Tuesday, November 01, 2005



Last night was the screenings of the machinima entries for the Alt-Zoom ed Wood contest, but I was wondering until the last second where it was being held. I IMed BBC, who I'd never met before, and he TPed me, then I TPed Forcy and she TPed Way... wondered why there was no listing of it. Maybe there was one that I didn't see... I was looking on Events and on the Alt-Zoom website. Anyway, there were three entries, and it was very interesting. Pierce P. is like SLs very own Guy Maddin. His film involved an army of zombie women, god, a tiny warthog and hippo, sex change, and many other elements. The middle film was in black and white with a narrator like "Reefer Madness" and films of that ilk, which purport to be educational (about the perils of the atom) while actually being merely sensational. Total's was less involved but well-made and fun.

Enjah and I stopped in ThunderCloud's Hallowe'en party for an hour, and we both bought storms, although Thunder sent our tiny payments back immediately with the message that everything was free for the night. That is very nice of him - his things are amazing. Anyway, I put my storm up in front of the cave so that as you walk in you get struck by lightning (unless you somehow miss the trigger pad). Yesterday I also put a begging animation in front of the Havok2 shrine, which made me laugh a lot. My cave is getting out of hand.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm really not obsessed with sumo wrestling..., it's sumo wrestlers I'm obsessed with. I decided (who knows why) to be a sumo wrestler. I sent Salazar a picture and he sent one back of him riding a woolly mammoth. Yes, we now see the heights of weirdness people get up to when they aren't restrained by things like gravity -- those pesky laws of time and nature.

I accidentally ran into a webpage about Woolly Rhinos that said hyenas lived in England at one point (and woolly rhinos, etc.). I'm scared of hyenas! I definitely would've had a tough time during the Ice Age since there were hyenas in England. Damnation, who'd'a thunk?

Thundercloud in his Hallowe'en AV

Thundercloud's Hallowe'en Build

Frankenstein's castle, man-eating plants, pumpkin patch, graveyard, etc.

Getting a charge from the lightning (rods are on one of the towers).


I went to Laka and Thundercloud gave me this parrot AV. I sent him a picture, "Be honest - does this make my bum look big?" Hah!

I combined his AV parts with the feathered suit I made last year. Stylin'!

I was scoring the standardised creativity test for the new girl who is very groovy, creative, and artistic. She's cool. I lamented the fact, however, that she's illiterate. I don't know what else to call it. When someone is 9 years old and writes a simple few words as a title for a drawing, and those few words look like a random jumble of letters, what else can I call it? I can decipher some with difficulty by looking at the drawing. Others I have NO CLUE about. A rorb. A pcite. H paes. A sareow. To give an example I can decipher, the words "A pelle' is accompanied by a drawing of a pencil. "Mt. Rinite" must be Mount Rainier. "A sorte" is below a drawing of a shirt. There's an intriguing drawing labeled "A Girl poingAiar wew" that I just figured out is a girl standing on her head. Poor child!

Working on Second Life, it seems to me, is like trying to shoe a horse when it's being ridden. Well, the rider gets off for 5 minutes, but that's all. Then the engineers and so forth have to work on a huge, complex program with thousands of people using it. What a headache. As SL expands it gets further away from its past forms - that is, I doubt that the old versions would scale up at all. People who think we should go back to some previous version are forgetting that there are much greater numbers of people, now. As I understand it, anyway, LL has reorganised the way they process everything so it all works better and is more easily upgradeable. After a big release we inevitably get some growing pains, but I think it makes for shared experiences and greater community feeling. I admit I'm weird, however.a

I said before that texture-upload from Second life has not been working since the point release, however, it turns out now that it is working in part. An intrepid explorer went through his computer searching for his uploaded picture, which he found as a targa file labeled "untitled" in the second Life folder in Programs. I went to MY Second Life folder and found one - so I suspect each texture save overwrites the previous one. I'm sure they'll have it fixed in this week's update, which addresses several issues, I think, including the time dilation problem.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hostages in the Crack House

Forcy IMed and asked me to make a spooky house for a movie set for the Ed Wood machinima contest. I thought it would be difficult within the time, so I found them a location - the crack house in Boardman. Also a house of Ingrid I's was used as a normal house. I IMed Ingrid to ask if was ok, which it was. I wound up in the movie playing a trick or treater abducted by aliens, along with Enjah and Sage. The director is Total B, and the alien is played by Forcy. It was fun although I can't say I'm at my best rushing to find animations in my inventory, as my inventory is HUGE. I don't know how many things a normal person has, but I make things every day. I am pecking away trying to organise things, but there are more than 10,000 things in there...

Enjah's son survived the surgery and is doing well in post-op. I raced as a giant snail and was hit with lag and rubber-banding, and the snail-flinger gizmos didn't fling me correctly and I had to find out my last correct gate and go back - lots and lots of times. The last big fling dropped me in the middle of the course, and I was unsure what gate I needed. I went to the end gate as it was closest, but it wasn't right so I had to run to the far end of the course and get re-flung, which worked! Racer was yelling, "What's wrong! Keep going, you're in second!" I secured second place, yay! I made Racer a Racer-looking shirt to go with his zoot suit (made by me), because he's the coolest. I made an animated GIF for Enjah featuring her new insulated pot. I made a tintable feather as Perwin asked me for one with all permissions so he can attach them to his staves. Actually, that's what I'd done with my lovely blue feather - attached in to my staff. It looks nice that way.

Friday, October 28, 2005

There's a silly debate on the Second Life forum right now, because someone named her alt Dildo. She was offline and away for some time, and when she came back the alt had been renamed Darling. On one hand people are arguing that a mere word can't be "mature," on the other some say they don't think they'd care to see an avatar with that name. Personally, I think that what's appropriate as a word may not be appropriate as a name. Someone cracked me up by making this post:
"FYI Some jokester thought it would be funny to order a box of assorted dildos and ship it to our shop and was addressed to us... well the guys find the humor in them... well they do make funny paper weights when the city inspecter comes by on our off days... We loose more inspecters that way...

Yes Dildo is a Mature word in a cence but only becouse there referd to by the mature action thet there used for mainly.... I mean if sumone had named bread dildo insted when it was first made then we wouldent call it bread... if that makes any cence becouse it dont to me and im the one saying it..."

Ha ha! Brilliant!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


FootShadow B-Gon
Guaranteed not to work! Nifty touch on-off, snazzy watermelonia style, zippy benign particle spray, cheap! For glee purposes only. No hippos were used in the testing of FootShadow B-Gon!

Contrary to how this looks Enjah was upset because her son, who had heart surgery a few weeks ago, unexpectedly, due to an infection, is having heart surgery again tomorrow as his new valve is pulling away from the heart. I was trying to cheer her a bit. we are dancing with FootShadow B-Gon, which made Enjah look to be spraying her backside.

That's the T-shirt I made on Tuesday which is brown not black (looks better anyway). Um... something complexity... Distinctive complexity.

A roof in Natoma

Hey, Flummel - Welcome home!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Salazar came for a visit - and took this picture, which I had to screenshot as upload-texture isn't working. I took out a few bits of weirdness like the sheet of plywood stuck in the hillside left by some neighbors. Mrs Neighbor started a build, which was fine, then I came one day and it was gone and Mr Neighbor started one - which progressed as far as one default-textured square prim.

I'm not very social, either in Second Life or in the ordinary world around me, and I was trying to figure out how I feel about things. For instance:
1. There are some people I like a lot. I don't necessarily have to ever see them, but I like seeing them. Enjah is one - she puts up with me. Salazar is another. Olmy, too. Sprite. Psi. RacerX. Pirate. Well actually there's a long list.
2. There are some people in Second Life who, in some way, fill an otherwise-vacant niche, making the community complete. I don't care if I ever talk to those people, really, but I just want them to be there, somewhere. Torley is one, because she knits up the huge group of people into a community. Everyone knows her, so we all have something in common. I think some others are Brace, Cubey, Olympia, Eddie, Merwan, RacerX, Starax, YadNi - I can't think of everyone. These are the people who, if I heard they were leaving for some reason, would leave me with a feeling that a chunk was missing. I think it has to do with creativity and style, as much as anything.

In real life I try to frankly say what I think, so Alex says, "I don't want to be a burdon," and I tell him, "No! You know I adore you!" That makes him smile. I have been consciously steering what I say by an inner compass, which at times has results I couldn't've predicted. Like deciding I'd been out of line when chiding a student about something, and finding him and apologising a day or two later - only to have him, a kid with a long history of bad deeds, follow me (figuratively speaking) everywhere after that with shining devotion. I think I'm well aware of my own short-comings, but I'm all I have to work on, so if I write "I I I I I" it's not because I think I'm great, but just because I don't have any other way to talk about my experiences and figure out what they mean.

I'm just ruminating - haven't actually formed any real ideas.

Did my laundry, found $20 in a pair of trousers (w00t), didn't really eat breakfast for some reason, have a load of school work sitting on the table waiting for me, noticed a most beautiful cobweb outside that is a work of spidery art, left my jump drive at school :( , changed the notecard-giver in the gallery from an art deco to an art nouveau frame, talked to my beloved haircutter Sean who asked if my appointment could be moved ("For you, darling, ANYTHING!).

A beautiful view of part of Salazar J's Forest of Kahruvel

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I made a T shirt for Second Life this morning in 10 minutes before I left for work. It was brilliant white mist outside and I could hardly see a thing on my monitor, so I was suprised to see the "black" shirt was actually brown. Looks ok - rather 70s. I'd put the slogan from the bottom of the "About Second Life" window on it - the slogan I can't remember that replaced "Elvis has left the building." I actually cut'n'pasted it as I couldn't keep it in my head 2 seconds... something complexity... uh...

Had class with Cheyenne and Sabra and we started making a comic strip. Then Vincent came and we went to fifth grade and helped them learn the UI for the Cornell virtual world science project (on ActiveWorlds platform). Krista was into talking to our mentors, and Scott took off with what I told him about making moving helicopters and experimenting with coordinates in the action boxes. Sabra duplicated and changed the object, and the other one I had... shoot... a girl... who was it... anyway - poor Vincent did well but it was very hard on him.

Working on paperwork... tons of federal paperwork... 5.2 billion tons... oh, wait, that's not right...



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