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Regimental Colours

Deciding on a unique colour scheme for your Imperial Guard regiment can be arduous. This interactive painting programme by Ken Kennedy and Dave Allen lets you try different paint layouts before you lay your brush on a model.

The program below helps Warhammer 40,000 players develop new colour schemes for their own Imperial Guard regiments. You can "paint" a total of 22 different areas on the Cadian Shock Troop diagram below by clicking on them with your mouse. We have attempted to depict the Citadel Colour paints as accurately as possible in this program, however, the metallic paints did not translate into flat RGB colours very well. Still, this program should help you get a rough idea of what your models will look like before you set brush to model.

If you want to print out your colour scheme to use for reference while painting, you can use your browser's Print command or the "Print" button at the bottom of the picture.

To use this utility, you will need the Macromedia Flash 6 plug-in (or better) for your web browser. Click here to get it!

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