hilarity and joy in the little things | from the insider7:46 pm Wednesday.November.2.2005

Don’t ask. They were cute. I succumbed.

They’re both Rhesus Macaques, but Andi has a little bit of jellyfish in her. Weird, yes, I know.

Andi, the first cloned monkey with an artificial gene inserted.

Tetra, the first cloned monkey.

And where did I find this nonsense? I thought you’d never ask… Famous Monkeys Throughout History.

Shut. up.

crapola and question of the day | from the insider9:33 am Wednesday.November.2.2005

I’m sorry, but this is just damn entertaining. Wal-Mart has a war room. And it’s packed with political consultants.

Apparently they’re the targets of two watch groups, Wal-Mart Watch and Wake Up Wal-Mart, and now there’s a film about to air Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.

I don’t know why, but I’m highly disturbed by this whole debacle. Did you know that on average, Wal-Mart’s fulltime employees only make 17,500 a year? That’s ridiculous.

Personally, Wal-Mart bugs me. The staff tend to be rude, annoyed that they are there and that you are there, and the other shoppers are as well. Screaming children, crowded aisles and slow cashiers doesn’t make for a fun experience… but the low prices on cleaning supplies and Diet Coke and bottled water. Sigh. It’s a tough call.

So, who shops at Wal-Mart? And why?

joy in the little things | from the insider9:34 am Tuesday.November.1.2005

A day set apart to honor all of the saints, even those not known by name.

I love this holiday.

It reinforces what I have known since I was wee.

That I, in fact, am a saint.

Because someone laughed, I should explain—it’s because I was born on this day, OK? Brat. :P

joy in the little things and randomness | from the insider8:22 pm Monday.October.31.2005

So I promised pictures from when my parents were here and we went to the oh-so-lovely tractor parade, and today I finally got my firewire cord back…

The tractor parade… see, I told you.

The giant cow. I asked my dad if he wanted to go and stand by it while I took a picture… his response, “Do you want me to pretend I’m giving it a mammogram?” Yup. That’s my dad, lol.

Say it with me now… “ewww.”

Since I know how much Harley loves toe socks, I couldn’t resist… lol.

My dad scared me shitless with this thing.

It’s freaking uge. (No, that’s not a spelling error—it’s a word. ;) )

My dad in the rearview mirror. Isn’t he cute? :)

My dad using his loops to fix my windchime. It’s so handy to have a doctor for a father. :)

There are more, but I’ll spare you.

joy in the little things | from the insider10:17 am Monday.October.31.2005

You know you are my favorite person, yes? :) :)

Thank you doll! I love the sign—and the tea stuff… how did you know I needed the little trays?!

Oh, and thanks for not peppering the box with confetti. Bless you. :)

randomness | from the insider8:45 pm Sunday.October.30.2005

People dragging their rolley trashcans down the driveway in the rain, mere moments after I accidentally watched Scream 3.

Scary. As. Hell.

randomness | from the insider9:31 am Sunday.October.30.2005

Witness the return of the early morning drunken phone calls.

Girls suck.


Hi! How are you? Missed you!

Um. What do you want?

You sound tired?

It’s 4 in the MORNING on a SUNDAY.

Right. OK. You know, I should just call you back tomorrow.

Good plan.

I haven’t talked to you in ages. I’ve missed you.

Uh huh. You too.

Wow, you really sound tired.

::growling noise:::

There’s the girl I know and love… OK, I’ll call you back tomorrow.


I just want to say. Girls suck. A lot. And they play games. And I hate games. And why can’t they be like guys?

Ah I see. What did she do exactly? And which one is this?

We were dating and I thought it was going well and now she just doesn’t want to anymore and I’m moving to Florida. Definitely. In three months.

Oh that’s good.

Yeah, ’cause then I can call you at a normal time for me—and you.

Good plan.

Night. I LOVE you. Miss you. Talk to you tomorrow.

Love you too Sawyer. Go to sleep.

randomness | from the insider4:31 pm Saturday.October.29.2005

Isn’t she adorable?

randomness | from the insider8:21 pm Friday.October.28.2005

I don’t know why I’m calling you. I just picked up the phone and dialed your number. I don’t know why. I’m so stressed out. I want to quit the paper. I don’t know what to do.


Yes, sorry, hi, it’s D.

What on earth is going on? Are you OK? Calm down. What’s wrong?

I don’t know. Everything.

I was the managing editor of my college newspaper my senior year. My job was to be the other half for the editor in chief. I was the copy chief, I dealt with the writers, I rewrote stories, I did layout, I did final edits, etc., etc., etc. And I took a full courseload, worked full time and spent 30 hours a week at an internship.

Needless to say, my last year of college is a bit of a blur—and not for the normal reasons.

One of the things the editor and I did was to groom our sports editor for the following year. He’s a nice guy, mellow though, and we didn’t have a very large staff of writers… we three did the heavy lifting. It was a highly charged, ridiculously stressful year.

D was a sophomore when I was there. Painfully shy and very quiet, she didn’t have many friends and seeing as I was a senior, our paths rarely crossed. But one of my professor friends recommended her to me as a copy editor and said I should try and draw her out of her shell. It turned out that we ended up becoming friends on a trip to Ireland. The girl I went with and the girl she went with knew each other and we all ended up hanging out.

D and I stayed friends, and I convinced her, under much duress, to join the college paper. I prepared the sports editor for how to deal with her (quiet, homeschooled, doesn’t respond to conflict/anger.. etc.) and by all accounts, everything was going well.

Until this past week. There was some sort of massive row where he ended up yelling and she has given him the silent treatment for four days.

I haven’t talked to D for probably two months, while the last I spoke with him was two weeks ago…

In the span of two hours, they’ve both called me about the other and the situation.

He called because he knows that I’m really the only one who he knows who would understand how stressed out he is right now. She called because she wanted advice.

They were both so angry, though, that all they needed was a good rant.

So they ranted and I listened and I think I’m going to have to facilitate a meeting of some sort, because both are stubborn and incredibly pissed.

I thought I’d never have to deal with these problems once I left college.


joy in the little things | from the insider1:45 pm Friday.October.28.2005

Working at main office today. STOP. Going very well. STOP. Had Mexican food and Starbucks. STOP.

Big smiles all around. STOP.

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