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New Poll Shows Most Voters Oppose Prop 73

The Public Policy Institute of California released its October poll Friday, finding that 49% of likely Special Election Voters and 48% of all likely voters will vote No on Prop 73.

Steve Smith, Campaign manager for No on 73: Campaign for Teen Safety said in response, "We are encouraged by these numbers and believe they mean that as voters begin to think about the real consequences of Prop 73 they reject the measure. Of course, all parents want to be involved in their daughters' lives but NO new law can force family communication. And, in the real world, some teens – those in abusive homes or where incest may have caused the pregnancy -- cannot safely notify their parents. Prop 73 forces those teens into court. Let's be real. California court systems are already overcrowded; these teens don't need a judge, they need a counselor and a medical professional."

The No on 73 Campaign hit the airwaves on Thursday, launching its television ad in five California markets, including both Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

California Papers Say NO to Prop 73


"The way to reduce abortion is not a law that requires frightened young women to either face a judge or the wrath of their parents. It's about increasing communication -- about sex, about choices, about consequences -- that prevents an accidental pregnancy in the first place. Californians should reject Proposition 73 in the Nov. 8 special election."


"The fact is, without any law forcing communication, a majority of pregnant teens already talk to their parents voluntarily, especially younger teens, according to two surveys published in Family Planning Perspectives in 1992. That's a good thing and speaks to the quality of relationships between parent and teen before the pregnancy."


"Teen Pregnancy and abortion rates have been declining in California for years, and most pregnant girls tell a parent before getting an abortion. So Proposition 73, requiring doctors to inform a minor's parents before performing an abortion, has little to offer this state -- and much to take away. It adds to the court system's burdens, threatens to apply only to poorer teens and introduces troubling language to the state's Constitution. It's nice to think that all girls feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex, birth control and abortion. Nice, but absurd."

Campaign For Teen Safety
Let’s keep our teens safe: Vote No on Prop 73
  • Parents rightfully want to be involved in their teenagers’ lives and all parents want what is best for their children. But government cannot mandate good family communication.
Parental notification laws don’t protect teens, they hurt teens.
  • Mandatory notification laws have resulted in teens – who for whatever reason can’t go to their parents -- resorting to dangerous measures, like back-alley or self-induced abortions--instead of getting the medical help and counseling they need.
Proposition 73 puts teens in danger

While mandatory notification laws may sound good, in the real world they put teenagers in danger. Here’s why:

  • This law puts vulnerable teenagers—those who may be from troubled homes and who most need our protection—in harm’s way.
  • This law would force teens to go to court and try to navigate an overcrowded and complicated judicial system. Teens don’t need a judge, they need a counselor.
Opponents of Proposition 73
League of Women Voters of California

California Medical Association

California Nurses Association

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California

California Church Impact

American Academy of Pediatrics, California

NARAL Pro-Choice California

California Primary Care Association

American Civil Liberties Union, California Affiliates

American Association of University Women, California

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District IX California

ACCESS: Women’s Health Rights Coalition

Adolescent Health Collaborative

American Medical Student Association

Asian American Public Policy Institute

California Black Women’s Health Project

California Democratic Party

California National Organization for Women

California Women Lawyers

Catholics for a Free Choice

Equal Justice Society

Equality California

Feminist Majority Foundation

Law Students for Choice

Mexican American Political Association, California

National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter

National Council of Jewish Women, California

People for the American Way, California

Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health

Republican Majority for Choice

California Women’s Law Center

Democracy for America, Los Angeles

Democratic Activists for Women Now

Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services, Los Angeles County/Oakland

Green Party of Monterey

Health Care for All California

Iranian American Democrats of Los Angeles

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

National Health Law Program, California

National Women’s Caucus of Ventura County

National Organization for Women, Oakland/East Bay

National Organization for Women, Sacramento

National Organization for Women, South Bay

Pro-Choice Coalition, Santa Clara County

Reproductive Rights Coalition of Monterey County

Reproductive Rights Coalition of Los Angeles

Reproductive Rights Network of Santa Cruz County

Reproductive Rights Network of Ventura County


San Francisco for Democracy

San Francisco Women's Political Committee

Santa Cruz AIDS Project

Santa Cruz Women's Health Center

Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church, Ventura

Women's Health Specialists, Chico, Redding, Sacramento, Santa Rosa
The Medical Community OPPOSES Prop 73:
They know that this law will NOT KEEP our TEENS safe--in fact it will put them in danger. To Learn More Click Here
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