Monthy Networking Lunch
2nd Thursday Each Month

The Community Pledge

The Greater Seffner Area Chamber of Commerce invites people everywhere to join us in a simple pledge.

The Community Pledge
As I go through the day, everyday I will...

  1. Recognize at least one instance of good in others.
  2. Be thankful for at least one thing.
  3. Do one thing to make our family, our community or our world a better place to live.

You can fulfill the pledge in big ways or in the simplest of ways....

  • hugging your child
  • giving another driver a break
  • recognizing the effort of the cashier at the grocery store

It's as much the attitude we carry as it is the things we do. We can't reverse the fortunes of time, but we hope that by looking for some good, we can improve a few small corners of our World.



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