"A Brief Profile of Gamba Mateen Rastafari"

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    Gamba is a thirty one (31) year old New Afrikan Political Prisoner-POW, presently being held in bondage on indiana death row.
    He was sentence to death on March 21, 1987 and have been on death row for approximately twelve years.
    Gamba was born in prison on January 7, 1968 to Barbara Rouster, who was in bondage at indiana girl's school. His mother request that her son be given to her grandfamily which was denied. He was immediately victimized by the indiana welfare system and the oppressive government at hand. Another victim of colonialism and exploitation, he was place in a number of rehabilitation kamps and centers. Basically, Gamba's life has been like a poker or monopoly game, when done throw it away.

    Since Gamba arrival here at indiana death row he met Political Prisoners Azania, Ajamu, Ziyon, who did successful transform his colonial-criminal mentality into a revolutionary mentality.
    Since his transition in consciousness Gamba has been educating and agitating; he organized positive and productive classes. He has written essays and wrote poetry which he combine into a booklet form.
    Gamba is presently isolated from other Afrikans (allegedly behavior problem) but all his actions has been against the system.

If you would like more information on Gamba, he may be contacted at the following :

Gamba Mateen Rastafari                                   Carol Heise
#872038 - Death Row                                      Attorney at Law
PO Box 41                                                       22 W. Monroe, Suite 1206
Michigan City, IN 46361                                  Chicago, Illinois 60603

The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty:
Gamba Mateen Rastafari

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