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Living on air: Breatharian put to the test
October 24, 1999
Reporter - Richard Carleton. Producer - Hamish Thomson.
She calls herself Jasmuheen and she claims to be able to live on just fresh air.

Trouble is, many people not only believe her, they try to emulate the fasting regime she preaches.

This Queensland health guru is now linked to the deaths of three people who read her books then died while trying to enrich their lives by not eating or drinking.

But with a fortune coming in from a thriving mail order business and lectures round the world, Jasmuheen is not ready to admit any liability.

In fact, she is so steadfast in her belief that we can sustain ourselves with nutrients from the air we breathe, she readily agreed to submit herself to a 60 Minutes test.

With a 24-hour guard in her room, reporter Richard Carleton was joined by a doctor in monitoring her progress until its surprising and dramatic conclusion.

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Bred to win: the Royal Family of the sport of kings
You and your mobile: cellular safety

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