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Area Id: 3892 Area Type: WET
Size (ha): 49.4 Significance Level: Provincial

Site District:
Topographic Maps:

UTM Centroid: 17 637500 4875500
Decimal Latitude/Longitude: 44.0217802894962   -79.2842142480653

Description: A Provincially significant wetland on the Oak Ridges Moraine, composed of three wetland types (8.9% bog, 80.2% swamp, 10.9% marsh) (Power et al., 1984).

Vegetation: Vegetation Communities (Power et al., 1984): One form M2: robust emergents- Typha latifolia; M4: low shrubs- Decodon verticillatus; W2: submergents; Two forms M1: narrow-leaved emergents- grass; T. latifolia; M3: herbs- Impatiens capensis; W1: robust emergents- T. latifolia; Lemna minor; S7: deciduous trees- Populus balsamifera; grass; S11: tall shrubs- Cornus stolonifera; sedges; B2: low shrubs- Chamaedaphne calyculata; moss; Three forms S1: deciduous trees- Fraxinus nigra; Thuja occidentalis; I. capensis; S4: deciduous trees- Fraxinus nigra; Cornus alternifolia; ferns; S10: tall shrubs- Salix spp.; ferns; grass; S14: deciduous trees- F. nigra; C. stolonifera; grass; S15: tall shrubs- Salix spp.; low shrubs- Salix spp.; submergents; B1: coniferous trees- Larix laricina; Betula pumila; moss; Four forms S2: deciduous trees- P. balsamifera; T. occidentalis; tall shrubs- T. occidentalis; I. capensis; S3: deciduous trees- Betula papyrifera; C. stolonifera; I. capensis; grass; S5: deciduous trees- Fraxinus nigra; Salix spp.; Pteridium aquilinum; T. latifolia; S8: tall shrubs- Salix spp.; C. stolonifera; moss; grass; S9: deciduous trees- Fraxinus nigra; C. stolonifera; fern; grass; S12: tall shrubs- Salix spp.; Solanum dulcamara; moss; submergents; S13: tall shrubs- Salix spp.; grass; Lemna minor; submergents;

Landform: Soils (Power et al., 1984): 25% clays, loams or silts (mineral), 75% organic; Site Type (Power et al., 1984): 100% palustrine (permanent or intermittent outflow);


Management Agency:

Minimum Elevation: Maximum Elevation:


10227 Fox, T. 1983. Summary of Ownership, Ministry Program Interests, Planning Status and Management Strategies in the Musselman Lake Kettle Complex Natural Area Regional Municipalities of York and Durham. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Section, Central Region, Richmond Hill. 14 pp.

4257 Lindsay, K.M. 1983. A Reconnaissance Biological Inventory and Evaluation of The Musselman Lake Complex in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Section, Central Region, Richmond Hill. OFER 8320. ii + 26 pp. + appendices.

11712 Power, M., S. Austin, S. Sherrard, C. Leggiadro, B. Bruise, C. Hall and M. Cromarty. 1984. Wetland Data Record and Evaluation- Musselman Lake. July 10-14, 16,&17 , 1984. Second Edition. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Manuscript. 13 pp + 2 maps + 2 pp supplement.

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