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home » issue 2 » Patterns » Knit Bead Bracelet

Knit Bead Bracelet

by Marnie Stockman

Photography: Molly Crealock

If you are one of those knitters that has to touch every yarn you see (and owns a good bit of it), then you probably look at the myriads of beads on the market with an envious eye. All of those colors and textures are just begging to be tried. But – how can you possibly knit with every yarn and learn to bead at the same time? Here’s a logical solution: knit with beads.

Like you, I like to try new ideas, but so many seem to take too long to learn or too much of an investment. That is what led me to design a beaded bracelet that a beginner knitter could do with expert results. While knitting jewellery is a bit more tedious, in just a couple of hours you will have a piece that costs hundreds of dollars at a jewellery show (and you can say you knit your original yourself).

There are thousands of beads: glass, crystal, gemstone, clay, wood, etc. Any of which could be incorporated into a unique piece of jewellery, but for a basic bracelet (shown here in blue topaz, crystal quartz, and aquamarine) I recommend beads approximately 4mm in size.




About the author: Like many knitters, Marnie Stockman learned from her mother when she was 6, 8, 10, each time completing at least one square before moving on to her next activity. While always having a knitting project going, it wasn»t until Marnie wanted to be a stay–at–home mom that her business Frivolous Fibers became a reality. Now with a line of felted purse kits (including a line of leather, bamboo, rattan, and beaded handles), she has tried her hand at wire and bead knitting. Please check out her other wire and bead designs at Frivolous Fibres. Happy knitting!

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