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The Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce is an organization of professional business leaders working together to make good things happen in our community. We are proud of our community and endeavor to maintain a good quality of life so that we can work, reside and raise our families here.

Our mission statement is as follows: The general nature or the object of the corporation shall be the advancement of the civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interests of the City of Fort Meade, Florida and the surrounding territory; the promotion of the general welfare and prosperity of the city, county and its surrounding territory and the stimulation of public sentiment to these ends; and the providing of such social features as will promote these purposes.

The chamber was incorporated in 1971 and operates full-time since 1989. Our Executive Director and volunteers staff the office Monday through Friday. A quarterly breakfast is held at the Community Center.

Who can become a member? Any person, company, corporation or civic organization interested in the welfare of the Fort Meade area may become a member by submitting a written application and by the paying the appropriate annual dues.

How is the Chamber funded? The Chamber has a dues schedule based on the number of employees represented by each of its member organizations. This dues schedule makes up a large portion of the Chamber's funding. The remainder is obtained through various fund-raisers, programs, events and educational activities sponsored by the Chamber.

PresidentFreda Ridgway
Past President Dennis Guenther
President-elect Bob Elliott
lst Vice President Marc McLean
Treasurer Patsy McBride
Secretary & Executive Director Allana Trimmier
Board of Directors: 
 Renee Blackwelder
 Beverly Bridgeman
 Clayton Frazier
 Beverly Graves
 Dennis Guenther
 Larry Hodge
 Mary Jones
 Anita Lyle
 Fitz Sthreshley
 Ed Walker

Allana Trimmier, Executive Director
Fort Meade Chamber
P O Box 91
Fort Meade Florida 33841