First presentation of Railo

We have been invited by the german CFUG to present Railo in front ofthe Members of the CFUG. So we arranged an eventfor presentation of Railo RC1 which took place on September, 23 2005 in the Festzelt  "Das Schloss" in Munich.

About 20 software developers joined the presentation. Here you can see some pictures of the event.
Last but not least: Beta 3

Shortly before we release Railo Final in October this year it finallyis time: Here comes the last Beta of Railo, which for many reasons canbe named entitled as the first Version. Check out the many new features(eg. webadmin) by downloading and installing Railo.
Here it is: BETA 2

After longer periods of testing we proudly announce the Railo BETA 2.
The 3 and final Beta version will be released somewhen towards end of August. Please help us by testing Railo. Please send us your errors, suggestions and comments to DC.
Check out our download section for details.
Railo Beta 1 [16.01.05]

It's out, the first Beta Realease of Railo. The best Version ever with many new Tags implemented.
Railo Alpha 4 [21.10.04]

Now it's here, the latest Alpha Release of Railo. Faster and better than ever. With many new Tags and Functions and many performance boosts.
Railo Alpha 3 [03.08.04]

The new Version Alfa 3 of railo is released. It includes many improvements gained by experiences from migrated Cold Fusion Projects.

If you experience problems with migrating an existing project, don't hesitate to contact us. Just send an email to .
Railo Alpha 2 [18.05.04]

Alpha 2 is not only implementing a lot more functions and tags, it also comes with enhanchments in the runtime enviroment. (scopes, timeouts, settings etc.) Several constructs, like script- and cf-functions and expressions have been improved.
Railo Alpha 1 is here [10.04.2004]

With Railo Relase Alfa 1 the CFML-Engine comes in the first official release. This software can be downloaded for free and comes with no guarantees. You can download Railo in our Download section.
Feedback and comments please to Please note, that the functionality and the features can change during the alpha test phase.

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