At the Circle K & High Ground

Doyle Carver, raised in smalltown Arkansas, is an auto mechanic living in Houston. Listening to his music is a bit like reading Faulkner - you have to find your own way with these songs. We're intrigued by lines of poetry like "mother sleep won't let me in," and by Carver's high-pitched voice, by turns eerie and beautiful. Includes the original version of "The Deerhunter," and some remarkable portraits of working people.

At the Circle K is a simple vocal & guitar tape, with adequate sound, and nice harmonies from Liz Ronald. High Ground describes a perilous psychological journey. "Red Iron Rain" explores a demonic presence in the workplace. "We all look for love" concerns the quiet horror of sharing a bed with lover who has left in all but body. "Bullets For the War" strikes a hard-earned chord of redemption. Innovative, professional production. Doyle Carver's music is utterly singular, essential listening for fans of the song as literature. .

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