Tuesday, Nov 01, 2005
Special Reports
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Posted on Wed, Oct. 29, 2003
  R E L A T E D   C O N T E N T 
People get away from the smoke and flames of a car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq. Allison Long, Kansas City Star
People get away from the smoke and flames of a car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq. Allison Long, Kansas City Star
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The decisions, policies and intelligence behind the Iraq War

 •  Amidst doubts, CIA hangs on to control of Iraqi intelligence service, 5/8/05
 •  "Downing Street" memo indicates Bush made intelligence fit Iraq policy, 5/5/05
 •  Big gaps remain in intelligence on al-Qaida, report finds, 3/31/05
 •  U.S. intelligence on Iraq `dead wrong,' commission finds, 3/31/05
 •  Old problems dog new intelligence gathering, panel concludes, 3/29/05
 •  CIA, Pentagon reject recommendation on paramilitary operations, 2/16/05
 •  Analysis: Iraqi insurgency growing larger, more effective, 1/21/05
 •  New intelligence reports raise questions about U.S. mission in Iraq, 1/17/05
 •  U.S. intelligence report forecasts India, China will be major powers in 2020, 1/13/05
 •  U.S. isn't winning against Iraqi insurgents, agencies warn, 12/17/04
 •  After day of cabinet resignations, many fear a shift to the right, 11/17/04
 •  Bush administration planning to increase pressure on Iran, 12/7/04
 •  Bush expected to capitalize on victory by moving quickly in Iraq, 11/3/04
 •  Post-election purge, reform appears likely within CIA, 10/22/04
 •  Post-war planning non-existent, 10/17/04
 •  Iraq reconstruction efforts overcome by ongoing violence, 10/16/04
 •  Iraq's future path uncertain because of insurgency, 10/17/04
 •  Surge in violence threatens Iraq elections, U.S. exit strategy, 9/14/04
 •  Terror arrests part of global effort to foil attacks, 8/5/04
 •  Former CIA director used Pentagon ties to introduce Iraqi defector, 7/15/04
 •  Intelligence experts cast doubt on ties between Iraq, al-Qaida, 6/21/04
 •  Alliance between Chalabi, U.S. conservatives now in ruins, 5/28/04
 •  Relationship with Chalabi proves costly for Bush administration, 5/24/04
 •  Officials investigate how INC's Chalabi obtained U.S. intelligence, 5/21/04
 •  Iraqi group linked to questionable intelligence loses U.S. funding, 5/18/04
 •  White House released claims of defector deemed unreliable by CIA, 5/17/04
 •  Iraqi exile group may have violated rules barring it from lobbying, 4/22/04
 •  Intelligence memo before 9-11 noted suspicions of possible hijackings, 4/10/04
 •  As fighting continues, quest to bring democracy to Iraq nears failure, 4/10/04
 •  Senior U.S. officials say battle could be turning point in Iraq, 4/6/04
 •  INC supplied defectors who were sources of questionable pre-war information, officials say, 4/3/04
 •  With 90 days to handover of Iraq control, U.S. faces big obstacles, 4/2/04
 •  Faulty intelligence continues to plague U.S. efforts in Iraq, 3/19/04
 •  Iraqi exile group fed false information to news media, 3/15/04
 •  White House responds to Knight Ridder article, 3/12/04
 •  CIA director disputes Cheney assertions on Iraq, 3/9/04
 •  Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida, 3/2/04
 •  Iraqi National Congress faces growing number of investigations, 2/27/04
 •  Rumsfeld advisor who vocally endorsed Saddam's ouster resigns, 2/25/04
 •  Officials: U.S. still paying millions to group that provided false Iraqi intelligence, 2/21/04
 •  Most pre-war information from Iraqi defectors was iffy, officials say, 2/13/04
 •  Panel to probe whether officials exaggerated prewar intelligence, 2/12/04
 •  Doubts, dissent stripped from public version of Iraq assessment, 2/9/04
 •  What went wrong with Iraq intelligence? 2/6/04
 •  Intelligence officials warned that Iraq WMD information was iffy, 2/6/04
 •  Knight Ridder journalists honored for stories on war planning, 2/4/04
 •  Iraq intelligence efforts led by Cheney magnified errors, officials say, 2/2/04
 •  More Iraqis supporting resistance, CIA report says, 11/11/03
 •  Saddam wanted secret negotiations with U.S., officials say, 11/5/03
 •  CIA investigated tip on WMD from previously discredited source, 10/14/03
 •  Questions, criticism surround information that led to start of war, 7/18/03
 •  No real planning for postwar Iraq, 7/11/03
 •  Bush administration pushed for proof linking Saddam, al-Qaida, 7/3/03
 •  Internal review backs CIA on Iraq, but notes lack of details, 7/2/03
 •  U. N. committee finds no connection between Iraq, al-Qaida, 6/26/03
 •  White House was warned of dubious intelligence used in speech, official says, 6/12/03
 •  Bush, Aides made some prewar claims they couldn't back up, documents say, 6/6/03
 •  Failure to find weapons in Iraq leads to intelligence scrutiny, 6/2/03
 •  Troubling questions over justification for war in Iraq, 5/31/03
 •  Divisions in administration cloud direction of U.S. foreign policy, 4/19/03
 •  Some in Bush Administration turns sights on Syria, 4/11/03
 •  Bush faces tough choices for Post-War Iraq, 4/10/03
 •  Bush's aides did not warn that U.S troops could face stiff resistance in Iraq, 3/31/03
 •  For Bush, support for war with Iraq comes with a price tag, 2/20/03
 •  Rifts could derail plans for transition to democracy in Iraq, 2/13/03
 •  Bush Administration scoffs at Iraq's weapons report, 12/20/02
 •  White House maintains its case against Iraq, 12/6/02
 •  Infighting among U.S. intelligence agencies fuels dispute over Iraq, 10/27/02
 •  Some in Bush administration have misgivings about Iraq policy, 10/8/02
 •  CIA report reveals analysts' split over extent of Iraqi nuclear threat, 10/4/02
 •  Lack of hard evidence of Iraqi weapons worries top U.S. officials, 9/6/02
 •  Planning Unit Is Another Sign Bush Is Preparing to Oust Saddam, 8/16/02
 •  Top Senate Republican Joins Push for Congressional Approval of any Iraq Attack, 8/1/02
 •  Lawmakers to grapple with Bush's Iraq Policy during hearings, 7/22/02
 •  Iran - not Iraq - is top terrorism sponsor, U.S. report says, 5/22/02
 •  Bush's unconditional declaration of war raises questions, concerns, 3/8/02
 •  Iraqi opposition leader suspected of misusing U.S. funds, but may get more, 2/20/02
 •  Bush has decided to overthrow Hussein, 2/13/02
 •  Bush's 'axis of evil' statements cause worldwide controversy, 1/31/02
 •  Former CIA Director Looks for Evidence that Iraq Had Role in Attacks, 10/11/01
 •  Experts say Iraq, Hussein not likely tied to terrorist attacks, 9/22/01

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