Live on WMNF 88.5FM
Tampa Bay, FL - June 24, 2005
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Guilty Boy
Down The Tracks
Drunk and Sad

Suicide Bombers
Earth Angel
Back Of The Hall

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BLANKS AND POSTAGE distributes live bootlegs the ol' fashion way. You send them blank CD's and just enough money for postage, and they send you the show you request.


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1. Yellowbird
2. Man Of The Hour
3. Commonplace
4. Fanny
5. Ferriswheel
6. Choo Choo Papa (live)

Release Date: July 15, 2004
Recorded and produced by The Redbelly Band
Mixed and mastered by Walker Howle/Scott Eraas
Track 6 recorded in Milledgeville GA - 11/22/03

1. You Get A Line
2. Hoss
3. Old & Grey
4. Rollin' in the Hay
5. Mama's Cornbread
6. Thinking On the Swing
7. Story of the Jackalope
8. Madman
9. Cornerstore
10. Woe Is You

Release Date: October 3, 2003
Recorded at Loudhouse Studios - Augusta, GA - Dec 2002
Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse - Duluth, GA

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