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Interview with Dez Farfara of DevilDriverInterview with Dez Farfara of DevilDriver
Interview by Katrina, posted on 2005/08/12
While relaxing on their bus, not long after playing their set, Dez Farfara (singer, ex-Coal Chamber) kicked back with a beer and enlightened me on why being a part of Devildriver is hard to handle and why this debut festival tour, The Sounds Of The Underground, should happen every year...and I agree.

Howís the tour going so far?

The tourís great. The Sounds Of The Underground, I think is a great idea. Itís a diverse bunch of bands and diverse group of people everybodyís hanging out. Itís a little clicky some of the Metal bands are hanging out and some of the Hardcore bands are hanging out but at night everyone mixes a bit.

You recently toured with Machine Head. How did that tour go?

Amazing, touring with those guys is cool. Iíve toured with Machine Head quite a bit in the past, just a great live band and good friends, itís good to tour with them.

Have there been any really outstanding tour moments so far?

There have been some amazing crowds for a beginning tour. To look out at 12:30 or 1:30 in the afternoon and see 2000 or 3000 kids, thatís an amazing thing for a beginning tour. The whole thing is pretty fun all around. Good times.

You were scheduled to play on Slipknotís "Subliminal Verses" tour but had to drop off due to union issues. What were the issues that made you have to resign?

Iíd best let them speak about their business but they had to have all of us and a bunch of other bands drop off. They invited us, they couldnít have us, Iím sure theyíll invite us again. Weíre actually talking about doing something with them in the fall so, well see.

Your new album,"The Fury Of Our Makerís Hand", was released back in June. How did the recording go?

Great. We were outside of El Paso, Texas on a 700 acre ranch about 5 miles from the Mexican border. Nothing else really to do except play music. The creative process went great, we just forged forward on this one, went home for Christmas and now here we are touring.

Is there any particular theme to the album and is it in any way related to your self titled album?

No, my lifeís been a storm over the last 10 years with everything Iíve been through so I needed something to kind of collectively give that a feeling and the fury of our makerís hand just seemed really appropriate.

Yeah, I wasnít planning on bringing up Coal Chamber.

No, people shy away from Coal Chamber but you gotta understand I was in it for 10 years. Iíve got gold albums with the band, Iíve toured the world with them and Black Sabbath and Pantera, and I was managed by Sharonand Ozzy for 5 years. Some great things happened to me so I donít want to not speak about those great things just because everybodyís afraid and walks on egg shells about Coal Chamber. I donít mind, I have no problem with it.

Why the name change from Deathride?

Too many bands with it. There was like a band in Sweden, a band in Norfolk, Virginia, some guy with a bicycle racing team called the Deathride.

There have been some slight lineup changes within the band since the debut album. What changes, both good and bad, has this made on the band?

Since the beginning thereís only one original member. Itís just constantly changing, but right now thereís a feel of solidity within the band. But letís face it, mother fuckers canít tour like we tour. Our last guitar player quit because 24 hours before we were supposed to fly over to Europe to tour with In Flames he just got cold feet and didnít want to tour and was scared of it, so he bailed. We live a hard lifestyle, like tonight weíll be on the bus and weíre out of here. So itís very difficult that it keeps rolling and it never stops that theyíre never home and whatever life they once knew or that they thought were gonna know was over this has to be your life. And it is, this leads me, I couldnít be home for 60 seconds and Iím all freaked out, I need to go, Iíve got rabbit in my blood. [Laughs]

What are some of your musical influences?

Sound wise, Motorhead, an old school Hardcore band called Chromesuckers, Johnny Cash. I like dudes with low voices, thatís always been my inspiration.

What are your plans for after this tour?

I donít know. Weíve got a lot of things offered to us. Within the next week or two weíll have it solidified, just go to our website.

Any last words?

Anybody whoís ever supported us in the past, thank you and anybody whoís supporting us now in the pleasure... In the pleasure? Yeah, my mindís on other shit right know...[Laughs] fucking a, in the present, thank you very much, itís a pleasure, how about that.

Links: # Devildriver Official Website, # Sounds Of The Underground Tour Official Website

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