Fundamental Liberties that: -


1) All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.

(2) Except as expressly authorized by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent or place of birth in any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.

(3) There shall be no discrimination in favour of any person on the ground that he is a subject of the Ruler of the State.

(4) No public authority shall discriminate against any person on the ground that he is resident or carrying on business in any part of the Federation outside the jurisdiction of the authority.

Furthermore may i add the NEP is invalid because:


(1) This Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

Posted by: DavidO at August 15, 2005 09:15 PM

Missing Niel masterpiece ...

Posted by: mageP23 at August 15, 2005 09:15 PM

The inter-communal situation in the country must be really serious for the president of the political party founded on the concept of a bangsa malaysia to come out and fire a salvo on the obsolescence of the stop-gap measure that is this thing called a social contract.

The reaction of the apparatchiks of umno, especially its youth wing, is, as expected, one of moronic knee-jerks. They would have done their cause some good to think first why a seasoned politician would say what he said, given he has nothing to gain or lose in saying it now. Yet, as an old man who has given virtually his entire working career to the cause of Malaysia, he said it, as he did about the schools situation before this, because he believed that things are not right, and, despite knowing it would elicit the crass reaction from the blinkered quarters. True to form, they didn't disappoint.

After all, what is bangsa malaysia? When someone - take any race - is prostrate in the emergency ward of GHKL, bleeding from a neck wound, and the haggard night doctor on duty is suturing him up, does the nurse in attendance ask the doctor what race should the five pints of transfusion blood be from, or which community should be called upon the following morning to donate back more to the blood bank?

You look at the problem, and solve it the way it is solved all over the world. If Malays are poor, then find them means to earn an honest living consistent with their religious beliefs which are also based on universal tenets championed by everyone else. Not create shortcuts, crutches and bypasses for them to become instant middle-class overnight and then selected super-rich the following morning by dint of policies that deny the honest majority of the entire country, especially the other races, the chance to improve, or cost their children their future, or suck the value of their savings dry. Besides corrupting governance and all other evils.

Bangsa Malaysia is not the hishammudin hussein onn or khairy jamaluddin or ahmad cheek or maamor osman of Malaysia; these named are not even malays, just weak opportunists who shameless pool wool over the eyes of their own race in order to further their own juvenile glorification disguised as ketuanan melayu or perjuangan kolonialisme. They wear yellow everyday of their political lives and they cause more damage to Malaysia than someone who calls a spade a spade. They think they're custodians of malay rights when the notion of rights makes no sense anymore in this globalised world, what more threatens the survival of the recipient, as facts and history are showing. Clearly they're doing the greatest unspoken disservice to the very people they're portraying themselves to protect. They themselves are not bangsa malaysia because their fellowman, nazri, would also call them racists, wouldn't he?

That guy on the hospital bed a minute from death but for the multi-racial efforts of the Almighty and the healthcare professionals of the MOE is the real bangsa malaysia.

Posted by: Neil at August 15, 2005 09:24 PM

saya optimis satu hari nanti...i dream. Well if the future leadership of this country is based on ppl like what we have seen lately branding a Keris, well please keep dreaming and bein optimis..maybe in another 50 years if you're luck.

yes I guess open discrimination is ok instead of silence discrimination. In that case we as Malaysian should not have been voicing our objections to apartheid in SA.What crap..cakap tak serupa bikin..preaching and practise is different. And the open discrimination is not from inviduals or only individuals but from the govt and a ruling party.Guess what Israel is doing is also ok cos it is very open and loud discrimination. Well Palestinian, just feel you are first class and all will be ok!!Feel alone is good, who cares how you actually treated when getting into uni or getting a contract.

Oh plse tell me more about Hambali. Do a google serach and look for the star report on his PR and govt contract. He did get his PR after 2 years..what is the criteria for receiving a PR? woman married to Msian man even after 5-8 years still can't get PR. Why? Because of his race?

Posted by: rocky at August 15, 2005 09:41 PM


Very well said.

A sober and matured analysis in the midst of hyped emotional outbursts across the political divide.

Unfortunately such analysis is just too hard to get into the fogged heads of the UMNO Youth leadership... Way above their heads and beyond their conceptual grasps.

This is not to say UMNO Youth leaders can't think; they do, but they just don't have the intellectual tools and skills to analyse.

Every attempt of analysis by the UMNO Youth leaders iether ends up with their apparatchiks marching onto our streets threatening to burn a building down, or waving a keris ie a weapon, threatening to send their message in blood.

UMNO Youth leaders are even blinded by their misguided perception of who they are. Their silence is so loud during the haze crisis all because it so happened it was Abang who caused the environmental crisis that affect the health of every Malaysian, babies and old folks included.

Imagine how many keris will be displayed if it had been Thailand or Singapore causing the haze and it will be for days you read as front page headlines in the headkicking Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian.

And they are the socalled second generation leaders primed to lead the country !!! Oh my God !!

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 09:52 PM

I had enough of BN..!!!
I am not going to vote BN next election..!!!
I might be one person, but i will see that all my frens and relatives see what i'm seeing...
i'll make sure they dun vote BN too..!!!

Posted by: Thisismalaysia !!...oh.. at August 15, 2005 09:54 PM

I'm lazy to repost my entire post from my forum (click my nickname) about this, but as someone whose grandfather and father were born here in Malaysia, I'd just like to say I consider this "social contract" bullshit meaningless. I was born a Malaysian, and it's just plain stupid to pretend I am going to desert my country just like that. But if you think because of this loyalty you can abuse my labour, you'd better think twice, because I may be a loyal citizen, but I'm not some sucker like those MCA and MIC chumps.

I knew it all along since the first time I heard LKY speak: Gerakan (or at least LKY) at least has some principles, and sticks to them. (It's also helpful towards my opinion of them that I agree with those principles.) Kudos to LKY. I hope Gerakan quits BN and runs in the next election. I want to fuck this social contract to the six foot grave it should have been dumped in a long time ago.

Posted by: johnleemk at August 15, 2005 10:24 PM

Agreed with Frank&Honest,

they only good in showing keris to their own countrymen, n got no balls to show it to the 'Indons' silence and consent...that's why they send those JELEBU every the hack all the minister doing when this crisis been happened many many years back...see n wait ah...i have doubts the quality of our ministers and MP...of managing well their's portfolio..know what and know what to do when a crisis happened. You can see so many confusion amongs the ministries. you can see also our Minister in Wisma putra been doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING through diplomatics over the years to improve the situation. Is that fellow doing a good job? yeah, may be it's good for the ABANG kat seberang sana kut!!! Really pity to our PM that he have a bunch of 'no know' fellow running this country...betul betul buta gaji...i think the NEP only benefit those ppl and theirs cronies...c the AP case, if this case would been happened in US, i think that fellow either commit suicide or end up in 'cell' da...

this is the most happening year for Malaysia...

and happy Merdeka day...yeah for the BUMI's..if they can remember how we ( better put their la) the independence from British...

the only good things is that we have a day rest extra on our calendar...cheers..

Posted by: Deep Throat at August 15, 2005 10:40 PM

Encik Jeff Ooi and semua pengkomen, izinkan saya bercerita sedikit di sini:
Nun jauh di sebuah rumah di sebuah kampung:
Bapak: Nak, apesal bebuku kat meja tak sentuh? Dah abis ke kerja rumah? Mai, abah tengok. Mashaallah, banyaknya tanda merah melimpah-limpah! Ko tak bace buku ke tak dengak cikgu ajark ko?
Anak: Abah ni bising lar...aku tengah tengok Kedemi Fantosok ni, ganggu je lah. Ish, gentarnya, Mawi akan menagk ke? Abah, keje rumah tu, bole bace nanti.
Bapak: Nak, tosahlah duduk dekat sangat kat TV tu, nanti mate jadi bute kang.
Anak: Ish, patut mai tengok same, bah. Mentri, pimpin, Kak Zalina pun suruh tengok Mawi.
Bapak: Tak leh asyik tengok TV je nak, cikgu nak dah bagi warning nak mesti siap keje rumah. Nanti kena hukum lagi padan muka.
Anak: Kejap je bah, nanti nak buat karange ye-Cita-cita bile besak nanti.Semuanya OK.
Bapak: Anak ni tak dengak nasihat leh-berbuih mulut abah nasihat. Besak nanti tak nak ke masuk univesiti?
Anak: Ape nak takut bah. Kejaan janji nak tambah tempat uni untuk kite orang. Usah nak takut. Entahlah bah. Bile besak nanti, mungkin nak jadi cam Mawi. Kalo tak dapat masuk univeSITI, takpe bole jadi macam SITI.
Bapak: Ish, apesal nak jadi artis ni. Ko tau ke nyanyi? Nanti hujan turun.
Anak: Aleh, tau sikit sikit lah (Malu). Tak tau pun takpe. Nanti masuk Kedemi Fantasok, ade orang ajark. Jadi cam Mawi nanti.
Bapak: Wi? Sapo tu Mawi lagi ni? Fames ke dia?
Anak: Fuih-tera betui dia ni. Sekarang dah menang Kedemi, fuih-menak kete, rumah,duit ade, nanti awek pun melimpah-limpah, kahwin empat nanti.
Bapak: Ish. (Mengusik) Kahwin empat nanti isti pertama simbah asid getah. Hai~Sukak hati hang lah. Bile abis nanti, ingat buat karange ye.
Anak: Udah-dah abis dah. I karang nak layar intenet-fuhlamak canggih ICT bah. Nak visit sokong Mawi...Bah, kejap bah. Er...bole mintak duit saku lagi tak...
Bapak: Buat ape? Baru je 2 hari lepas dah bagi 50 puluk.
Anak: Alah bah kan baru je dapat duit ekstra dari (*insert your favourite special privilege here*)He...he...nak beli kad pepaid isi duit hepone...duit dah abis SMS sokong Mawi.
Bapak: Ish...ade ade je budak ni...Nah!

Moral of the story? Something for you to ponder upon. Cheers.

Posted by: howsy at August 15, 2005 11:16 PM

Gather from all remarks and present situation, it looks like non-bumis communities are enemies of UMNOputras. Using race issue to cause fear and debate which cannot be challenge. Is our Boleh-land still call a democratic country?

Sadly, the word "Democratic" is just only a word to present to the world.

Will we be jail under ISA quoting the Merdeka Federal Constitution which is grossly violated?

I personally call for vote to party change since UMNO sees us non-bumis as foe and not citizens.

Posted by: NewsObserver at August 15, 2005 11:18 PM

Guys, you get what you vote for. If the Chinese and Indians continue to vote in huge numbers for so-called coalition government rather than to risk rocking the boat, then it is as good as a thumbs up for the status quo.

What pissed me off is all the short-term view of everyone. The Chinese & Indians are too short visioned to try to affect their rice-bowls without considering that their children will pay the price for the steady erosion of rights, and the Malays are too short-visioned to see that this is serious impairing the competitiveness of the country as a whole.

The world is becoming globalized too quickly for us and if we don't wake up and smell the rot and stink from our defunct 'social contract', it is almost a certainty that our economy will tank, and when that happens, I vouch that it will also be a certainty that blood will flow.

Posted by: Andrew at August 15, 2005 11:20 PM


You wrote: " What pissed me off is all the short-term view of everyone...The Chinese & Indians are too short visioned... and the Malays are too short-visioned ... "

Go out and do something constructive about it then!! Can you?

No use whining and whinging about it. It is a known tiresome fact already, and had been commented ad nauseaum in this blog !!

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 15, 2005 11:29 PM

y should i work for a country when i find i impossible to own a decent car?
y should i work in a country where i can't meet my ambition if i study in public university?
y should i work in a country where i need to spend the rest of my life paying for my house installment?
y should i work in a country where i can't say that i'm a Malaysian (no 1 shall argue this with me. y? just tell me how many of u when filling up an application form, write 'Malaysian'as ur race????)
y should i work in a country where i'm not given equal respect for achieving a world class ranking? (e.g Karamjit etc)

y?????? because this is where i've born. i've been livin here for 26 yrs. [ DELETED BUYY JEFF OOI - SEDITIOUS ] i just love this place.
but if the trend goes on like this, for sure in the next few yrs malaysia i goin to loose another professional to foreign country and thats me ;) .

Posted by: klinpg at August 15, 2005 11:46 PM

Frank&Honest, yes I can and I do. But what I can do or influence may be small but I hope it will be part of a rising tide. I hope you do too.

Posted by: Andrew at August 15, 2005 11:48 PM

With donkey of years in mental confinement, instill fear with threatening race issue, it is not just that simple to point out hout BN rigs all the votes. MCA (Mahathir Cronies Association) is good for nothing and probably assist the UMNOputras to achieve their goal.

I salute Dr.LKY for his voice for ordinary helpless citizen. Just take a careful look on the reaction of UMNO and PAS will drive a non-bumis from their vote.

If Gerakan will to withdraw from BN, I will vow my complete support as an individual party.

Posted by: NewsObserver at August 15, 2005 11:59 PM

Yeah, well, but the opposition parties have no plan beyond opposing what the government has to say. Keadilan is Anwar's personality cult dressed up as a political party. PAS is unpalatable to non-Muslims. DAP is unpalatable to Malays and often makes a fool out of itself.

Like I said, Gerakan should haul ass from BN waters and start kicking butt on its own. If they're all as open-minded as LKY, this country may yet be able to save itself.

Posted by: johnleemk at August 16, 2005 12:03 AM

check out this article.

good luck MCA with OKT nothing will happen, all rights etc will be gone as he can speak or articulate and said he doesn't need a vision.

Posted by: rocky at August 16, 2005 12:10 AM

Isn't it sad that racial rhetoric continues to be used in our beloved country, continuing the racial divide that separates and categorises us racially into Malays, Chinese, Indians or Orang Asli when all of us are Malaysians. How can the racial divide ever be bridged and healed when the interests of one race is promoted above another? The continued used of racial rhetoric by certain quarters of UMNO only serves to promote each race to look after their own interest, instead of the interests of the nation as a whole - counterproductive to the future development of our country.

As such, this situation gives rise to racial politics that seeps into the social fabric of the nation and the mindset of ordinary people, A “we vs you” mentality becomes an entrenched culture and system of racial biases, hence engendering racial scapegoating whenever things go wrong. Some disillusioned Malaysians have spoken of the double standards or the two codes of laws in our country, one for the Malays and one for other races. This insular, self-protecting and others-blaming mentality in the end only hurts itself, as blindness to one’s fault does not address the fault, which will only grow into a crisis.

This mentality has its roots in the belief that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, and not the other races who have usurped the rightful place of the Malays as rulers of the land. What needs to be remembered is that our country was created and formed, not only out of the glorious past of the Malay Sultanate, but from the times of trade between the Sultanate and other places, and the British colonial period. Malaysia would not be the country it is today if not for the trade and immigration from Chinese and Indians, who have contributed a lot to the economic development of the nation. Denying this history of immigration is a denial of the history and formation of our beloved country. In fact, the history of the Malay Sultanate itself tells of immigration of different groups of people throughout the archipelago.

Posted by: dreamer idiot at August 16, 2005 12:13 AM

[ DELETED BY JEFF OOI - Slanderous ]

Posted by: dyslexia.mc2 at August 16, 2005 12:15 AM

I am the fellow citizen of every being that thinks; my country is Truth.
~Alphonse de Lamartine, "Marseillaise of Peace," 1841

Posted by: Seymores_2000 at August 16, 2005 12:17 AM


You wrote..."But what I can do or influence may be small but I hope it will be part of a rising tide.."

That is good enough, Andrew. I had quoted a US senator's well know comment: "Nothing is too big or too small to change the course of history."

You will be surprised the rippling effect on the political landscape of the country when each one of ones engaged in political awareness campaigns for our folks in the rural areas and in the cities. The battle is against the mainstream media owned by the ruling political parties. But the internet should negate the monopolising effect of the mainstream medium.

All that need to be done is to challenge the disastrous effects of UMNO and UMNO Youth's dangerous race-based policies and allow our citizens to weigh the consequences to their livelihood and the future of their descendents if they allow UMNO and UMNO Youth politicies to influence daily government policies.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 12:20 AM

Hishamuddin dan Khairy sudah hilang akal. Cakap macam gendang kosong.If these two fellows (along with hordes of other fellows in the parliament - opposition included) were to be allowed leading our beloved country in the future, I might as well start planning to leave eventhough I love this country and the people. Although I am categorised as Malay (Thai-Malay-Indian-Indonesian/Chinese blood and a muslim), I would be prouder to be labelled as Malaysian. Period.

Posted by: razak at August 16, 2005 12:26 AM

Past incidents have shown that speaking against UMNO's political agenda would not do one any good.

I salute Dr. Lim for speaking the unspeakable about the need to review the Social Contract for the betterment of all Malaysians.

At the same time, I pray that this senior BN politician will not get the axe from UMNO for refusing to be its yesman like the others.

Good luck, Dr. Lim.

Posted by: ahjuju18 at August 16, 2005 01:07 AM

Hello Jeff,

Didn't mean to put you in a bad light or anything like that.

In regards to this debate of Bangsa Malaysia and Social Contract and whatever LKY had said, I'm not too sure what more to say, so much more eloquence from the others.

LKY is very forthright and his view make sense for a politician. As pointed out by Jeff in his various links to actual news report, he has my respect; absymal internet penetration is one quote that I can remember clearly, others I have to research and look up further, for which I do not have time nor the resources (for I am linked to the whole wide web through a lousy 28.8kbps connection in the Klang Valley - not entirely gomen fault, some personal cirumstancial restriction as well). There are other priorities.

In the light of the current outburst of conversation, why all the fuss? My reductionist thought whispered to me. The complexity of the problem is real, the frustration among the more enlighten strata of society is real too. That is what I told myself.

I don't know what would make sense to those who knows only how to utter "RACIST!" in hallowed and dignified place but I do know, for one, every kid deserve a decent education for which this is one area that is rottening to the core in Malaysia. Opporturnity to enhance oneself through further education in which our education system is straining to do so.

When I look back at a certain picture of a weapon-wielding incident, as much as I like to be nice and kind, I could not help but think of the whole scene like out of the movie "Planet of the Apes". What a lookalike with its jaw dropping portrait.

What can be done in the context of democracy to voice such disatisfaction? Frank&Honest has quoted, "Nothing is too big or too small to change the course of history." Boleh makan-kah? Better than nothing.

But one question - is Malaysia running on auto-pilot? Very scary thought with the kind of leadership we have now.

Posted by: twotablet at August 16, 2005 01:19 AM

you can't join online. but at only rm2 a year, we can start doing something like what Andrew said. Read their ideology. It summarises all we have been asking for. MALAYSIA.

Seems to be the only credible non-racial party. Although many Chinese faces, I am sure 'non'-non-malays who stand up for a better Malaysia will join too. Gerakan had a good number of Malaysian faces from different ethnic backgrounds (not races).

I voted for Pak Lah in the last election - for BN. DAP was flip-flopping too much for my confidence. Well can DAP from now, please stand up without the other kosong parties? And be a contemporary voice.

I had confidence in the last election as both Hishamuddin and Najib were from the missionary school that I grew up in. So I thought there would be some love for the human 'race'. I still have faith in a new Najib in the new Malaysia. "Dato', I understand your difficult job. But MALAYSIA counts on you and Pak Lah."

I think Hishamuddin's been used by KJ too much. Probably it was KJ who proped the keris too. But no excuse. Sack your deputy, Hisham. Get a new king maker. I know one from our glorious school... if you can bear wisdom, truth, character, principles and love for all mankind. You understand what I am saying?

Fide Et Labore
~ Faith and Labour ~
Nothing is achieved without making an effort.
Without Labour.
But to Labour with Faith is to have a goal 'worth' Labouring.
Faith tells us that our labour would not be in vain.
Faith that tells us it is worth the struggle.

Have faith in MALAYSIA with Malaysians as labourers no matter what 'race', beliefs or class.

Posted by: doovad at August 16, 2005 01:39 AM

Saya menyarankan agar parti Gerakan, parti MCA,MIC dan lain-lain parti komponen BN keluar dari BN untuk menyertai barisan pembangkang bersama-sama DAP, PKR dan PAS. Parti perkauman MCA dan MIC jika boleh dibubar dan ahli-ahlinya menyertai parti-parti lain.

Ini harus dilakukakan jika kita rakyat Malaysia ingin benar mencapai matlamat Bangsa Malaysia. Soalnya sama ada orang Melayu, Cina, India dsb yang tidak rasis dan bersifat Malaysia dalam erti kata yang sebenar berani bertindak atau tidak? Mahu evolusi atau revolusi? itu terpulang kepada kita, tidak perlu dipaksa dan dimainkan emosinya.

Namun yang menjadi tanda tanya adalah adakah majoriti kaum Melayu bersetuju akan hal ini? Saya tidak pasti dan dalam masa yang sama saya berharap agar masyarakat Cina dan India terutama yang sangat rasis yang menuntut agar kontrak sosial ini dikaji semula dapat berbuat sama juga secara perlahan-lahan.

Posted by: habri at August 16, 2005 02:12 AM

My husband and I are currently in Germany. We intend to finish our phd here and go back to our beloved country Malaysia and contribute to her growth.

But when being treated as a "second group of people in the country", I cannot help but to feel dissapointed. My grandmother came here from China when she was 8 years old. My parents were born here... and I am not a bumiputera. My friend from Indonesia enjoy the bumiputera privilege once they have Malaysian citizenship. This is something I cannot comprehend.

When you look at the plain people staying next door all is well but when you start reading comments made by politicians in the paper, it will make your heart ache ever more. They are so silent when we were poisoned with haze. I wonder where were all these people during the haze crisis. Can you please address the real problem instead of causing problem due to your own intention?

Forgot who started using the term 'paper tiger' but this is really PAPER TIGER.

I make myself known as a Malaysian. Telling the foreigners the beauty of my country ( they can find out the ugliness on their own)

Posted by: watersugar at August 16, 2005 05:47 AM


You wrote:
When I look back at a certain picture of a weapon-wielding incident, as much as I like to be nice and kind, I could not help but think of the whole scene like out of the movie "Planet of the Apes". What a lookalike with its jaw dropping portrait.

You are not too far wrong in your comparison in the movie.

Have a look here to refresh:

"doovad" posted earlier that Hishamuddin came from a missionary school.

Interesting to know what kind of which missionary school that is capable of producing a future leader (ie as UMNO YOuth ChiefO with such violent jungle behaviour!! Was he a schoolyard bully before or was he bullied and then became a bully as he is now ?

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 06:21 AM

What racial social contract?
Is this South Africa aparthied system?
Malay supremacy? Sound like Adolf Hitler speaking!!
This is fanatical ideal which should not belongs to mainstream political areana.
Time for normal Malaysians to reject and stamp out such extremist idea.
UMNO is practising blantant racial discrimination against the other races.
In USA there is a extremist group called "white supremacy". This is a fringe group and does not belong to mainstream America. The group is being watched by FBI closely.
There ways to isolate UMNO -
Vote the opposition (DAP, Keadilan, PAS). This will reduce the confortable majority that BN now enjoy. For their survival BN may then rethink their policy.
Another way is to embarrass the Minister by holding demonstration during their visit to other countries, pass out discrmination informations to all human rights organisation in the world. At least UMNO may not be so bold to voice Malay supremacy in public.
Can't believed it!
Lim Keng Yaik is a towering Malaysian leader!
Retired from Gerakan and join the opposition.
Fight against racial discrimination.

Posted by: superlotto at August 16, 2005 06:41 AM


Some history of UMNO ( not usually mentioned by today's UMNO Youth, especially the UMNO Youth leader)

I read yesterday (see below) on a short history of UMNO,which was rarely mentioned in the revisionist version of UMNO by the present leadership .

It seems that the keris wielding UMNO Youth Chief's GRANDFATHER, the great Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO, had wanted to make UMNO a LESS racist political party, ie a more inclusive Malayan political party,and not only for the Malays. He proposed to change United MALAY National Organisaton into United MALAYA National Organisaton, still retaining the acronym UMNO.

The UMNO members resisted, and as a man of strong principles and moral standing, Onn Jaafar resigned in protest and in great disappointment and left the UMNO that eventually became more racist up to this day. He was marginalised and ostracised by his Malay colleagues and mentioned only in periphery of UMNO's official historical recollection.

What was significant in this historical anecdote was that it was suggested by the founder of UMNO himself. Because they didn't agreee, he resigned a matter of principle. We don't hear or see such moral leadership in today's UMNO hierarchy.

Rafidah Aziz, with her credibility problems washed in public by her own members, should take follow the example of the late Onn Jaafar.

Malaysia today would have been a BETTER place for all Malaysians if the vision of the great Onn Jaafar, the grandfather of the keris-wielding ape-like character of present UMNO Youth leader, had eventuate.

If Onn Jaafar'S vision of UMNO had materialised in 1951, there would NOT be race-based political parties today, (no MCA or MIC), and we might even have a more enlightened set of UMNO and UMNO Youth politicians today, instead of a bunch of violent prone politician-wannabes with racist tendencies.

Onn Jaafar's grandson, who entered into UMNO Youth politics today, is a far far cry from the greatness and wisdom of his grandfather, one of the architects who laid the foundation for Malaya's independence from the British.

In comparision, the behaviour of the present UMNO Youth Chief is a disgrace to the memory and political legacy of his grandfather.

see below excerpt article at :

"....After the British returned to Malaya in the aftermath of World War II, the independence movement started to take wing to oppose the British plan of a Malayan Union.

A series of Malay congresses were held, culminating in the formation of UMNO on May 11, 1946 at the Third Malay Congress in Johor Bahru, with Datuk Onn Jaafar at its head.

Membership in UMNO was and continues to be limited to members of the Malay (bumiputra) race, and Onn Jaafar's attempt to change this policy and the party's name into the United MALAYA National Organisation was rejected in 1951. Onn Jaafar resigned in protest.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 07:07 AM


While we are still on the topic on UMNO and its opposition to be a more racially tolerant political entity:

What's the update or what ever happened to our Azeez the Sleeze, the UMNO Putera Chief, with his less than prestigious (questionable) MBA from Preston (or was it Princeton) Univeristy?? One reader had written who said he walked around like an arrogant upstart and behave gangster throwing his weight around and promising money for popularity and surrounded by two other equally suspicious characters in his walkabouts around town.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 07:27 AM

Actually I pity Hishamuddin, though his keris act was good. Khairy treats him with contempt among his cronies: "Tiada otak," he says.

Posted by: TomK at August 16, 2005 08:37 AM

LKY = Lim Keng Yaik OR Lee Kuan Yew???

Methinks that much of what Keng Yaik is saying today mirrors what the now Minister Mentor of Singapore said before Singapore was ejected from Malaysia in 1965. In those days, Kuan Yew was talking about his vision of a "Malaysian Malaysia" - for which he was summarily condemned by the so-called "ultras" in Umno.

Strange how history seems to be repeating itself. Or what goes around comes around.

I read in the Singapore Straits Times today that the Malaysian government has appointed a high-level international advisory panel to "assist the government in formulating future economic strategies as Malaysia enters the second phase of its Vision 2020. Well-known economists, social scientists and financial experts from around the world were appointed to the panel. The members are expected to contribute their views on the regional and global trends and challenges that face Malaysia in the medium term. They will also offer their perspectives on how Malaysia's plans can take into account these emerging trends and realities in the context of heightened global competition. They will give inputs to be considered by the National Economic Action Council".

Perhaps the panel should be given a crash course in such uniquely Malaysian concepts and dogmas such as the NEP, the social contract, the "Ketuanan" issue, meritocracy etc etc.

And hopefully this panel won't go the way of the MSC International Advisory Panel which started with a bang and is now reduced to silence, if not irrelevance in a world where the IT action is flowing to India, China and Singapore.

Any amount of high-level international advisory panels will not amount to five sen worth if the underlying problems and deficiencies in Malaysia are not identified, debated and fixed.

Posted by: Spock at August 16, 2005 08:59 AM

Don't hope for the MCA to say anything constructive or to really defend the Chinese position. Most UMNO leaders, including Hishamuddin, treat Ong Ka Ting as a "small boy" and they boss him around like he is really a small boy.

Our only hope is for someone in UMNO to wake up one day and realise that the "enemy" is not from within, but from outside our borders. In the meantime, work hard, save, send your children overseas, and that's where your insurance policy is going to be.

Posted by: WilliamL at August 16, 2005 09:10 AM

We were often told in school that when faced with a problem which we could not find a solution, 'go back to basic' And in this case people or more specifically the Malays or the UMNO leaders themselves. I believe an understanding the people behind all hooha is required.

Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity
- Seneca. Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD

Most of the UMNO leaders today are the spoonfed generation who have not gone through 'fire'. People like the grandfather of the keris weilding one has gone through 'fire'. Therefore had full understanding of what works and what doesn't. Like the saying go 'empty vessels make the most noise', these spoodfed individuals are actually inferior as a person with not much achievement to to reinforce their confidence. Inferior people normally exhibit aggresive behaviour. Therefore you see the keris wielding an act of resulting from feeling of helplessness originating from an inferior individual.

There are Malays who I believe have gone through 'fire'. The ones who have struggled to get a good education through their own effort. Gain confidence as individuals and not afraid to face challenges - they have already thrown away their crutches or had never used them at all.

Engage these Malays. Engage them in debate, discourse. Form action groups. Spread the spirit of collective competitiveness. Spread the spirit of muhibah. Spread the spirit of common goals. Share knowledge and yes share food too. It would take many leaders forming small groups with the 'Malaysian spirit'. These small groups would eventually reach a critical mass. You do not need speeches and rallies to change the government. The government would either change itself from within or eventually change from without.

I congratulate people like Jeff Ooi, Dr Bakri Musa and event Aizuddin Danian, Din Merican who are either intentionally or unintentionally started these small groups. Keeping the discourse and debate going and spread the words around. Engage all fair minded Malaysians. A tipping point would soon be reached (Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell), you will see the governement change. If not then these fair minded individuals would eventually form the major voting populace and inevitably vote the government of the day out.

There are already sparks started by Jeff and another by the Malaysian Forum, one started by Dr Bakri M Musa, another also started by Aizuddin. Yes engage the young ones too. Engage them in between their SMS, Starbugs and AF time.

Change, evolution, revolution, reforms or whatever you want to call it comes about from the people, yes the small people taking collective actions. From the paper stuck inside the cake as moon cake in Ancient China to the cyberwords spread around through the internet in Indonesia. Change is inevitable.

Let start engaging the small people.

Posted by: kgboy at August 16, 2005 09:41 AM

And someone out there please explain to me what UMNO members mean when they use the phrase "continue the struggle"? What is it exactly they are struggling for? I know I'm struggling to fork out more with the cost of almost everything going up.

Posted by: MT at August 16, 2005 10:00 AM


You wrote:
There are Malays who I believe have gone through 'fire'. The ones who have struggled to get a good education through their own effort. Gain confidence as individuals and not afraid to face challenges - they have already thrown away their crutches or had never used them at all. Engage these Malays. Engage them in debate, discourse. Form action groups.....Dr Bakri Musa and event Aizuddin Danian, Din Merican who are either intentionally or unintentionally started these small groups. Keeping the discourse and debate going and spread the words around...."

Very good point! There are already Malays, like Dr Bakri Musa, and others who have seen through the smoke screen of the present crop of UMNO Youth and UMNO leaders and their insidious politics and bad behaviour which are harming the wellbeing and integrity of the Malays as a society and as a proud community with well-rooted culture and grace.

I have read at least two of Dr Bakri Musa's books on Malaysia. They are available in MPH bookstores in PJ and KL.

Two books by Dr Bakri Musa that are worth reading by you folks out there are:

a) The Malay Dilemma Revisited -Race Dynamics in Modern Malaysia (published 1999 by Merantau Publishers)

b)Malaysia in the Era of Globalisation (published 2002 by Writers Club Press)

You can't get a much more enlightened analysis from a Malay who became a medical professional (a surgeon), who succeeded on his own merits, and who loves Malaysia no less than those in UMNO or UMNO Youth or anywhere else.

As I said, the racial disharmony in Malaysia is NOT the cause of Malays, Chinese or Indians.

The fault and blame lies squarely and directly on UMNO and UMNO YOuth leadership and their apparatchiks pushing their barrel of race-based politics and policies.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 10:19 AM

Congatulations to LKY!!!
You dare speak your mind where MCA and MIC would chicken out.
Ong Kah Ting to say such a thing? It is like asking for the moon.
Keep it up, LKY.
You are doing the right thing.
After 50 yrs of independence the UMNO is sing the same old tune- still mahu berjuang!!!
Stupid slogan I would call it.

Posted by: mewah at August 16, 2005 10:21 AM

The social contract had a purpose, then. It is now obsoleted and archaic. The reason being the people perpetuating the idea have become perpetrators of selfishness and greed! The social contract did not fail the Malays, the Malay leaders have failed their community. The time has come, to review the role and leadership of the Malays as champions of the poorer Malay race. Take a look athe Malays in kampungs and villages they still retain most of the values of the the Tunku Abdul Rahma era, it the younger generation that is ... The non-Malays do not have a problem with helping the lesser fortunate, we have always done that.

Why is the wealth, in indecent proportions beings stagnated to the select and the few. If 1 Malay individual benefits more than RM500 million from this same social contract and just spread 40% (still modest) of that among his community, he would have done more to eradicate poverty and elevate the lives of his lesser fortunate brethren. It is then that the social contract would have been tempered with social and moral obligations. Share the spoils! Now the social contract is merely a "so sial" contract for the lesser fortunate Malays (and even the non-Malays) which this agenda was suppossed to help and protect.

Study the economic divide between the Malay society. Find out how much the haves have and the have nots don't. The other races also have havenots. Please think in terms of Malaysians. We are the only country that practices affirmative action for the majority. All over the world affirmative action programmes are for the minority race.

By all means, let us help the lesser fortunate MALAYSIAN brothers, but not at the expense of other lesser fortunate Malaysians. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, while those who have keep getting more!

Posted by: The3rdEye at August 16, 2005 10:54 AM

We need more TRUE LEADERS like LKY...not those who only make noise during General Election time.

Posted by: nuggyn at August 16, 2005 11:07 AM

Racist, Racist, Racist. You bloody Racist. I didn't say that but every member of UMNO, the United Mugger N Obliterators, MCA and MCA including the Race based political Parties in Sabah and Sarawak are RACIST.RACIST.RACIST.

The Social Contract then was based on the circumstances prevailing then. I agree with The3rdEye that it i snow Archaic and Obselete. UMNO knows that but they very valid reasons to pretend ignorence. They are well aware that their lifeline depends on other Parties especially MCA, Gerakan and MIC remains tied to the noose. If they even imagine any contest, their leader will shout with his mouth gaping while lifting a keris.

Now almost 50 years on we really should review the contract because it has not served it's purpose. This is because 3rd Generation Non-Malays born and bred on this soil is considered 'pendatang' and second class citizens. Whereas Recent Indonesian newcomers and Pakistani husbands to malays enjoy better prvilege.

UMNO is not willing to compromise on anything that might dilute their absolute hold on political power. This is beacuse they need the Non Malays to concentrate on Activities that bring in Dollars or Commerce (the longer pipeline like the Computer lab project the better) so that the pipeline carrying projects to them will have several T-joints that will leak 'short lived property' into Bumi homees, like the AP so that they can remain parasital for another 100 years atleast.

UMNO must be able to wrestle out Agencies from flourishing Non'Bumis from backdoor legislations like Cars imports issue that came into the open. Robbing Ah Kow to give Ahmad. And since these people took over, Cars only became more expensive so that cronies can travel in helicopters and malaysians made slave to Finance companies.

Ong Ka ting is MCA head on UMNO's choice. Chinese should know what to do. If the MCA perwakilan fails Malaysians this time, I suggest MCA members leave MCA for another Multi Racial Party, Because if you are not part of solution, you are part of problem. You have to remove the rope from the noose and help bring about a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Posted by: Captain at August 16, 2005 11:46 AM

"Now almost 50 years on we really should review the contract because it has not served it's purpose. This is because 3rd Generation Non-Malays born and bred on this soil is considered 'pendatang' and second class citizens. Whereas Recent Indonesian newcomers and Pakistani husbands to malays enjoy better prvilege." - Captain

I totally agree, and the practice is increasingly rampant. The social sgenda was to benefit the Malays and bring them to the forefront. Somewhere along the line, it got twisted further, and a religious dimension was brought in. Now this agenda is religiously skewed and that is how the Indons and the Pakis are enjoying better privileges at the expense of 3rd or 4th generation Non-Malay (to be read as non-Muslim) Malaysians.

This also probably explains why the Orang Asli still do not fully enjoy the privileges of the Social Agenda. Take a trip to Camerons and go out at night and watch these poor natives. You can also see them when driving up! Looks like an excerpt from a National Gerographic programme. Window dressing like radio programmes in Orang Asli dialect are a plenty. The reality??

Posted by: The3rdEye at August 16, 2005 12:06 PM

correct me if i'm wrong, but the "social contract" was not ACTUALLY included in the constitution, is it? it would certainly contradict the Part II, s.8 if it was.

in fact, as davido pointed out, even the NEP seems to contradict the Constitution -- quite chilling to think such large projects are carried out without any consultation to of the most basic law.

having said that, and in any case, talk of contradicting the Constitution is very dangerous -- Constitutions are almost always drafted broadly to allow for leeway -- they are supposed to last for a very long time, after all, where circumstances might change. unfortunately, not many are aware of this leeway and debate almost invariably gets shut up once big concepts like "The Constitution" are brought up.

is there anywhere one can find the actual Constitution? preferably online as me, and i believe many others on this forum, are not in Malaysia right now. it would be interesting for one to read it for oneself rather than to form conclusions based on hearsay.

i find it interesting that UMNO likes to invoke the "don't question" policy. remember Pak Lah asking Malaysians not to question NEP as "it is government policy"? and now we're being told by lesser leaders not to question the "social contract" -- the terms of which almost no one really knows and understands.

Posted by: ruykava at August 16, 2005 12:38 PM

Just as a caution. Reading the Constitution is not a direct-from-text exercise. In addition, I am not certain if wikisource's version includes the various constitutional amendments made over the years, and there is quite a few. As I glanced over the one above, I cannot see the amendments vis-a-vis the gender/sex wording in the non-discrimination clause, or I missed it.

Anyway, an old publication for lay-readers Constitution of Malaysia by Tun Suffian Hashim is a easy introduction to the matter. I think most libraries stock them.

Posted by: Chez1978 at August 16, 2005 01:04 PM


Dr. Bakri has a blog. Judging from the conversation at this blog. He needs more traffic. It would help to divert some traffic from here to his blog and engage with someone who has a universal outlook and is clear minded.

Posted by: kgboy at August 16, 2005 02:28 PM


Thanks for Bakri Musa's link to his blog . I have put into my favourite folder.

He writes as it is, calling a spade a spade and that is why I have the highest respect for his views and writings.

I reprint what Dr Bakri Musa wrote in his blog which was first published in Sundaily on 2nd August 2005 entitled "Umno Must Take On Itself First". It is on his blog.

"....UMNO is the “enabler” for Malays becoming socially and economically dependent. Its policies and practices are directly responsible for the Malay addiction to quotas, special privileges, Ali Babaism and other rent-seeking behaviors, and yes, even corruption.

“Enabler” is the term used in the battered wife syndrome to describe the spouse whose behavior actually encourages her husband to be abusive. Far from discouraging it, she actually reinforces his violence, her protestations and sufferings notwithstanding.

We Malays have been battered for too long. The colonialists told us we were lazy and indolent, and patronisingly called us “nature’s gentlemen.” Today, Umno leaders batter us.

Umno leaders boasted of a brave new world of “Glokal” Malays capable of competing locally and globally, and where meritocracy reigns and social crutches an embarrassment. These aspirations will remain a fantasy unless these leaders critically examine their and the party’s role in encouraging these negative traits among Malays...."

Reading it, one might think it was penned by a non Malay to embarrass a Malay.

No, it was written by a Malay intellectual with the primary aim to help elevate the prestige and integrity of the Malay community, in which he belongs, after having seen how the once proud Malay society had been rubbished and tainted, first by British colonialists and others, and, to put salt to injury, by recent cro of UMNO and UMNO Youth leaders and their silly race-based politics and negative policies.

Posted by: Frank&Honest at August 16, 2005 03:42 PM

Yikes....Onn Jaafar must be turning in his grave...

Posted by: GreatBallsOf at August 17, 2005 12:49 AM

Pointing fingers isn't going to solve problems. Yes, we can blame UMNO for continuing to sideline the non-Malays. But we shouldn't be surprised at all that they're doing it. In this case, it is merely a political tool, but, racism is and has been present in the whole world for a long time. Even then, racism is just one facet of the problem When people feel threatened, they look for differences. 'Race' is but one of those differences. If there were no Chinese and Indian citizens here, do any of you honestly think that the Malays wouldn't turn on the Indonesians? Especially if the Indonesians start playing a bigger and bigger social and economic role? It is not just the Malays. When I'm the only one in a group that doesn't belong to the same race, I get sidelined(in various ways). If aliens invade, we act together as humans against them-racism on a bigger scale, no? The reason this country is still a third-world country despite the huge amounts of resources(look at Singapore), is because of Third-World Politicians. See through the veils that they have cast on you!In the West, politicians are seen as wily and untrustworthy. Politics is seen as a dirty game. So how come over here they are Great Leaders, taking the country forward? Politicians here have a great deal more power over the country than their counterparts in the first world. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Guys(and girls), if you don't like the country, please leave. But don't give up your citizenship. Be successful elsewhere. Be so successful that Malaysia needs you. Own companies that make jet planes (good ones, too), and ships and motor vehicles. Be top rocket/nuclear/chemical/you-name-it scientists. Outside Malaysia, stress the fact that you are Malaysian. Do it for the country, Not for anything else. If you love the country, why waste time fighting over petty issues like fair treatment here? You know that it's no longer about rivalry within, it's about Malaysia vs the World, even if the others don't. So go, and make us proud to be Malaysian. That is, if you love the country and not yourself, and if you're as capable as you make yourself out to be. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. might be inspirational in your hours of doubt. Sorry LKY isn't in the list.

Posted by: veiled_truth at August 17, 2005 10:58 AM

Malay Supremacy??


Merriam-Webster Dictionary
": the quality or state of being supreme; also : supreme authority or power"

Where else in world politics have I heard the word "Supremacy"???

Oh! Yes!!

"White Supremacy" - KKK

"Aryan Supremacy" - Hitler

Not the way to be remembered, isn't it...

Posted by: UpstreamAllDway at August 28, 2005 11:09 PM
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